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Alexandra Park 8 December 2018

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
George And Jo's 100% Antibiotic Free Chicken Handicap Trot $14,500
Cls:R42 TO R49 SPECIAL API:0.68  $13,551
Surface:AW 2200m
07063  Pretorius  D S Moore S R MooreFr1  $51.00
23050  Rave Nation  D J Butcher R O PaynterFr2  $18.00
72323  Im Just Awesome  J P Stormont J P StormontFr3  $4.40
44321  Stow  T W Mitchell Ms M J Wallis & B P HackettFr4  $7.00
6x888  Madaboy  Luke Whittaker Miss N A ChilcottFr5  $21.00
18587  My Boy Boo  D M Balle A J SharpeFr6  $18.00
02x83  Kai Time  A P T Poutama Andre PoutamaFr7  $8.50
09867  Mass Destruction  T A Macfarlane Ms M J Wallis & B P HackettFrU1  $18.00
57909  Littlebitoflove  J H Abernethy J H AbernethyFrU2  $18.00
10 17906  Savitskaya  L S Chin Dr L S ChinFrU3  $18.00
11 00x99  Jaccka Josh  M W Mckendry Ms M J Wallis & B P HackettFrU4  $9.50
12 5x321  Westy Boyz  S D T Phelan Cheree Wigg10m 1  $3.70
Race 2
Croydon's Mobile Pace $14,500
Cls:UP TO & INCLUDING R49 API:0.77  $13,551
Surface:AW 2700m
72223  Liberal Arden  S D T Phelan Miss A M DonnellyFr1  $2.80
386x3  Mcdaknife  T W Mitchell R W PeniFr2  $4.80
57434  Got A Beauty      
7x288  Misty Memory  Luke Whittaker F D Cooney & T R HopkinsFr4  $17.00
70977  Atom Hanover  Scott Iremonger D B IremongerFr5  $18.00
41205  Mrs Zippy  A M Matthews Miss A M MatthewsFr6  $18.00
06248  Rainbow Wiri  J H Abernethy Miss A M MatthewsFr7  $18.00
51766  Bugalugs      
x9807  Knights Desire  P C Ferguson R J HughesSr9  $18.00
10 69x64  Scherger Chief  N A Chilcott Miss N A ChilcottSr10  $4.40
11 40404  Capital Plan  J P Stormont P D BlakemoreSr11  $18.00
12 03008  Crackared  T A Cameron Cheree WiggSr12  $14.00
Race 3
$14,500 $14,500
Age:3U API:1.44  $13,551
Surface:AW 2200m
33316  Thatgirltrouble  B M Mangos B M MangosFr1  $26.00
64259  Sunny Pegasus  J P Stormont J P StormontFr2  $26.00
65606  Our Rosa  S J Cornwall S J CornwallFr3  $21.00
25512  Great Fantasy  N A Chilcott Miss L S EdwardsFr4  $8.00
5x193  Kratos  S J Lawson J W Dickie & J I DickieFrU1  $9.50
9x007  Cyclone Joe Parker  T A Macfarlane T A MacfarlaneFrU2  $14.00
33026  Little Bro  H J Cullen B A CullenFrU3  $21.00
43322  Red Castleton  T W Mitchell Ms M J Wallis & B P Hackett10m 1  $4.80
x1198  Dauntless  Z E Butcher E J Edwards10m 2  $26.00
10 88544  Tereskova  L S Chin Dr L S Chin10m 3  $15.00
11 01809  Whips N Spurs  D J Butcher D M Balle10m U1  $14.00
12 19617  Sir George Bowen  D M Balle D M Balle10m U2  $26.00
13 0x214  Sex On Fire  K L Blakemore J W Dickie & J I Dickie20m 1  $4.00
