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Victoria Cancels Hurdle Racing

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Sunday, 28 September 2008: Racing Victoria, acting on legal advice, has made the shock decision to cancel all hurdle racing in Victoria for the rest of the jumps season.

RVL decided to cease all hurdle racing after being made aware of information Judge David Jones had received relating to safety concerns surrounding the modular hurdles.

The oral interim report from Judge Jones advised that he has obtained information that the modular hurdles raise significant safety concerns in their current form that cannot be rectified in the short term.

RVL has determined that in the interests of jockey and horse safety the remaining hurdle races for the jumps season at Moe on September 29 and Yarra Valley on October 5 will be run as high weight flat races.

Eligibility conditions for these races will not change however the handicapping of these races will be done according to flat ratings.

The cancellation also means there will be no hurdle trials or schooling for the remainder of the jumps season.

Steeple races will continue with the Open Steeple scheduled for Yarra Valley on October 5 to go ahead as programmed.

The Independent Review Report by Judge Jones will be provided to RVL in early November.

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 Posted by slim, on 2-10-2008  11:59:51 AM

I cannot agree with you Deano or Chris Hyland for that matter.
I was riding over jumps before you or Chris was born and I know that the hurdles used today are dreadful.
Bring back the stiff brush hurdle and make sure horses are schooled thoroughly before they are entered in a race, not like the current situation where the horse is simply given a few laps of the bull ring, then send over a couple of jumps down the lane in front of a steward who knows bugger all about the jumping game and then entered in a race.
Most of the horses who started in the grand national hurdle this year would not have qualified for the race in my day. ”

 Posted by Deano, on 1-10-2008  8:48:25 PM

I believe the RVL decision to be sensible - so does Chris Hyland - jumps trainer , if the current jumsp aren''t safe we cannot continue to use them - should RVL spend another fortune to redesign yet another set of jumps to pander to the neeeds of 2 or 3 trainers? - not to mention that no one bets on these races? - a simple business decision - stop this ridiculous waste of manufacturing more jumps and transportation costs , scrap them and return the massive costs in the form of prizemoney returns to owners ”

 Posted by mugpunter48, on 1-10-2008  4:47:18 PM

I just hope that Racing Victoria and bloody idiots in the Victorian Government take the time to read these constructive posts. But of course they wont. They know best. ”

 Posted by Tim, on 1-10-2008  10:30:30 AM

The one aspect of the whole "horses get killed during jumps racing" argument I''ve never understood is that, as previously mentioned, if these horses, condemned for being too slow on the flat, weren''t jumping, they''d be sent to the knackery anyway.
Yes, some die during the jumps racing, proportionally higher than the flat, but how many die during trackwork, or in paddocks, or during 3 day eventing? I love animals and as such don''t like seeing them injured. But clearly the trainers love them too - they invest so much time in them that they wouldn''t make them jump if they didn''t show any ability for it. Furthermore, surely people are happier seeing the horses do what they are both bred and suited to do, rather than being killed, skinned and cut up into bite size pieces...
I own a small percentage of a horse who jumps well but is yet to try his hand at it under race conditions. I would be very upset if something happened to him during a race, but unfortunately it goes with the territory - as it does in all forms of racing. All sports result in injuries, it just so happens that the exposure of racing is greater than almost any other sport. This will not change in the forseeable future but I would be disappointed if the decision was made to stop it completely. Having said that I would doubt that it would, given the number of people directly affected by a decision of that magnitude. ”

 Posted by peterl777, on 30-9-2008  9:22:41 PM

The NZ jumps are a tremendous spectacle with terrific jumps which look like hedges. There are hardly any falls that I can see, certainly no more than here. The modular jumps used here are an absolute joke. The person who introduced these jumps, which have been widely criticized since day one, should stand in the corner with a dunce cap on for life.
There he could be joined by the NSW bookies coop, who decided to replace odds with dividends, to be more like the TAB.
Is there anybody who prefers 5.0 to 4/1 in the whole world?

 Posted by J.V., on 30-9-2008  3:24:42 PM

Alex - I agree! The cup hurdle should be for the 90% of overseas horses who usually can''t hack the pressure of our top two handicap races. ”

 Posted by alex, on 30-9-2008  8:19:22 AM

just go back to the old style fences & make the races longer.the old style jumps & jumping horses were far better than what they jump these days. ”

 Posted by slim, on 29-9-2008  12:37:52 PM

That just will not happen in Victoria because Racing Victoria would need some spine to make a decision like that. They pander to the so called animal lovers, the poor misguided folk they are. ”

 Posted by John Berry, on 29-9-2008  4:07:27 AM

Despite the evidence presented by 21st century Australian jumps racing, it is possible to have jumps racing in an exciting format that is acceptably safe, as is demonstrated in the UK, Ireland, France and New Zealand. In all these countries, the sport features jumps which need to be jumped, rather than scampered over/through. Isn''t it possible for Racing Victoria to replicate the obstacles used in any of those countries, rather than continue to experiment with Clayton''s jumping? ”

 Posted by mugpunter48, on 28-9-2008  7:42:09 PM

Get rid of jumps races and you consign more horses to the knackery. I agree with Lance, a gutless decision. ”

 Posted by Lance, on 28-9-2008  4:10:11 PM

Looks like another typical gutless effort by Victorian Racing.
Are the jockeys going to be compensated for their loss of wages.
We have the knockers of jump racing in this country. They are treated with the respect they deserve but unfortunately I cannot print that on this forum. ”

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