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Cranbourne 12 February 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Decron Pace 
Age:4U API:0.23  $7,000
Surface:AW 2080m
4x768  Daybreak Drama  M J Bellman M R CaveyFr1  $21.00
34463  Magical Times  C A Alford J E DaviesFr2  $6.00
06x65  Illawong Phillipa  A F B Mallia A S RatnasinghamFr3  $26.00
667x6  Lotakevi  G Lang John McgillivrayFr4  $41.00
35255  Andrew Jay  Jack Laugher R J WaltersFr5  $2.80
46346  Childers Road  G A Hunter C J HunterFr6  $9.50
668  Serendipity Lass  R W Petroff S M WalkerFr7   
889x3  Real Dutchess  N W Weightman D W WeightmanSr1  $3.30
44544  I Hope Ican  G Schembri G SchembriSr2  $11.00
10 60666  The Cobblers Piece  M M Burnett R L BurnettSr3  $15.00
Race 2
Sbg Accountants & Business Advisors Pace (1ST HEAT) 
API:0.85  $7,000
Surface:AW 1609m
72671  British General  Ryan Duffy J E DaviesFr1  $12.00
73x15  Redand Blue Fella  Z M Phillips W T KucksFr2  $41.00
395x1  Frankincense  C A Alford E J StewartFr3  $1.60
4451  Hurricane Hall  R W Petroff R W PetroffFr4  $8.00
35347  Feel The Rhythm  G A Hunter C J HunterFr5  $41.00
x2411  Sahara Tiger  G Lang G J Quinlan, D J QuinlanFr6  $3.40
18  Autumn Storm  S M Walker S M WalkerFr7   
Race 3
Yabby Dam Racing Trotters Handicap 
API:0.67  $7,000
Surface:AW 2575m
x6x90  Worthy Hall   B A KieseyFT   
33966  Tetra  G R Sugars W L Milner10m  $26.00
132  Jannys Dream  C A Alford M A Hughes10m  $3.10
977x3  Just Hold On  P I Ellery Phillip Ellery10m  $12.00
35484  Yankee Commando  J T Fearn J T Fearn20m  $19.00
26865  Imperial Whiz  G Lang D J Mullan30m  $4.20
14190  Opia  C T Demmler W L Milner40m  $3.50
8489x  Left Right Andcentre  M J Bellman S Alexandrou40m  $6.00
Race 4
Woodlands Stud 3Yo Pace 
Age:3 API:1.47  $7,000
Surface:AW 2080m
  Glenledi Boy  G Lang G J Quinlan, D J QuinlanFr1  $8.00
9x357  My Superannuation  S M Walker S M WalkerFr2   
6560x  My Girl Pearl  M M Burnett A TaibaFr3  $9.50
64371  Hecs Elect  G R Sugars R W FrancisFr4  $15.00
44142  Mota Mate  G A Hunter H R CathelsFr5  $5.00
72x17  Nostra Ideal  C A Alford E J StewartFr6  $1.50
Race 5
Hyland Harness Colours Pace 
API:1.37  $7,000
Surface:AW 2080m
4x975  Admiral  Darby Mcguigan Ted CaruanaFr1  $19.00
54175  Jack William  James Herbertson R N MathewsFr2  $9.50
21116  Bullys Delight  Z M Phillips J NicholsonFr3  $2.20
2137x  Ghadastar  C A Alford A TaibaFr4  $2.40
58877  Blacklist  Jack Laugher C RomanidisFr5   
21385  Sir Macs Man  C T Demmler J N QuinlanFr6  $7.50
Race 6
Sbg Accountants & Business Advisors Pace (2ND HEAT) 
API:0.46  $7,000
Surface:AW 1609m
2399x  Magic Caesar  G R Sugars Faye GillespieFr1   
x7772  Run Myles Run  A F B Mallia A S RatnasinghamFr2  $41.00
7x811  Byalla Boy  Darby Mcguigan T H McguiganFr3  $2.80
6x674  Greenough  C A Alford M StellaFr4  $15.00
13623  Flyin Circles  Luke Tabone J TaboneFr5  $3.50
32612  Dangerous Women  G Schembri G SchembriFr6  $9.50
36187  Maxines Delight  G D Hoban G D HobanFr7  $4.20
Race 7
Seelite Windows & Doors Pace 
API:0.56  $7,000
Surface:AW 2080m
5x489  One Tuff Nut  M J Bellman M R CaveyFr1  $51.00
66635  Priddy Easy  R W Petroff S P AustenFr2  $41.00
7446x  Feel The Buzz  C A Alford M StellaFr3  $19.00
65355  Baccarat  Jack Laugher J E DaviesFr4  $9.50
27125  Artoripace  Darby Mcguigan T H McguiganFr5  $6.00
26221  Smart Little Shard  Ryan Duffy J NicholsonFr6  $1.20
Race 8
Hygain Pace (1ST HEAT) 
Age:4U API:0.42  $7,000
Surface:AW 1609m
642x1  Diamond Cullen  C T Demmler J N QuinlanFr1  $2.50
99754  Midnight Rattler  M M Burnett R W OlsenFr2  $41.00
78x  Cool Sharkie  James Herbertson R N MathewsFr3  $26.00
x2332  Nikitaras  C A Alford A TaibaFr4  $3.00
424x2  Barranjoey  G R Sugars M A HughesFr5  $3.70
42134  Rockntingira  R W Petroff S P AustenFr6  $7.50