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Ascot Park 8 December 2018

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Willys Flooring Ltd Handicap Trot $10,000
Cls:R40 TO R100 SPECIAL API:0.85  $9,345
Surface:AW 2700m
97000  Noble Gamble  N P Williamson S G LockFr1  $91.00
44009  Matai Jetstar  A D Milne A D MilneFr2  $26.00
30023  Spotlight The Valley  John Morrison R E Wilson10m 1  $3.70
86667  Grace O'malley  P M Hunter G A Thomas10m 2  $8.00
x4104  Rebel Kibbybones  J C Hay J C Hay10m U1  $3.30
0x053  Sundons Wish  I D Jamieson I D Jamieson40m 1  $2.20
Race 2
Matt "The Battler" Saunders Mobile Pace $8,000
Cls:UP TO MR45 API:0.38  $7,476
Surface:AW 2200m
56468  Thisexcusebetterbeit  Ellie Barron C J BarronFr1  $13.00
44500  Flogging Molly  N P Williamson B R ShirleyFr2  $11.00
64996  Last Harah  K N Larsen L R WilsonFr3  $19.00
0x8x0  It's A Laugh  A D Milne A D MilneFr4  $41.00
70063  Bub's Vc  Sheree Tomlinson R G FergusonFr5  $3.30
32247  Blarney Babe  Maruia Parker Matt SaundersFr6  $2.60
50x80  Maahes  A R Beck Ricky GutsellFr7  $6.50
78908  Tact Denzel  J W Cox S G LockFr8  $9.50
Race 3
Daryl Burgess Masonry Ltd Mobile Pace $8,000
Age:3U Sex:FM Cls:NON-WINNERS API:0.27  $7,476
Surface:AW 2200m
4302  Shuzi  N P Williamson B R ShirleyFr1  $4.40
x5658  Swift Robyn  C R Ferguson S R WilsonFr2  $18.00
74772  Razcal Alley  S P Walkinshaw D S MclachlanFr3  $21.00
90  Hidden Delight  J W Cox J M HoweFr4  $26.00
 A Rocknroll Maid  M J Williamson A F H HunterFr5  $19.00
48x08  Vintage Rose  K L Barclay Ricky GutsellFr6  $19.00
  Bettors Highlight  B G Barclay B R GrayFr7  $3.40
x2286  April Rose  A M Armour G D SmithFr8  $5.00
070x  Be Inspired  Mark Hurrell G O HunterSr9  $26.00
10 05  Kotiro  Ellie Barron C J BarronSr10  $21.00
11 2635  Bunter's Dream  P M Hunter P M HunterSr11  $21.00
12 00x54  Bella Sara   Sr12   
13   August Joy  A R Beck I T WilsonSr13  $15.00
14 0x7  Jaffie J  John Morrison D S MclachlanSr14  $26.00
Race 4
Invercargill Workouts Committee Handicap Pace $9,000
Cls:UP TO R59 SPECIAL API:1.17  $8,411
Surface:AW 2700m
01150  Ivana Legacy  A M Armour A M ArmourFr1  $18.00
87074  Franco June  John Morrison R E WilsonFr2  $21.00
00x00  Go Getta  C R Ferguson Matt SaundersFr3  $26.00
21467  Ideal Draw  J W Cox A L Stratford20m 1  $4.80
34532  Groomsman  M J Williamson A F H Hunter20m 2  $3.70
31  Tairlaw Toll  N P Williamson B R Shirley20m 3  $3.20
x5601  Son Of Lana  Sheree Tomlinson M G Brown20m 4  $9.50
68250  Jabali  K N Larsen R J Hope20m 5  $11.00
51648  Unloaded  P M Hunter P M Hunter20m U1  $15.00
Race 5
$9000 $9,000
Age:4U API:0.9  $8,411
Surface:AW 2200m
x9043  Cruisin Reuben  Rebecca Heads A L StratfordFr1  $9.00
30943  Sadhana  Maruia Parker Aaron SwainFr2  $9.00
29126  Better Galleon  John Morrison R E WilsonFr3  $7.00
x0133  Excellent  Ellie Barron Kirstin Barclay & Paul EllisFr4  $3.70
35235  Betstars Blue Jean  Mark Hurrell Matt SaundersFr5  $2.60
98x73  Von Richthofen  Jamie Campbell Ricky GutsellFr6  $17.00
32021  Gomeo Denario  Sheree Tomlinson M G BrownFr7  $8.50
Race 6
Regent Car Court Mobile Pace $10,000
Age:3U Cls:R50 TO R59 API:0.99  $9,345
Surface:AW 2200m
