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Cranbourne 8 December 2018

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Decron Pace (2ND HEAT) 
API:1.49  $16,000
Surface:AW 2080m
64861  Pocket Thedeal  M M Burnett G F DouglasFr1  $41.00
16540  Willem   S J O'donoghueFr2   
43444  Dansbro  Z M Phillips R CashmanFr2  $12.00
31786  Cest La Classe  A B Crossland A B CrosslandFr3  $301.00
4x527  Nonno Stride  G R Sugars K P CotchinFr4  $12.00
61583  Carl Mattgregor  D N Moran D L MarshallFr5  $91.00
41914  Rocknroll Gold  R W Petroff M A HughesFr6  $71.00
21370  Our Sportscaster  J J Caldow M A CaldowSr1  $26.00
1848x  Big Gun Johnny  M J Craven R A ArundellSr2  $9.50
10 12411  Wrangler  L A Mccarthy C A CrossSr3  $2.80
11 12113  Rackemup Tigerpie  M I Stanley M I StanleySr4  $2.20
Race 2
Chris Pinther Pace (3RD HEAT) 
API:1.77  $18,000
Surface:AW 2080m
80920  Upanatom  G R Sugars Jess TubbsFr1  $26.00
45462  Christian Major  J N Quinlan C T DemmlerFr2  $41.00
265x0  Elroy Jetson  M M Burnett K J PizzutoFr3  $6.00
32466  Dynamic Bromac  D N Moran D AikenFr4  $41.00
36220  Carload  E J Tormey J D JusticeFr5  $9.50
3x437  Professor Tom  C A Alford G J Quinlan, D J QuinlanFr6  $4.80
21215  Forty Thieves  J A Pace J PaceFr7  $26.00
1x992  Egodan  T P Mccarthy K J PizzutoSr1  $3.00
32111  Cruz  G Lang J TaboneSr2  $3.70
Race 3
Caduceus Club 3Yo Cup (GROUP 3) 
Age:3 API:3.9  $30,000
Surface:AW 2080m
14523  Arggghhh  C T Demmler R J WoodsFr1  $201.00
344x1  Soho Thunderstruck  M I Stanley M I StanleyFr2  $5.00
44124  Vicstar Sharazzz  Ryan Duffy M I StanleyFr3  $201.00
3412x  Zoliver  A Taiba A TaibaFr4  $21.00
1x211  Hudsen  G Lang Gavin LangFr5  $41.00
1211x  Lochinvar Art  D N Moran L E CrosslandFr6  $3.80
111  Demon Delight  C A Alford E J StewartFr7  $1.60
31323  Arden Voyager  K M Gath A P GathSr1  $51.00
115x1  Watch List  L A Mccarthy M I StanleySr2  $301.00
Race 4
Tab Inter Dominion Trotting Championship (3RD ROUND QUALIFYING HEAT 1) (GROUP 3) 
API:3.59  $20,000
Surface:AW 2555m
1x222  Save Our Pennys  G Lang G A LangFr1  $7.00
84497  Father Christmas  G R Sugars B A LilleyFr2  $301.00
11720  Maori Law   W G MorganFr3   
11111  Tornado Valley  K M Gath A P GathFr3  $1.20
93370  Our Twentyten   B A LilleyFr5   
45265  Red Hot Tooth  Z M Phillips K M MalesFr4  $201.00
11108  Kowhai Monarch  T P Mccarthy J A Rando, M J RandoFr5  $301.00
56708  Alderbeck  A M Butt P M WilliamsonSr1  $71.00
51934  Tough Monarch  R J Alchin R J AlchinSr2  $26.00
10 00557  Wilmas Mate  J J Caldow T G ButtSr3  $201.00
11 32163  Sky Petite  Ryan Duffy M I StanleySr4  $91.00
Race 5
Tab Inter Dominion Trotting Championship (3RD ROUND QUALIFYING HEAT 2) (GROUP 3) 
API:4.42  $20,000
Surface:AW 2555m
51209  Illawong Armstrong  J N Quinlan J N QuinlanFr1  $18.00
11413  Speeding Spur  J I Dickie J W Dickie & J I DickieFr2  $1.20
91294  Enrolled  J L Duggan B A LilleyFr3  $26.00
01136  Rompers Monarchy  D R Morris J A Rando, M J RandoFr4  $301.00
35281  Kyvalley Blur  C A Alford B A LilleyFr5  $7.00
21x09  Kheiron  C W Lang P R LaneFr6  $301.00
54455  Kingdom Come  K M Gath A P GathFr7  $41.00
46142  Big Jack Hammer  Kima Frenning D AikenSr1  $18.00
x4270  Fabrication  G Lang D C AbrahamsSr2  $71.00
10 34180  King Denny  D T Wade M L GadsdenSr3  $301.00
11 36046  Monty Python  A M Butt P M WilliamsonSr4  $71.00
Race 6
Tab Inter Dominion Pacing Championship (3RD ROUND QUALIFYING HEAT 1) (GROUP 3) 
API:4.37  $30,000
Surface:AW 2555m
42196  Joes Star Of Mia  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullFr1  $12.00
