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Menangle 8 December 2018

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Miracle Mile Packages Now Available Pace 
API:1.37  $20,400
Surface:AW 1609m
33433  Southern Gnp   D J MccallFr-   
33448  The Spin King  S A Grayling P R J FitzpatrickFr1  $21.00
87314  Power Of Red  N A Turnbull A J TurnbullFr2  $17.00
76212  Deano Robyn  J N Douglass I C WilsonFr3  $13.00
71153  Don Boston  B J Abbott B R AbbottFr4  $19.00
31344  Du Vella  G J Fitzpatrick P R J FitzpatrickFr5  $6.00
77461  Blackbird Power  Cameron Hart Gavin KellyFr6  $12.00
58x11  Murry  J W Aiken S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr7  $3.90
71165  Bull Market  W H Rixon Grant FullerFr8  $5.50
10 32261  Iamboogie  D A Cernovskis D A CernovskisFr9  $17.00
11 11123  Bridget Blue Chip  Lachie Manzelmann S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr10  $5.50
Race 2
Bubba Gump Pest Control Pace 
API:1.63  $20,000
Surface:AW 1609m
x0630  Eh Ef El  J W Aiken S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr1  $18.00
46623  Controversial  S A Grayling L C JurdFr2  $21.00
91556  Major Reality  J R Rattray C A CrossFr3  $3.90
34076  Jedi Mind   S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr3   
73474  Star Writer  N A Turnbull A S TurnbullFr4  $4.80
22986  Redbank Blaze  K A Turner K A TurnerFr5  $13.00
33433  Southern Gnp  D J Mccall D J MccallFr6  $18.00
3797x  Expressionist  Cameron Hart S T SandersonFr7  $13.00
39844  Outrageous El  J E Trainor D J ThornFr8  $16.00
10 71851  Sapphire Swayze  Lachie Manzelmann S T SandersonFr9  $12.00
11 x0791  Major Crocker  J J Alchin M DoltoffFr10  $5.00
Race 3
Cordina Chickens Christmas Gift Heat 1 
API:1.57  $11,220
Surface:AW 1609m
75672  Always Amy  J E Trainor C J BourkeFr1  $26.00
x6651  Hez All Courage  D M Hewitt B J HewittFr2  $12.00
09963  Sur Le Feu  J R Rattray G S BrownFr3  $13.00
47758  Flying Pegasus  J N Douglass I C WilsonFr4  $41.00
11913  Castalong Shadow  G W Simpson G W SimpsonFr5  $5.00
x9666  Got The Scoop  Cameron Hart J W GearyFr6  $51.00
66193  Ohoka Royal  D J Mccall D J MccallFr7  $41.00
73x21  The Black Prince  J W Aiken R E Roots JnrFr8  $2.80
19571  Hail Christian  B P Fitzpatrick Paul CourtFr9  $2.70
Race 4
Multiquip Christmas Gift Heat 2 
API:0.86  $11,220
Surface:AW 1609m
82872  Skirmish  B P Fitzpatrick P C BullockFr1  $12.00
13846  The Pacman  J N Douglass I C WilsonFr2  $31.00
62312  Majors Blue Jean  J R Ponsonby J R PonsonbyFr3  $11.00
08407  Sports Chaton  Cameron Hart K A TurnerFr4  $26.00
16980  Smack Dab Shannon  Mckayler Barnes P C BullockFr5  $31.00
31531  Redbank Addi  K A Turner K A TurnerFr6  $3.00
64274  Snoop Stride  Thomas Pay M A BettsFr7  $31.00
37232  Lombo Idle Belief  M J Newberry S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr8  $3.20
75551  Tralee Bromac  J E Trainor I C WilsonFr9  $3.80
Race 5
Club Menangle Ffa (GROUP 3) 
API:2.44  $30,000
Surface:AW 1609m
x0791  Major Crocker   M DoltoffFr-   
6x514  Little Rascal  J R Rattray C A CrossFr1  $12.00
29661  Our Missionary Man  S A Grayling L C JurdFr2  $41.00
6x157  Mister Brazil  J W Aiken M DoltoffFr3  $51.00
1762x  Ima Mystery Girl  J J Alchin J J AlchinFr4  $41.00
24222  Mojo Major  Lachie Manzelmann S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr5  $51.00
11439  Gotta Go Henry  Cameron Hart Malcolm LockeFr6  $51.00
94183  Celestial Arden  K A Turner K A TurnerFr7  $9.50
90311  Smokey Quartz  B P Fitzpatrick K A TurnerFr8  $41.00
10 1628x  Dashofluck  D J Mccall D J MccallFr9  $11.00
11 17511  Majordan  D B Hill K J PizzutoFr10  $1.80
Race 6
Kevin & Kay Seymour Evolution Series Final 
Age:3 API:1.19  $20,000
Surface:AW 1609m
5312  Taramin  P Sapio N B HargravesFr1  $21.00
 Benevolence   P R J FitzpatrickFr-   
2x353  A Paradigm Shift  J N Douglass K J WarbyFr2  $19.00
740x3  Uncle Jord  I L Ross C B FrisbyFr3  $5.00
31x31  Mister Donald  Cameron Hart S H DuckFr4  $4.40
912x1  Tretyakov  K A Turner K A TurnerFr5  $4.00
122  Firey Jerula  B J Hewitt B J HewittFr6  $11.00
 Acoltnamedsu  R J Munnoch R J MunnochFr7  $41.00
17x11  Miss Emilys Rose   L E DawsonFr8   
10 6x123  Hit The Track  W H Rixon J S TurnbullFr8  $19.00
11 1x132  Bettor Jiggle  N A Turnbull J S TurnbullFr9  $9.00
12 74x12  Artistic Cowboy  N S Xuereb R CamilleriFr10  $18.00
Race 7
Ainsworth Experience Counts Christmas Gift Heat 3 
API:1.23  $11,220
Surface:AW 1609m
0x853  General Joy  J W Aiken M DoltoffFr1  $4.40
737x7  Rocknroll Angel  G J Fitzpatrick P R J FitzpatrickFr2  $3.70
52431  Bettor To Be Tricky  K A Turner K A TurnerFr3  $21.00
85886  De Santa Anna  W H Rixon S P ConroyFr4  $26.00
76684  Goodtime Slater  J N Douglass J ConollyFr5  $26.00
21242  Ned Pepper  A M Hedges K L JennerFr6  $21.00
77488  Novak  J R Ponsonby J R PonsonbyFr7  $26.00
30321  Im The Director  Lachie Manzelmann S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr8  $4.00
31216  Heza Bromac  I L Ross A S TurnbullFr9  $4.40
10 85719  Captains Call  Cameron Hart S P ConroyFr10  $26.00
Race 8
Tab.Com.Au Christmas Gift Heat 4 
API:1.43  $11,220
Surface:AW 1609m
4595x  I Am Serengeti  K A Turner K A TurnerFr1  $9.50
1118x  Bettermatch  J R Rattray T G ButtFr2  $1.60
06647  Abercrombie Tab  Thomas Pay M A BettsFr3  $41.00
72585  Sabrage  N A Turnbull A S TurnbullFr4  $26.00
26999  The Black Assassin  J N Douglass G W HartmanFr5  $41.00
27007  Stormont Star  B P Fitzpatrick K A TurnerFr6  $26.00
31133  Im With Lexy  B J Hewitt B J HewittFr7  $9.00
41232  Fortyeighthenson  D J Mccall D J MccallFr8  $21.00
21128  Double Encounter  Stephanie Lippiatt H B MartinFr9  $11.00
10 47411  Taylors Reason   B J HewittFr10