23x32  Jody Direen  J W Cox A L StratfordFr1  $8.50
x8316  Vin Scully  M J Williamson A F H HunterFr2  $11.00
40x01  Santanna's Rocket  Brad Williamson Syd BreenFr3  $9.00
0297x  Magnetic Watch  John Morrison R H SwainFr4  $21.00
x5604  It Ain't The Money  Mark Hurrell A S McvicarFr5  $14.00
05345  Franco Huntington  S P Walkinshaw D S MclachlanFr6  $13.00
1127x  Governor's Bay  A R Beck Miss L B PearsonFr7   
83320  Shezacullengirl  K L Barclay Kirstin Barclay & Paul EllisFr8  $9.00
0x949  First Son  Ellie Barron S G MathesonSr9  $18.00
10 x7078  Harrydahorse  Sheree Tomlinson M G BrownSr10  $18.00
11 22015  Triple Vc  N P Williamson M G BrownSr11  $9.50
12 166x1  Rise Above This  B G Barclay Miss L B PearsonSr12  $8.00
Race 7
Crisp Nz Ltd Mobile Pace $8,000
Cls:R40 TO R49 API:0.54  $7,476
Surface:AW 2200m
33340  El Capitan   Fr1   
00058  Lady's Lass  T R Robertson Leith & Tim RobertsonFr2  $51.00
9x836  Nightmarch  R H Swain Maurice KerrFr3  $21.00
30041  Kansas City Jim  B G Barclay S G LockFr4  $26.00
0x886  Rahuri Badlands  A M Armour W R BryantFr5  $51.00
05631  Annie Fitz  C R Ferguson S R WilsonFr6  $3.70
51281  Rnr Windermere  M J Williamson J N TitherFr7  $2.80
000x0  Hedonist Franco  S G Lock S G LockFr8  $61.00
090x8  Martin Mcguinness  N P Williamson J R BondSr9  $26.00
10 x7999  Glacier Coaster  Ellie Barron A D PaisleySr10  $26.00
11 98872  Bold Ruler  P M Hunter P M HunterSr11  $6.00
12 64972  The Red Robber  J W Cox A L StratfordSr12  $6.50
13 07310  Theodora Hope  A R Beck A D PaisleySrU1  $21.00
Race 8
Fasttrack Insurance $2.5K Added Handicap Pace $14,999
Cls:R60 TO R100 SPECIAL API:1.72  $14,017
Surface:AW 2700m
83014  Benio Ben  J W Cox A L StratfordFr1  $13.00
04522  Maidonthebeach  M J Williamson A F H HunterFr2  $18.00
x5474  Sagwitch  A R Beck Syd BreenFr3  $18.00
447x4  Thisismylastflight   Fr4   
11581  Mr Kiwi  N P Williamson B R GrayFr5  $4.20
6x015  Kilowatt Kid  Brad Williamson A K BlackFr6  $5.00
9x867  Mighty Santana  J C Hay J C HayFrU1  $6.50
07x23  Mach's Back  K L Barclay Kirstin Barclay & Paul EllisFrU2  $3.10
60715  Tiziano  B G Barclay A F H Hunter10m 1  $18.00
10 13811  Cool Scooter  C R Ferguson G O Hunter10m 2  $18.00
Race 9
Dallard Building Ltd Mobile Pace $8,000
Age:3U Cls:NON-WINNERS MR45 TO MR50 API:0.17  $7,476
Surface:AW 2200m
 Golden Galaxy  S P Walkinshaw D S MclachlanFr1  $21.00
77  Ambassador  N P Williamson N P WilliamsonFr2  $6.50
  Don't Need An Excuse  Ellie Barron C J BarronFr3  $2.30
 Aurelia Cotta  B G Barclay B R GrayFr4  $7.50
08x64  Tad Lincoln  K N Larsen J A EarlFr5  $8.00
 Undercover Mac   Fr6   
97363  Ay Boy  B D Mclellan B D MclellanFr7  $6.00
9x480  Wee Ring The Changes  Kieran Mcnaught A D PaisleyFrU1  $16.00
Race 10
Book Your Cup Day Tent Site Today Trot $8,000
Age:3U Cls:NON-WINNERS API:0.68  $7,476
Surface:AW 2200m
  Lady Zara  A W Kyle A W KyleFr1  $19.00
  Lucky Me   Fr2   
204x  Get Lucky  Brad Williamson A K BlackFr3  $1.80
92877  The Power Broker  Kieran Mcnaught A D PaisleyFr4  $18.00
949x6  Tolkien  K N Larsen K N LarsenFr5  $2.40
08883  Kiwi Heir  Ellie Barron C J BarronFrU1  $15.00
55954  Helluva Way  A R Beck A D PaisleyFrU2  $21.00