58x00  John Of Arc  N A Mccallum C DaltonFr2  $301.00
42907  Tee Cee Bee Macray  G R Sugars Jess TubbsFr3  $301.00
59180  Magical Marn  Z M Phillips A F KellyFr4  $301.00
12234  Maximan  L R Tritton S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr5  $21.00
71697  Mister Wickham  G Lang L W EvisonFr6  $301.00
25509  Freyberg  Jason Grimson K J PizzutoFr7  $301.00
92151  Wrappers Delight  Kima Frenning D AikenSr1  $2.90
31513  Spankem  N C Rasmussen M Purdon & Ms N C RasmussenSr2  $1.60
10 x1113  Galactic Star  T P Mccarthy G S BondSr3  $13.00
Race 7
Tab Inter Dominion Pacing Championship (3RD ROUND QUALIFYING HEAT 2) (GROUP 3) 
API:6.6  $30,000
Surface:AW 2555m
x1452  Cant Refuse  M J Craven M J CravenFr1  $11.00
53552  Audi Hare  D N Moran D AikenFr2  $41.00
13269  Conviction  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullFr3  $71.00
22032  Tiger Tara  T P Mccarthy K J PizzutoFr4  $1.20
16148  Motu Meteor  K E Manning K E ManningFr5  $201.00
52304  Bad Billy  J P Lee G B LawlorFr6  $301.00
58440  My Alpha Rock  L R Tritton S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr7  $101.00
x2347  Our Uncle Sam  A C Frisby C B FrisbySr1  $26.00
06534  Mach Doro  L A Mccarthy C A CrossSr2  $26.00
10 15066  Yayas Hot Spot  Jody Jamieson S P Tritton, L R TrittonSr3  $201.00
11 11225  San Carlo  R K Bartley S J O'donoghueSr4  $7.50
Race 8
Tab Inter Dominion Pacing Championship (3RD ROUND QUALIFYING HEAT 3) (GROUP 3) 
API:5.85  $30,000
Surface:AW 2555m
12209  Hickstead  J D Justice J D JusticeFr1  $51.00
x1175  Mattgregor  P J Mcmullen C A TurpinFr2  $41.00
44375  Franco Nelson   S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr3   
44111  Cruz Bromac  N C Rasmussen M Purdon & Ms N C RasmussenFr3  $1.10
91328  Cash N Flow  L A Mccarthy C A CrossFr4  $51.00
16106  Ellmers Image  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullFr5  $91.00
67168  Village Witch  Jason Grimson Jason GrimsonFr6  $101.00
23421  Im Pats Delight  G Lang C T DalgetySr1  $6.00
62393  Im The Boss  Kima Frenning D AikenSr2  $26.00
10 82400  Ideal Success  K E Manning K E ManningSr3  $201.00
Race 9
Mypunter.Com Pace Final 
API:0.96  $10,000
Surface:AW 2080m
75084  All My Savings  L Miles B J CostelloFr1  $201.00
468x6  Cobbity Cove  James Herbertson P GrechFr2  $201.00
47422  Emelia On Fire  G Lang Peter RobertsonFr3  $19.00
57923  My Forgotten Hero  S M Walker S M WalkerFr4  $71.00
62985  Bettor Than That  Luke Tabone J TaboneFr5  $41.00
50266  Kotare Mahdi   G F DouglasFr6   
28221  Augustus Jack  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullFr6  $9.50
223x4  Blissfull Stride  M J Bellman A SpiteriSr1  $41.00
77x11  Joe Nien  G R Sugars Jess TubbsSr2  $1.50
10 3x223  Masterkova   E J StewartSr3   
11 31447  The Thug  C T Demmler J TaboneSr3  $41.00
12 26135  Heavenly Shades  Marika Eriksson D AikenSr4  $51.00
13 42175  Rosanna Raider   T P Howard   
Race 10
Top-Dek Transport Equipment Pace Final 
Age:4U API:0.65  $10,000
Surface:AW 2080m
545x5  Vernnay  M J Bellman Jon StephensFr1  $301.00
191x2  Tact Bess  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullFr2  $2.10
76599  Midnight Rattler  Kima Frenning R W OlsenFr3  $301.00
24422  Saviour Clare  L Miles L MilesFr4  $51.00
64754  Cassiopeia  W J Hayes W HayesFr5  $301.00
49x33  Jang Pel  R K Bartley S J O'donoghueFr6  $71.00
16447  Just Dad   D G FarrarFr7   
 Cool Sharkie  C A Alford R N MathewsSr1  $91.00
x5631  Justice Served  J D Justice J D JusticeSr2  $5.50
10 411x1  Ranga Roc  Z M Phillips A F KellySr3  $2.10