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Atherton 8 December 2018

  (Full Form, Ratings and Speed Map - Click here)
Race 1
Pagoda Restaurant Mdn Plate 
Age:2U WT:SW API:0.14  $7,000
Race Record: 0:55.99 No Biting 13 Jan 2018 BM65 SOT:FM S
 Victormatic  Masayuki Abe Trevor Rowe 58.5  
83325  Lapels  Shohei Kaya Peter Rowe 57.0  
7x087  Rothesay Magic  Amanda Thomson Jenny Ball 56.5  
9x885  Mademoiselle Polly  Nor Yadi Gareth Horner 55.0  
58  Mulligans  Shane Pawsey Trevor Rowe 55.0  
Race 2
The Cannon Family Hcp (CL B) 
WT:57.5 API:1.02  $7,000
Race Record: 0:55.99 No Biting 13 Jan 2018 BM65 SOT:FM S
53581  Countless Rock  Kerry Rockett Sharlee Hoffman 60.0  
1x379  Nick's Night Out  Shohei Kaya Scott Cooper 60.0  
32543  Snooze Ya Lose  Nor Yadi Alwyn Bailey 60.0  
66x81  Mbwali  Masayuki Abe Trevor Rowe 58.5  
41909  Yankee Roller  Amanda Thomson Gareth Horner 58.5  
28700  Northern Revenge  Shane Pawsey Ralph Baker 58.0  
92851  Fast Sun  Rachel Shred Janel Ryan 57.5  
Race 3
Total Eden Hcp 
WT:55.0 API:1.97  $7,000
Race Record: 0:55.99 No Biting 13 Jan 2018 BM65 SOT:FM S
276x8  Green Anchor  Rachel Shred Janel Ryan 60.0  
361x1  Tuscan Falls  Manabu Kai Stephen Massingham 58.5  
1104x  Fastcar  Shane Pawsey Roy Chillemi 57.5  
01049  I Wanna Break Free  Masayuki Abe Roy Chillemi 55.0  
63964  Bon Temps  Amanda Thomson Bruce E Hunter 55.0  
7394x  Five Stars  Nor Yadi Janel Ryan 55.0  
Race 4
The Spring Bean (BM55) 
WT:55.0 API:1.51  $7,000
Race Record: 1:08.19 Man Around Town 02 Jun 2018 OPEN SOT:G S
7019x  Cashed Up Bully  Kerry Rockett Nicole Homann 60.0  
81751  The Bee's Knees  Shane Pawsey Scott Cooper 59.5  
15425  Female Officer  Nor Yadi Alwyn Bailey 59.0  
0x129  Watch Me Dazzle Em  Shohei Kaya Leanne Ashford 58.5  
50x26  Fizzically Wicked  Masayuki Abe Trevor Rowe 56.5  
850x8  Inverness Express  Amanda Thomson Jenny Ball 55.0  
Race 5
Bjs Plumbing+Civil Contract-C3 
WT:SW API:1.12  $7,000
Race Record: 1:22.61 How Can I Help 27 Aug 2017 BM65 SOT:G S
178x4  Contemplate  Manabu Kai Stephen Massingham 58.5  
44583  Twice The Style  Amanda Thomson Peter Rowe 57.0  
97925  Power Of Divas  Masayuki Abe Sharlee Hoffman 55.0  
x3456  Viva Las Vegas  Shane Pawsey Trevor Rowe 55.0  
78077  Yankee Bubbles  Rachel Shred Samantha Molino 55.0