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Gloucester Park 8 December 2018

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Race 1
Life Is On With Clipsal Fillies & Mares Ms Pace (LEVEL 6) (SKY 2) 
Age:3U Sex:FM API:0.63  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
44254  Melimac  A G Cortopassi W J RobinsonFr1  $17.00
21645  Just Like Art  M P Grantham P L AndersonFr2  $41.00
75526  My Girl Wylene  D J Harper B L ScottFr3  $41.00
22231  Vivere Damore  S J Suvaljko P K TilbrookFr4  $3.70
34668  Eyes On The Money  S R Young S D YoungFr5  $5.50
3625x  Rock N Roll Delight  D Egerton-Green S L SuvaljkoFr6  $3.90
5x686  Bonsu  A C Lewis P J MarshFr7  $26.00
88109  Jodies Pal  L R Edwards D M PadbergFr8  $11.00
36069  Life To The Max  D M Roberts P L AndersonFr9  $41.00
10 51373  Nowuseemesmile  J C Young S L SuvaljkoSr1  $4.80
Race 2
Twilight Meals At Steelo's From $14.50 Ms Pace (LEVEL 6) (SKY 2) 
Age:3U API:0.6  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
71503  Loaded Aussie  D Egerton-Green S L SuvaljkoFr1  $19.00
45888  Ronan Maguire  C D Voak R J JohnsonFr2  $41.00
89642  Be On Guard  M B Reed G L CumminsFr3  $4.00
70069  Maras Ace Man  R G Williams John FilardoFr4  $51.00
65825  Absolution  S J Suvaljko D M PadbergFr5  $4.40
28125  Excuse Me Sir  N A Turvey C S WoodworthFr6  $21.00
59346  Charlie El  M L Woodley M G ScottFr7  $19.00
x8226  Mistersandman  M P Grantham K WarwickFr8  $3.90
x6239  Black Jack Zac  K J Harper J EllisFr9  $13.00
10 x1979  Adda Courage  A C Lewis R A OlivieriSr1  $8.50
11 48325  Karlas Lucky Son  L C Jones B J StokesSr2  $26.00
12 34997  Straittothebar  A G Cortopassi David SimmondsSr3  $26.00
Race 3
Book Your Next Event At Gloucester Park Ms Pace (LEVEL 8) (SKY 2) 
Age:3U API:0.85  $9,000
Surface:AW 2130m
62117  Prince Of Smiles  K J Harper G L CumminsFr1  $8.00
48310  Quincey Brogden  L C Jones B J StokesFr2  $3.90
14172  Tims Portrait  A G Cortopassi A G CortopassiFr3  $2.60
00043  Walkabout Creek   B A LynnFr4   
35835  Righteous Brother  M C Miller G L CumminsFr4  $7.00
56095  Jasper Casper  Corey Peterson L InwoodFr5  $31.00
08414  Iam Lambros  M L Woodley C R AbercrombyFr6  $14.00
47646  Tactile Sensation  P K Tilbrook P K TilbrookFr7  $21.00
132x8  Sergeant Oats  S J Suvaljko C D BurchFr8  $9.00
10 59080  Cyclonedomic  A C Lewis David SimmondsSr1  $26.00
Race 4
Choices Flooring - The Floor You've Been Searching For Ms Pace (LEVEL 7) (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:0.71  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
1246x  Roman Aviator  A G Cortopassi A G CortopassiFr1  $2.60
69438  Major Mosby  M L Woodley C R AbercrombyFr2  $26.00
30313  Whoswhointhezoo  M B Reed D A ThompsonFr3  $11.00
78125  Bob Wheel  M C Miller C D SaligariFr4  $2.00
83222  Hy Leexciting  D Egerton-Green I N BarkerFr5  $17.00
66468  Regal Ambition  S J Suvaljko D M PadbergFr6  $41.00
65150  Burning Shadows  C D Voak V A LeaFr7   
09969  Forever Faster  A C Lewis M R SaligariFr8  $41.00
Race 5
$7 Pints Of Hahn Superdry At Jp's Sportsbar Ms Pace (LEVEL 7) (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:4.27  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
67813  Clares Fool  N A Turvey M G ScottFr1  $18.00
304x6  Dominate The Dojo  M P Grantham K F KeysFr2   
34446  The Redeemer  M A Lindau T A SheehyFr3  $41.00
27347  El Sunami  R G Williams R J SaligariFr4  $41.00
30633  Seeknyoushallfind  D M Roberts J A O'neillFr5  $41.00
x6486  Grashimo  L R Edwards G VinciulloFr6  $61.00
x1232  Ginas Ingot  A F De Campo A L De CampoFr7  $4.40
1121x  Franco Edward  K J Harper K J HarperFr8  $2.00
Race 6
Tabtouch - Make Your Bet Matter Ms Pace (LEVEL 9) (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:0.86  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
25022  Ultimate Major  A F De Campo A L De CampoFr1  $3.10
86603  El Machine  L R Edwards D M PadbergFr2  $31.00
x0755  Mighty Flying Thomas  M P Grantham P L AndersonFr3  $31.00
46212  Marquisard  M L Woodley C R AbercrombyFr4  $3.00
91327  Baptism Of Fire  A C Lewis C D SaligariFr5  $31.00
12321  Beltane  N A Turvey N A TurveyFr6  $3.20
73548  Bettor Not Knowing  Corey Peterson L InwoodFr7  $31.00
05936  Irockmyworld  D J Harper P L AndersonFr8  $31.00
07899  We Tellthetruth  J C Suvaljko J C SuvaljkoFr9  $26.00
10 68x08  Good Times Ahead  S J Suvaljko G P ElliottSr1  $61.00
11 63708  Major Rush  K J Harper G W GilbertSr2  $26.00
Race 7
Www.Gloucesterpark.Com.Au Ms Pace (LEVEL 10) (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:1.57  $10,500
Surface:AW 2130m
23744  Ruling Gold  A C Lewis R A OlivieriFr1  $21.00
x8053  Responder  M C Miller G L CumminsFr2  $51.00
05019  Debt Free Charlie  K J Harper K J HarperFr3  $18.00
44882  Bad Round  S J Suvaljko D M PadbergFr4  $8.00
35525  Our Perkins   D A ThompsonFr5   
227x1  Michael Joseph  A F De Campo A L De CampoFr5  $2.60
40002  Ohoka Darcy  J C Young N A TurveyFr6  $5.50
96358  Rock Me Over   K WarwickFr8   
108x8  Red Hot Roxy  M P Grantham K WarwickFr7  $3.50
10 73036  Arthur Lowe  N A Turvey N A TurveySr1  $21.00
11 30781  Tisadream  Mark Johnson A L De CampoSr2   
Race 8
Gannons Pacing Colours Fillies & Mares Ms Pace (LEVEL 10) (SKY 1) 
Age:3U Sex:FM API:0.93  $10,500
Surface:AW 2130m
72076  Kayteeoh Denario  S J Suvaljko D M PadbergFr1  $11.00
48972  Shes Artful  B Stanley B A StanleyFr2  $3.40
80457  Dame Puissant  R G Williams R G WilliamsFr3  $26.00
14142  Phar From Kalahari  A C Markham S D BurtonFr4  $3.80
516x0  Mon Lillies  K J Harper J D SortrasFr5  $3.70
21317  Lady In Command  M P Grantham M G JuppFr6  $4.00