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Roving Banker First 4

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Author: roadtoriches 
Timestamp:- 9/10/2006 7:13:43 PM
Subject: Roving Banker First 4

Roving Banker First 4 is a good way to bet for small punters like myself, especially on big race days like the past 2 weeks
(assuming you can get on, of course)

In the past, I did this way of betting manually, painstakingly slow, but since the intro of Roving Banker, it had become very easy.

Basically, I selected 2 horses that I think most likely to fill in the 2 places in the first 4 and selected 6 others in the field
to fill in the other 2 places.
For an investment of $40, I get 12.50% of the F4 dividend.

Here are some of the F4 results from the last 2 Sydney Saturday meetings and 1 Melbourne Saturday meeting:

30/9 Sydney
R8, selected ScatterGun and Activation plus 6 others, f4 paid $6079
R9, selected Coolroom and Kakakatie plus 6 others, f4 paid $5500

7/10 Sydney
R1, selected HurriedChoice and Superfly, plus 9 others, outlaid $90 for approx 10% of the f4 dividend, F4 paid $14122
R4, selected AllBlackGold and Tuesday Joy, plus 6 others, unfortunately Teranaba was not one of them, F4 not won, but would have been huge, Trifecta paid $13K
R6, Activation and Vanquished, F4 paid $12455
R8, CheekyChoice and MyLadyChamber, F4 paid $36380
R9 A CountryGirl and Martiniforus, F4 paid $77741

7/10 melbourne
R2 GorkyPark and Ulfah, F4 paid $28000
R5 Spielmeister and Atapi, F4 paid 452585
R6 Selected MissFinland and MyOnlyHope, plus 6 others, F4 paid $5500, lucky me, would have been much smaller if MissFinland not got beaten.
R8, selected Spheno and OSJ plus 6 others, F4 paid $3198 and $3805, dead heat for 3rd.
lucky again, got both f4
R10, RoyalIda and Accardo, F4 paid $2648
could not get on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please give feedback if anyone had been doing similar method or different methods that pay well...

if anyone interested, why dont we start
selecting 2 best chances in some of the better races this Sat in Syd and Melb,
maybe collectively, we can nab those big F4s!!!

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