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UK - Record Betting On Grand National

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Thursday, 1 April 2004: Britain’s bookmakers are prepared for the busiest Grand National day in history with estimates that betting turnover will reach 200 million pounds.

William Hill spokesman David Hood said the Grand National now has a global audience in more than 200 countries and predicts record business as Manchester United is also playing an FA Cup semi final.

Turnover in 2003 was more than £150million.

“It is only five years ago that Grand National day generated its first six-figure turnover," Hood said.

"Now that has doubled. The UK is the gambling capital of the world.”
Such is the interest in the Grand Natiinal that bookmakers offer a raneg of special bets to cater for punters.

These include options such an irish horse winning, the winning trakjner being a female and the number of horses to finish the marathon at Aintree from thr 40 starters.

Current odds on these options include:

7-4 Irish trained winner
14-1 Female trained winner
6-1 JJ O'Neill trained winner
6-1 M Pipe trained winner
No. of finishers: (0-10) 7-2, (11-20) 4-5, (21-30) 9-4, (31-40) 20-1.

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