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Newcastle 8 December 2018

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Shed Boss Pace 
API:0.52  $6,890
Surface:AW 2030m
55578  Casual River  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr1  $21.00
38437  Kalvin  Andrew Bourke J L ForrestFr2  $21.00
77482  Mista Taptoe Lombo  G A Dorn G A DornFr3  $18.00
90653  Pay On The Pacer  D J Morgan M L OsbornFr4  $21.00
35962  For The Bettor  Jack Callaghan M A CallaghanFr5  $3.40
39542  Our Bushwacker  Jake Hughes S A E ElliottFr6  $18.00
56306  Lembongan Lyf  B L Pringle B L PringleFr7  $26.00
x5842  Vieira  Joshua Gallagher D T ReayFr8  $8.00
05653  Crafty Cullen  R A Atkins R A AtkinsFr9  $17.00
10 78744  Royal Lefty  Blake Hughes J R RadleyFr10  $21.00
11 95585  Wamboyne Tommy  K A Brooks K A BrooksSr1  $21.00
12 13314  The Big Cheese  Ellen Rixon B F MattersonSr2  $2.80
Race 2
Mt Pleasant C Crew Ladyship Pace 
API:0.42  $6,890
Surface:AW 2030m
14171  Pure Laughter  D P Mackney D P MackneyFr1  $1.90
57857  Divas Destiny  Ellen Rixon G P AndrewsFr2  $41.00
x7356  Witherspoon   D T ReayFr3   
x9163  Superstar Glowie  D J Grant N J TomlinFr3  $16.00
30474  Firenze  K A Brooks K A BrooksFr4  $41.00
38898  Hapenny  G P Andrews G P AndrewsFr5  $41.00
82207  Wise Goddess  C J Davies C J DaviesFr6  $7.50
89377  Catch A Ruby  Jake Hughes B L PringleFr7  $61.00
95422  Elsie Gem  P J Hedges P DowningFr8  $4.00
10 96374  Henwood  D J Morgan P A MorganFr9  $26.00
Race 3
The Captains Punters Club Pace 
API:0.38  $6,890
Surface:AW 1609m
00568  Lexy Can Wait  M A Formosa J W HetheringtonFr1  $4.20
00947  Our Novak  W J Buckley C M WatsonFr2  $41.00
80508  Ponderosa Bigz  L A Barry A C PriestleyFr3  $41.00
74545  Luke By Knight  Joshua Gallagher J W CassarFr4  $3.70
44546  Iwasntxpectingthat  P A Bourke P A BourkeFr5  $8.50
70843  Ashkii  Blake Hughes M J ElderFr6  $9.00
2408x  Licinia  C J Davies C J DaviesFr7  $4.00
07742  Zac Mccool  G W Mcelhinney B J FlahertyFr8  $9.50
58826  La Patata  D J Morgan S J ColemanFr9  $19.00
Race 4
Open Living Outdoor Design Pace 
API:0.6  $6,890
Surface:AW 1609m
405x9  Sky Operative  C J Davies C J DaviesFr1  $16.00
01x08  Moonlight Cruiser  B N Greenwood N W GreenwoodFr2  $26.00
61079  Jetawayjo  Blake Hughes Melanie ElderFr3  $15.00
0x513  Mac Toddy  M A Callaghan A P FrancisFr4  $4.80
66413  Air Time  Joshua Gallagher D T ReayFr5  $5.00
59831  Justajolt  D J Elder D J ElderFr6  $5.00
62231  Im Major Harry  P J Hedges P J HedgesFr7  $5.50
26621  Glengarry Rose  Tom Ison R E Roots JnrFr8  $5.50
x8197  Kissofdeath  G K Chapple G L PowellFr9  $11.00
Race 5
Rad Constructions Pace 
API:0.67  $6,360
Surface:AW 2030m
43363  Kenfury Lass  Caitlin Mcelhinney N J ShawFr1  $9.50
74741  Who Killed Kenny  D P Mackney D P MackneyFr2  $15.00
32193  Our Dream To Reality  Joshua Gallagher J W CassarFr3  $7.50
58736  Dawn Magic  D J Elder D J ElderFr4  $9.00
186x5  Team Of Starzzz  G W Mcelhinney T S SuttonFr5  $21.00
1915x  Somebeach N Clovelly  G K Chapple C J HarmeyFr6  $3.20
32177  La Safron  Jack Callaghan C J HarmeyFr7  $2.80
702x6  Robbiewillmakeit  B N Greenwood N W GreenwoodFr8  $15.00
Race 6
Hrnsw Rewards Series Final 
Age:4U API:0.27  $10,000
Surface:AW 2030m
57334  Sunday Sesh  D J Morgan C J BourkeFr1  $15.00
76443  Power To Bolt  Caitlin Mcelhinney N J ShawFr2  $13.00
36442  Hear The Thunder  R A Atkins R A AtkinsFr3  $16.00
77965  Wallaroy Boy  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr4  $17.00
43261  Hayaku Harry  G W Mcelhinney T S SuttonFr5  $6.00
547x4  Que Sera  Andrew Bourke C J BourkeFr6  $17.00
75856  To Be Feared  A B Mcelhinney Adrian McelhinneyFr7  $26.00
43271  Delightful Babe  Joshua Gallagher D T ReayFr8  $4.00
86832  Nicstar  D J Elder D J ElderFr9  $3.50
10 80x25  Summer Dreams  G K Chapple Denis MaricicFr10  $16.00
11 54523  Victory Valley   D J CarmodyFr10   
Race 7
Pumps United Pace 
API:0.58  $6,360
Surface:AW 1609m
54913  Lucky Artist  M A Formosa S T SandersonFr1  $2.10
88532  Scotlynn Jiggs  Jake Hughes S A E ElliottFr2  $3.70
77007  Sir Pickles Yumyum  Tom Ison S A E ElliottFr3  $21.00
33238  Exterminate  D J Morgan M L OsbornFr4  $11.00
00114  Second Major  Jack Callaghan R E Roots JnrFr5  $5.00
66232  Tulhurst Ace  P J Hedges P J HedgesFr6  $12.00
0x879  Northern Line  Blake Hughes S A E ElliottFr7  $41.00
Race 8
Hmmm Brrr Pace 
API:0.28  $6,360
Surface:AW 2030m
48633  Cloudy Miss  Jake Hughes S A E ElliottFr1  $26.00
95969  Final River  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr2  $21.00
9111x  Im Sugar Coated  G K Chapple C J HarmeyFr3  $2.10
48x07  Seriously Smart  C J Davies R I SpencerFr4  $26.00
35918  Always A Lexus  D J Elder G R ConeyFr5   
8585x  Milly Bromac  Jack Callaghan C J HarmeyFr6  $18.00
9x358  Alaskan Boy  B N Greenwood N W GreenwoodFr7  $21.00
833x7  Saint Breeny  Blake Hughes D F LindsayFr8  $51.00
  Kenny Jay  G W Mcelhinney T S SuttonFr9  $26.00
10 75856  To Be Feared   Adrian McelhinneyFr-   
11 25587  Espyrante  P J Hedges P J HedgesSr1  $18.00
12 86850  Aqua Cruiser  Joshua Gallagher D T ReaySr2  $18.00
13 363x7  Fantasy Money  S A Harmey R P JamesSr3  $41.00