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Te Aroha 12 January 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Grass Track Race Meeting At Rotorua 27 Jan Mobile Pace $6,500
Cls:R40 TO R52 AMATEUR DRIVERS API:0.78  $6,190
Surface:AW 2100m
04728  Capital Plan  Danny Blakemore P D BlakemoreFr1  $11.00
51667  Runcle  Sheryl Wigg T R VinceFr2  $7.00
66994  Loud An Proud  J Brownlee I J BrownleeFr3  $17.00
05572  Mrs Zippy  B J Hadley Miss A M MatthewsFr4  $11.00
10x00  Motu Little Princess  C C Sharpe I J MoodyFr5  $17.00
47643  Racketeers Boy  Kevin Hall J & D J ButcherFr6  $4.20
x0983  Waingaro Mara  W R Rich Miss N A ChilcottFr7  $11.00
0781x  Scanreco Bay  R G Frampton T R VinceFr8  $9.50
83165  Highview Justice  S B Phillips J KriechbaumerSr9  $12.00
10 81072  Crackared  Cheree Wigg Cheree WiggSr10  $4.40
Race 2
Thames Harness Racing Club Trot $7,500
Cls:NON-WINNERS API:0.21  $7,142
Surface:AW 2200m
536  Te Kouka Sun Rise  M D Nicholas M D NicholasFr1  $12.00
  Goingrey  A P T Poutama M J HickeyFr2  $17.00
700  French Affair  J A Mackinnon S G TelferFr3  $3.80
  Income Stream  T W Mitchell R F VilligerFr4  $13.00
04  Leesa Castleton  S D T Phelan S P DoodyFr5  $21.00
49449  Mackerelli  S J Lawson M J HjalmarssonFr6  $11.00
  Miss Slippers  D P Ferguson G A RogersonFr7  $6.50
046x7  Comedy Act   Fr8   
36  Te Kouka Dawn  L G Hollis M D NicholasFr9  $11.00
10  Special Lass  J I Dickie J W Dickie & J I DickieFrU1  $7.00
11 09866  Mackali  B M Mangos S P DoodyFrU2  $9.50
Race 3
Anderson Street Panel & Paint Ltd Mobile Pace $7,500
Age:3U Cls:NON-WINNERS MR40 TO MR43 API:0.33  $7,142
Surface:AW 2100m
809x8  Jamie Fraser  T A Cameron P S GreenFr1  $41.00
88040  Fortune Smiles  S W Abernethy J H AbernethyFr2  $26.00
73858  Arty Pharty  Scott Iremonger M G BergerFr3  $21.00
4670x  Millview Chloe  S J Lawson I J BrownleeFr4  $21.00
x7579  Beaudiene Emerald  A P T Poutama Andre PoutamaFr5  $21.00
65476  Shake It  D P Ferguson G A RogersonFr6  $8.00
98907  Yshadowme  Erin Isherwood B HughesFr7  $19.00
02967  Phillydotcom  Z E Butcher J & D J ButcherFr8  $18.00
98333  Geoff's Legacy  K J Marshall F MitchellSr9  $9.50
10 88899  Lucas Hood  G A Martin G A MartinSr10  $19.00
11 42633  K B La Salle  D J Butcher J & D J ButcherSr11  $3.50
12 59298  Tempo Rose  J A Mackinnon S G TelferSr12  $3.10
Race 4
Nottingham Castle Mobile Pace $8,000
Age:4U Cls:R46 TO R60 JUN.DRV API:0.97  $7,619
Surface:AW 2100m
21842  Adieu Flirt  Trent Lethaby J H AbernethyFr1  $3.30
34026  El Capitan  Andrew Fitzgerald Cheree WiggFr2  $16.00
57652  Womeninleague  A L Harrison Miss A M DonnellyFr3  $8.00
27838  Helena Ideal  F R Schumacher R O PaynterFr4  $16.00
84433  Lincoln Moment  A C Drake D B GaleFr5  $16.00
010x  Deer Hunter  D P Ferguson Miss N A ChilcottFr6  $26.00
30611  Nerve Of Steel  K L Blakemore T R VinceFr7  $4.20
1197x  Lagertha  Craig Smith J W Dickie & J I DickieFr8  $26.00
67855  Armstrong  Scott Iremonger D B IremongerSr9  $19.00
10 61737  Machbrad  Luke Whittaker A G HerlihySr10  $6.50
11 31818  Command Lustre  J A Mackinnon S G TelferSr11  $17.00
