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Globe Derby Park 8 December 2018

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Ubet Pace (SKY 2) 
API:0.6  $7,000
Surface:AW 1800m
51513  Fibskite  W J Hill J NeilsonFr1  $4.00
120x4  Live For Peace  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecFr2  $3.70
23966  Sutter Man  Matt Bailey J RussoFr3  $19.00
x3564  Wroxton Balboa  K Rogers G J RogersFr4  $19.00
51326  Julius Franco  Brodie Webster D GirardiFr5  $17.00
7547x  One Night At Themile  A J Robinson W H HornhardtFr6  $19.00
03756  Celestial Daybreak  T J Mcmahon Shane LooneFr7  $18.00
14715  Blissfull Thinking  P J Fidge P J FidgeSr1  $18.00
04475  Millwood Chloe  Kaela Hryhorec Shane LooneSr2   
10 24511  Ace To Play  B A Lowe R J HolbertonSr3  $3.90
Race 2
Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Pace (SKY 1) 
API:0.84  $4,000
Surface:AW 1800m
70540  Royal Safari  D J D Smith Bill CormackFr1  $31.00
41811  Nate Braxton  T A Mumford T A MumfordFr2  $3.20
1x110  Prince Mcardle  K Rogers David HardingFr3  $2.00
61137  Tossup  Brodie Webster D TattoliFr4  $11.00
27163  Reva  S L Ewen L R HallFr5  $12.00
12143  Goodboy Cowboy  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecFr6  $12.00
4x262  Lucky Vc  W J Hill P J FidgeFr7  $17.00
55686  Lady Azalea  A J Robinson C D GobleSr1  $31.00
44381  Lorne Beach  M Gee Megan GeeSr2  $31.00
Race 3
2018 G O Silke Plate (SKY 1) 
Age:4U API:0.79  $8,000
Surface:AW 1800m
21123  Uncle Leo  A J Bain R J HolbertonFr1  $3.70
53512  Gozo  Matt Bailey G R NormanFr2  $12.00
336x2  Live Atom  Kailey Piper D J PhillipsFr3  $19.00
47331  Just Read My Mind  M A Smith C M HermanFr4  $5.50
11x13  Lochinvar Hugo  M A Smith D GirardiFr5  $9.00
x4412  Batman Bart  J W Webster R M ClarkeFr6  $19.00
16835  Itz Queenofbroadway   P J TonkinFr-   
13311  Clarenden Valour  Samantha Pascoe C D GobleSr1  $5.50
34515  Melegend  B A Lowe T J RyanSr2  $26.00
10 21317  Wroxton Steel  T J Mcmahon G J RogersSr3  $18.00
11 x2433  Stones Corner  Kaela Hryhorec J W StewartSr4  $19.00
12 x21x4  Carmy Dan  Brodie Webster A J BrownSr5  $17.00
Race 4
Dpr Insurance Brokers Pace (SKY 1) 
API:0.55  $7,000
Surface:AW 1800m
x1535  Miss Atlanta  J W Webster R J HolbertonFr1  $18.00
03253  Bien Hoa  Kaela Hryhorec Shane LooneFr2  $9.50
3114x  Queen Of Sharkz  W J Hill T R LinkeFr3  $2.50
60947  Buriton Bailey  K Rogers Shane LooneFr4  $31.00
49594  The Nature Boy  Brodie Webster D A SmithFr5  $26.00
2x211  Bulletproof Boy  S L Ewen S L EwenFr6  $2.70
x0888  Blackntan  M Gee Megan GeeFr7  $26.00
47832  Torque Of Courage  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecSr1  $11.00
71422  Regal Lager  L P Ryan L H HolbertonSr2  $12.00
Race 5
Lonsdale Sand & Metal Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:4U API:0.48  $4,500
Surface:AW 1800m
77126  Montana Mcleod  T J Mcmahon R M HryhorecFr1  $2.60
42944  Linora Mustang   P J TonkinFr2   
80363  I Wanna Rocknroll  M A Smith H M StevensFr2  $18.00
34717  White Star Village  B A Lowe Shane LooneFr3  $11.00
25967  Waynesfirst  Brodie Webster M J MaguireFr4  $21.00
33595  Kentsford Kenny  J W Webster Bill CormackFr5  $17.00
10884  All Hail Caesar  M A Smith J RussoFr6  $3.10
30199  That Said  Kailey Piper J NeilsonSr1  $16.00
16835  Itz Queenofbroadway  Samantha Pascoe P J TonkinSr2  $17.00
10 28270  Manly Mach  Kaela Hryhorec Aaron BainSr3  $17.00
Race 6
The Coca Cola Company Trotters Mobile (SKY 1) 
API:0.6  $7,000
Surface:AW 2230m
37859  Kyvalley Kid  Brodie Webster P L HoustonFr1  $4.20
7x839  Unique Power   P J FidgeFr2   
51732  Takin To The Max  M A Smith P B MudgeFr2  $4.40
14281  Baking Hot  K Rogers A R ChennellsFr3  $21.00
15033  Truscott Hall  J W Webster L P O'neillFr4  $9.50
73740  Drinktous Wroxton  D J D Smith D A SmithFr5  $26.00
35734  Sun Valley Road  Kaela Hryhorec L P O'neillFr6  $31.00
30823  Stuey D  W J Hill L P O'neillSr1  $21.00
9113x  Ten Spanners  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecSr2  $2.30
Race 7
Just Wrecking Toyotas Pace (SKY 1) 
API:0.67  $4,000
Surface:AW 1800m
51473  Riverina Ava  W J Hill L R HallFr1  $4.80
x2253  Western Debt  R M Hryhorec J M SealFr2  $3.20
32261  Outa Control  Brodie Webster D TattoliFr3  $8.00
60674  Mista Pumblechook  M A Smith J RussoFr4  $26.00
111x  Melodys Daughter  J W Webster Aaron BainFr5  $3.40
84322  Glider  D J D Smith D A SmithFr6  $18.00
514x2  Aquarius Art  A J Robinson D W BillingerFr7  $9.50
7x336  Zakharova  K Rogers L R HallSr1  $15.00