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Covering Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and Europe, and specialising in runners, sires, dams, jockey, drivers and trainers across thoroughbred, harness and greyhound disciplines. The Blackbook is a customisable electronic record and notification system that allows you to keep track of your entry.
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User Guide

The My Blackbook option takes you to your Blackbook home page.
The Add Entry option allows you to add an entry and a comment about the runner/jockey/trainer to your Blackbook. Allow at least 48 hours for the entry to be registered in our system.
The Edit Entry option allows you to change a runner/tainer/jockey name, discipline, comment and selected countries at a later date.
The List Entries option allows you to view a list of entries in your Blackbook, this list is also suitable for printing.
The Delete Entry option allows you to delete an entry from your Blackbook.