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Track Map[+]

Track Details for Happy Valley[+]
Straight: 310m
Circumference: 1450m
Direction: Clockwise

Gear Changes[+]
Noble De Boy blinker off, tongue-tie off.; Paddington tongue-tie first time.;

Speed Map[+]
tab HorseBP  RunSAESAFS
Smart Boy2   16.7 17.5
Starlight3   16.5 18.6
Never Better6   16.1 18.0
Noble De Boy7   16.5 18.1
Secret Agent4   16.6 17.2
Paddington1   16 17
Winfull Patrol8   17.1 16.6
Happy Fiery Dragon5   17.0 17.4

Pace Notes:
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BP Stats for Happy Valley[+]

Favourite Stats[+]

Computer Tips[+]
Career Performance: Secret Agent, Never Better, Smart Boy, Paddington
Current Form: Starlight, Happy Fiery Dragon, Winfull Patrol, Noble De Boy
Times: Secret Agent, Never Better, Noble De Boy, Starlight

Top Money Earners (last 12 months)[+]
$17961 - Starlight, $12597 - Never Better, $10810 - Happy Fiery Dragon, $7417 - Secret Agent, $5737 - Winfull Patrol

Who's Hot[+]
Top Jockeys: Joao Moreira - Paddington, Matthew Poon - Starlight

Beaten Favourite Last Start[+]
Smart Boy 11/06/2017 Sha Tin Aw;

Race Comments[+]
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Happy Valley 13 September
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