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Broken Hill 12 January 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Danns Of Broken Hill Pace 
Age:3U API:0.1  $2,000
Surface:AW 2210m
97632  Celebrita  A R Macdonald A R MacdonaldFr1  $5.00
x746x  Three To Two  M A Pelvin A J CamilleriFr2  $5.00
39505  Major Maguire  A J Camilleri A L CamilleriFr3  $5.00
x8566  Diamonds For Alady  A J Camilleri A J CamilleriFr4  $5.00
62694  Night Safari   J L McgintyFr5   
5x434  Plan Of Attack  R A Slater R A SlaterSr1  $5.00
Race 2
Barlow Builders Pace 
Age:3U API:0.36  $2,000
Surface:AW 2210m
47214  A Good News Day  A J Camilleri A J CamilleriFr1  $6.00
1717x  El Kapitan  A R Macdonald A R MacdonaldFr2  $6.00
54352  Misanthrope  R A Slater A J CamilleriFr3  $6.00
29717  Rainbow Racer   J L McgintyFr4   
91165  Badland Star  M A Pelvin D B McinnesFr4  $6.00
17048  Sassyfeet   David VozlicSr1   
6x221  Rapacious  C L Robinson D T PimmSr1  $6.00
Race 3
Broken Hill Truck Centre Pace 
Age:3U API:0.61  $2,000
Surface:AW 2210m
56067  Wrinkle Knutt   J L McgintyFr1   
7x334  Tommys Song  A J Camilleri A J CamilleriFr1  $5.00
88x37  Dynamite Dingo  David Vozlic David VozlicFr2  $5.00
3x022  Bettatobelucky  C L Robinson D T PimmFr3  $5.00
43381  Goodboy Cowboy  A J Camilleri A L CamilleriFr4  $5.00
37116  Somedan   David VozlicSr1   
Race 4
Robinson Plumbing Pace 
Age:3U API:0.31  $2,000
Surface:AW 2210m
5647x  Captain Brannigan  A J Camilleri A L CamilleriFr1  $6.00
8x646  Missus Applebee  A J Camilleri A J CamilleriFr2  $6.00
4x545  Colorada Boy  Jackson Hockley Jackson HockleyFr3  $6.00
7x265  Misperception  C L Robinson D T PimmFr4  $6.00
69x23  Clever Thinker  John Garnaut A W SchembriFr5  $6.00
3x334  Tianischoice  David Vozlic A J CamilleriSr1  $6.00
71423  Serene Change  R A Slater D B McinnesSr2  $6.00
Race 5
Mulga Hill Tavern Pace 
Age:3U API:0.14  $2,000
Surface:AW 2210m
343  Dribblabill  C L Robinson D T PimmFr1  $5.00
556x  Dallas Eldon  David Vozlic David VozlicFr2  $5.00
80x78  Andysbest   J L McgintyFr3   
2x422  Werethehekawi  R A Slater R A SlaterFr3  $5.00
 She Said Yes   A R MacdonaldFr5   
  Fourfiveeightysix  A J Camilleri A J CamilleriSr1  $5.00