Race 5
Ron Johnston Drain Laying & Piako Bobcats Mobile Pace $7,500
Age:3U Cls:NON-WINNERS MR43 TO MR47 API:0.36  $7,142
Surface:AW 2100m
7450x  Babyfacenelson  J I Dickie Mrs J I CoppinsFr1  $41.00
27549  Mhai Uptown Girl  T W Mitchell M G BergerFr2  $21.00
040  New Frontier  J P Stormont R O PaynterFr3  $6.00
06839  Rosado  Z E Butcher R F VilligerFr4  $16.00
54x92  Uncle Drew  D J Butcher Ms W A DevenportFr5  $5.50
55735  La Vitesse  S J Lawson R J LawsonFr6  $2.60
35x97  J Bee   Fr7   
67x05  Whatchagot  Nathan Delany M H SalaivaoFr8  $21.00
0744x  Zip Code  T A Cameron Ms M J Wallis & B P HackettSr9  $4.00
10 x8820  Bettathanapokeindeye   Sr10   
11 008x7  Outlander  S W Abernethy P S GreenSrU1  $26.00
Race 6
$8000 $8,000
API:0.61  $7,619
Surface:AW 2100m
668x0  Manihiki Pearl  Nathan Delany M H SalaivaoFr1  $19.00
07058  Knights Desire  P C Ferguson R J HughesFr2  $21.00
78072  Itsokbeingbetter  S D T Phelan F MitchellFr3  $10.00
47x90  Cullen's Caviar  J I Dickie J W Dickie & J I DickieFr4  $8.50
45345  Jack Bates  K J Marshall F MitchellFr5  $19.00
978x0  Charlie Harper  T A Cameron W E CastleFr6  $21.00
08762  Russian Alsu  J A Mackinnon M A CollinsFr7  $12.00
68954  Red River Dash  T W Mitchell J J CosseyFr8  $9.50
74x04  Banner Of Art  S J Lawson I J BrownleeSr9  $9.00
10 0087x  Major Hippie  Z E Butcher Mrs J I CoppinsSr10  $4.20
11 86698  Rainbow Wiri  A M Matthews Miss A M MatthewsSr11  $13.00
12 60559  Spirit Of Love  S W Abernethy M A CollinsSr12  $11.00
13 93667  Marrera  J H Abernethy D B GaleSr13  $13.00
Race 7
Patrons Mobile Pace $7,500
Age:3U Cls:NON-WINNERS API:0.27  $7,142
Surface:AW 2100m
  Dr Ton  Trent Lethaby B M MangosFr1  $10.00
 Mac Paua  S W Abernethy D B GaleFr2  $21.00
3440x  Viewfield Chatton  S D T Phelan Miss A M DonnellyFr3  $3.70
  Cassis  T A Macfarlane David SampsonFr4  $26.00
 Ideal Lincoln   Fr5   
8x  Owhata Angel  K J Marshall R O PaynterFr6  $17.00
35x97  J Bee  D J Butcher J & D J ButcherFr7  $18.00
54  Kaysayrah  A L Harrison Miss A M DonnellyFr8  $3.20
x8820  Bettathanapokeindeye  S J Lawson Mrs P S ScreenSr9  $9.50
10 30x  Catch The Dream  B M Mangos B M MangosSr10  $7.00
11 9x  Torea Lane  J H Abernethy I J BrownleeSr11  $26.00
Race 8
$8000 $8,000
Age:3U API:0.83  $7,619
Surface:AW 2100m
0763x  Errol Finn  P C Ferguson J L Teaz & Mrs M A TeazFr1  $7.00
59741  Pure Desire  D J Butcher Ms W A DevenportFr2  $9.00
73200  Ruby Rose  T A Cameron Tony CameronFr3  $9.50
886x4  Carrera Sky  J H Abernethy D B GaleFr4  $11.00
56572  Franco Empire  S D T Phelan S P DoodyFr5  $11.00
0047x  Marquis Eyre  T W Mitchell D EricksonFr6  $26.00
5x673  Hezaluckygrinner  D P Ferguson L G WhiteFr7  $6.50
84164  Misty Memory  Luke Whittaker F D Cooney & T R HopkinsFr8  $8.00
3319x  Better Than Most  Nathan Delany M H SalaivaoSr9  $21.00
10 x3809  Mcdaknife  K J Marshall R W PeniSr10  $15.00
11 x6497  Scherger Chief  N A Chilcott Miss N A ChilcottSr11  $11.00
12 56064  Sweet Maggie Ryan  S W Abernethy F E CosseySr12  $21.00
13 09982  Our Wicklow  A P T Poutama P B FlemingSrU1  $11.00
