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Addington 8 December 2018

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Lamb & Hayward Mobile Trot $10,000
Age:3U Cls:R49 TO R55 API:1.98  $9,345
Surface:AW 1980m
04035  Sugar Cane  L D Mccormick D D MccormickFr1  $15.00
00536  Rachmaninov  T J Grant T J GrantFr2  $21.00
86024  Monrika  S R Mcnally M E HowardFr3  $19.00
87607  Celtic Thunder  B N Orange K M BarronFr4  $18.00
951x0  Neverneverland  C J Defilippi Miss L D RobertsonFr5  $19.00
51x02  Wee Man Trouble  G D Smith Kirstin Barclay & Paul EllisFr6  $9.00
143x  Cheerful  T M Williams M Purdon & Ms N C RasmussenFr7  $3.90
32158  Astound  D J Butt D J & Mrs C M ButtFr8  $11.00
3x004  Gin Rummy  I R Cameron I R CameronFr9  $17.00
10 190xq  One Over Da Stars  R T May G P & Mrs N M HopeFrU1  $2.90
11 1x  Sioux Princess  Laura Mckay M P JonesFrU2  $19.00
Race 2
Metalcraft Roofing Mobile Pace $10,000
Age:3U Cls:NON-WINNERS API:0.43  $9,345
Surface:AW 1980m
8x  Mainland Reactor  R D Close M J HouseFr1  $18.00
4945  Paduka  B N Orange K M BarronFr2  $3.80
9662  Barrett  M P Jones M P JonesFr3  $7.00
533x6  Shamrock Bromac  G D O'reilly G R DunnFr4  $13.00
24037  Xmas Bay  J J A Young B R NegusFr5  $13.00
x5607  Heza Slick Joe  N Purdon C T DalgetyFr6  $4.40
3x574  Isla's Joy   Fr7   
953x0  That Alexander Guy  C J Defilippi D A TaylorFr8  $18.00
66009  Franco Hatton   Fr9   
10 47322  Slingshot   Sr10   
11 x6623  Ghostwriter  S J Ottley G R PayneSr11  $12.00
12 0x0  Proviseur   Sr12   
Race 3
Storer Motors Handicap Trot $14,400
Cls:R70 & FASTER DISCRETIONARY API:2.18  $13,457
Surface:AW 2600m
63501  Globe Trekker      
47260  Ruthless Kayla  T M Williams K T FairbairnFr2  $16.00
756x7  The Bloss  B J Borcoskie B J BorcoskieFr3  $41.00
01306  Over The Love  B N Orange K M BarronFrU1  $12.00
12097  Scarlett Banner   FrU2   
02204  Splash Cola  M J Williamson R W ToddFrU3  $21.00
93262  Ronald J  G D O'reilly P C Nairn10m 1  $4.00
08463  Bd Khaosan  R T May Tom Bagrie10m 2  $11.00
88124  Sundons Flyer  J J A Young B R Negus10m 3  $15.00
10 00001  The Dominator  Craig D Thornley Miss D L Williamson10m U1  $21.00
11 31860  Destiny Jones  S J Ottley D R Hunter20m 1  $12.00
12 x1160  Harriet Of Mot  J R Dunn C D Edmonds30m 1  $2.70
Race 4
Geoff Ball Appreciation Pace $10,000
Age:3U Cls:R40 TO R55 API:1.17  $9,345
Surface:AW 2400m
3x1  Ultimate Me  T M Williams M Purdon & Ms N C RasmussenFr1  $2.10
33244  Flamboyant  Ben Laughton Sue BlakeFr2  $19.00
09599  Ardent Lustre  R D Holmes I R CourtFr3  $26.00
641x3  First Class Lady  S J Ottley R W ToddFr4  $8.50
66009  Franco Hatton  Sheree Tomlinson L R SmartFr5  $41.00
6677x  Bettor Chance  Craig D Thornley S MooreFr6  $11.00
00x37  Gucci Cavallo  J R Dunn Anj MugfordFr7  $17.00
21  Twilight Saga  R T May L R HanrahanFr8  $16.00
14709  Stately  Mark Hurrell Tom BagrieFr9  $11.00