14 32346  Jomo  J M Robinson J M Robinson20m 2  $16.00
Race 4
One Stop Cutting Shop Mobile Pace $14,500
Age:3U Cls:R50 TO R64 API:0.92  $13,551
Surface:AW 2700m
7047x  Cullen's Caviar  Craig Smith J W Dickie & J I DickieFr1  $9.00
95105  Jakira  J A Mackinnon S G TelferFr2  $11.00
70685  Janet Guthrie  O R Gillies D M BalleFr3  $13.00
14067  Armstrong  T W Mitchell Miss A M DonnellyFr4  $14.00
93210  The Blue Beat  J H Abernethy Miss A M MatthewsFr5  $19.00
71461  Westburn Yield  Z E Butcher Miss A M DonnellyFr6  $19.00
305x7  Awesome Speed   Fr7   
56141  Azza  S D T Phelan S D T PhelanFr8  $3.50
44392  Bit Of A Tiger  P C Ferguson Pam TurnerSr9  $8.00
10 666x2  Vibe  A P T Poutama D B DouglasSr10  $19.00
11 82796  Red Magic  B D Butcher R J HughesSr11  $10.00
12 58x37  Stars Delight   Sr12   
13 82776  Fleeting Grin      
Race 5
Pyrios Mobile Pace $14,500
Age:4U Cls:R52 TO R63 JUN.DRV API:2.22  $13,551
Surface:AW 1700m
21838  Bounty Lady  Nathan Delany Barry PurdonFr1  $8.00
47165  Bubble Gum  A C Drake Andrew DrakeFr2  $31.00
x9534  Rock N Shard  A L Harrison Miss A M DonnellyFr3  $21.00
213x2  In The Shadows  D P Ferguson Miss A M DonnellyFr4  $7.00
50551  Bill Haley  Trent Lethaby J H AbernethyFr5  $21.00
135x3  Spirit Of Anzac  Scott Iremonger M G BergerFr6  $17.00
11x3  Revolver  Luke Whittaker A G HerlihyFr7  $1.50
58x37  Stars Delight  B D Butcher J & D J ButcherFr8  $26.00
16x75  Tuapeka Trick  Craig Smith R J DunnSr9  $16.00
Race 6
$12,000 $12,000
Age:3U API:0.33  $11,214
Surface:AW 2200m
  Invictus  T A Cameron Ms M J Wallis & B P HackettFr1  $18.00
 Minnie Bow Tique  B M Mangos K D SefonteFr2  $26.00
6x762  Edesia  B P Hackett Ms M J Wallis & B P HackettFr3  $4.80
8400x  Tobruk  T W Mitchell Ms M J Wallis & B P HackettFr4  $3.50
79  Who Me   Fr5   
  Andreva  S L Mccaffrey S L MccaffreyFrU1  $21.00
3x33x  The Player  M W Mckendry J W Dickie & J I DickieFrU2  $3.10
08  Dreamkeeper  N A Chilcott Miss N A ChilcottFrU3  $18.00
09900  Lundqvist  S J Lawson Mrs J I Coppins20m 1  $26.00
10 94075  Speedy Lavros  F R Schumacher S G Argue20m 2  $17.00
11 2628x  Te Kouka Breeze  M D Nicholas M D Nicholas20m U1  $21.00
Race 7
$6000 $6,000
API:1.05  $5,607
Surface:AW 2200m
69147  Kd Hall  Sheryl Wigg T R VinceFr1  $7.00
71263  Majestic One  Catherine Cameron J H AbernethyFr2  $7.50
07056  Cool Son  Tyla Hackett Ellie RowdenFr3  $16.00
55735  Caroline Wozniacki   Fr4   
14483  Sol Invictus  Lisa Olsson J H AbernethyFr5  $7.50
6x462  Burt Munro  Tayla Wenn Mrs S H BranchFr6  $6.00
22031  Grenado  M K Northcott J H AbernethyFr7  $2.60
05967  Show Of Faith  David Medcalfe G A Rogerson & P T BlanchardFrU1  $7.50