Race 9
John Coll Memorial Handicap Trot $8,500
Surface:AW 2200m
01406  Rave Nation   Fr1   
73395  Danke  G A Martin G A MartinFr2  $17.00
06025  Our Rosa  S J Cornwall S J CornwallFr3  $14.00
24452  Burt Munro  D J Branch Mrs S H BranchFr4  $21.00
00x18  Tobruk  T W Mitchell Ms M J Wallis & B P Hackett10m 1  $17.00
88556  Dauntless  Z E Butcher E J Edwards10m 2  $18.00
25586  Harry H  N A Chilcott Miss N A Chilcott10m 3  $14.00
32274  Need Luck  D J Butcher J & D J Butcher10m U1  $17.00
23543  Grenado  J H Abernethy J H Abernethy10m U2  $8.50
10 19328  Kai Time  A P T Poutama Andre Poutama10m U3  $9.50
11 12381  Great Fantasy  K J Marshall Miss L S Edwards20m 1  $8.00
12 28451  Primus Inter Pares  S D T Phelan R O Paynter20m 2  $9.50
13 32460  Sol Invictus   30m U1   
14 71510  Majestic One  S W Abernethy J H Abernethy40m 1  $3.80
Race 10
Bayleys Coromandel 2019 Te Aroha Pacers Cup (HANDICAP) $10,000
Surface:AW 2200m
55642  Gotta Moment  S W Abernethy D B GaleFr1  $9.50
46x97  Ruebe Star  B M Mangos B M MangosFr2  $11.00
735x2  Mister Harris  K J More W P FlemingFr3  $13.00
73334  Comic Book Hero  T A Macfarlane R A DarbyFr4  $15.00
57004  Bill Haley  J H Abernethy J H AbernethyFrU1  $9.00
96643  Red Magic  K J Marshall R J HughesFrU2  $26.00
14654  Prime Silver  A L Harrison Miss A M Donnelly10m 1  $21.00
77655  Fleeting Grin  P C Ferguson C F Webber10m 2  $21.00
x2161  Vibe  A P T Poutama D B Douglas10m 3  $14.00
10 52211  Parker  D J Butcher S G Telfer10m 4  $3.50
11 76623  Patanjali  S D T Phelan Miss A M Donnelly10m 5  $6.50
12 8241x  Count Landeck  Z E Butcher R F Villiger10m 6  $18.00
13 111x6  Bubbles O'leary   10m U1   
Race 11
Les Harrison Transport Ltd Mobile Pace $8,000
Cls:R54 TO R59 API:1.46  $7,619
Surface:AW 2100m
15576  Westburn Yield  A L Harrison Miss A M DonnellyFr1  $18.00
91757  Ally Mae  S W Abernethy Miss N A ChilcottFr2  $26.00
27x1  Stand By Me  B M Mangos B M MangosFr3  $8.50
34261  Onedin Punter   Fr4   
70x26  Toro Delago  P C Ferguson M G LoganFr5  $4.80
036x5  Spare Change  T W Mitchell R F VilligerFr6  $9.50
3x217  In The Shadows  S D T Phelan Miss A M DonnellyFr7  $4.00
x3798  Stars Delight  D J Butcher J & D J ButcherFr8  $18.00
10x87  Willedu  Nathan Delany T E T ClarkeSr9  $26.00
10 57431  Janet Guthrie  O R Gillies D M BalleSr10  $4.40
Race 12
See You At Te Awamutu Next Week 19Th Jan Trot $8,000
Cls:UP TO R48 WITH COND. API:0.56  $7,619
Surface:AW 2200m
5x448  Awa Cathrine  D S Moore S R MooreFr1  $21.00
75666  Speedy Lavros  F R Schumacher S G ArgueFr2  $9.50
05070  Brooks Belle  Trent Lethaby B M MangosFr3  $12.00
73560  Caroline Wozniacki  S W Abernethy J H AbernethyFr4  $19.00
43642  Prince George  J A Mackinnon J A MackinnonFr5  $3.40
99008  Lundqvist  Scott Iremonger D B IremongerFr6  $21.00
60055  Secretofthesea Smile  S D T Phelan D JonesFrU1  $17.00
90907  Littlebitoflove  J H Abernethy J H AbernethyFrU2  $19.00
00706  Cyclone Joe Parker  T A Macfarlane T A MacfarlaneFrU3  $3.90
10 67839  Mass Destruction  T W Mitchell Ms M J Wallis & B P HackettFrU4  $5.00