10 26108  Rosinupthebow  B N Orange S M NuttallFr10  $19.00
11 000x0  Sweet Marylou  M P Jones A R GartersFr11  $41.00
12 07316  Magicol Ideal  R D Close D A TaylorFr12  $19.00
13 x4843  Unfinished Business   Fr13   
14 94504  Mordecai  Kerryn Tomlinson K B FordFr14  $18.00
Race 5
Happy 60Th Stephen Finch/Specialty Seeds Nz Ltd Mobile Pace $10,000
Age:6U Cls:R40 TO R63 API:0.67  $9,345
Surface:AW 1980m
74009  It's A Deal  R M Cameron R M CameronFr1  $19.00
30669  Bettor Backim  Ben Laughton Sue BlakeFr2  $26.00
00960  Franco Sherborne   Fr3   
00659  Dreamy Damien  M P Jones A R GartersFr4  $19.00
23628  Christian Lady  Sheree Tomlinson P C McclellandFr5  $4.40
30063  Martin John  B N Orange A D StuartFr6  $17.00
18206  One Direction  J W Cox Lyn PrendergastFr7  $11.00
05805  Four Starzzz Shiraz  Kerryn Tomlinson B K MowbrayFr8  $9.00
422x6  Franco Texas  M J Williamson D A TaylorFr9  $3.70
10 06485  Aveross Rustler  J J A Young A W FaulksSr10  $19.00
11 000x0  All Nuts N Bolts  J R Dunn D J PearceSr11  $26.00
12 00607  Sails  G D Smith Sam SmolenskiSrU1  $5.00
Race 6
Xcm Sport Mobile Pace $10,000
Age:4U Cls:R40 TO R55 JUN.DRV API:1.13  $9,345
Surface:AW 1980m
00426  Ardens Winstar  Mikayla Lewis G R PayneFr1  $8.00
43255  Doctor Tim  Sarah O'reilly G R DunnFr2  $11.00
88x22  Nota Bene Denario  N Purdon T S & Mrs G S ChmielFr3  $2.90
x4903  Cindy Bromac  Ben Hope G P & Mrs N M HopeFr4  $6.00
23816  Pirate Bay   Fr5   
5706x  Anytime  Mark Hurrell R J DunnFr6  $15.00
x8858  Swap Over  Ben Laughton J W MillerFr7  $18.00
12032  Double Rainbow  Korbyn Newman Kirstin Barclay & Paul EllisFr8  $21.00
03074  Divinia Bellezza  Laura Mckay A D StuartFr9  $18.00
10 000x0  All Nuts N Bolts   Sr10   
Race 7
Voco Mobile Trot $10,000
Cls:R40 TO R47 API:0.5  $9,345
Surface:AW 1980m
0x050  Eyre's A Rag Doll  J C E Thomas Angela WashingtonFr1  $41.00
04007  Muscle Pat  G D O'reilly Miss D L WilliamsonFr2  $26.00
00975  Rocknpop  Kerryn Tomlinson K B FordFr3  $9.50
00x00  Unique Marshall  B N Orange M P EdmondsFr4  $12.00
00007  Spurred By Success  J F Curtin M P EdmondsFr5  $15.00
92800  Galleons Glory  Sam Payne G A PayneFr6  $12.00
07x89  Unique Rose  R T May M P EdmondsFr7  $4.40
23358  Chivasion  M P Edmonds M P EdmondsFr8  $3.30
03738  Tehoro Dazzle  R D Holmes R D HolmesFr9  $11.00
10 02090  Lisa Marie P  M A Perriton Miss M A PerritonFrU1  $17.00
11 00039  Red Harbour  Craig D Thornley K M JamesFrU2  $8.50
Race 8
Christchurch Casino 'new Outdoor Bar' Mobile Pace $14,400
Cls:R60 TO R80 API:2.1  $13,457
Surface:AW 2600m
21140  Ready To Bloom  S J Ottley R W ToddFr1  $4.40
641x0  Clive  Grant Ross Don RossFr2  $10.00
1x414  Kensington Kate  J R Dunn R J DunnFr3  $8.50
02171  Acuto  M J Williamson B R HillFr4  $4.20
11x21  Tact Maggie  S R Mcnally T D ProctorFr5  $3.00
64032  Mikey Maguire  Craig D Thornley Fred FletcherFr6  $7.00
455x6  Shillelagh  B N Orange M J HouseFr7  $21.00