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Leeton 12 February 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Tab Pace 
API:0.65  $6,120
Surface:AW 2147m
31992  Miss Modern Ruby  S J Harris S J HarrisFr1  $4.40
52425  Im Feeling Firey  Peter Mcrae K L HillierFr2  $3.90
56352  Surreal Dreamer  Jordan Seary N MaxwellFr3  $26.00
x2967  Soho Beijing  B T Jones P S KahlefeldtFr4  $21.00
18356  Our Mach Jack  R A Walker R A WalkerFr5  $14.00
21184  Endless  M J Harris M J HarrisFr6  $5.50
43713  Penny Writer  Blake Micallef T G PowterSr1  $9.00
65222  Malicious Fella  R N Turner R N TurnerSr2  $26.00
72465  Hilly  Jared Kahlefeldt P S KahlefeldtSr3  $9.50
10 18030  Yourockanna  D E Kenna A R CraigSr4  $8.00
Race 2
L&D Bowling Club Pace 
API:0.57  $6,120
Surface:AW 1758m
62464  Saucy Dreams  R E Druitt D J DruittFr-   
16969  Mach Charm  Jared Kahlefeldt P S KahlefeldtFr1  $21.00
6x171  Ashi Jetsun  Gerard Cooper Gerard CooperFr2  $3.30
64643  Shes Courageous  Miranda Mclaughlin T L WhiteFr3  $21.00
32618  Prince Potter  Ellen Bartley Ellen BartleyFr4  $3.80
x5572  Arctic  Blake Micallef P S KahlefeldtFr5  $18.00
57156  Park Run  R N Turner R N TurnerSr1  $21.00
28191  Run Business Run  R J Coelli C R ThomasSr2  $4.00
54178  Knightsmile  M T Diebert N W DiebertSr3  $12.00
10 63621  The Pix  Peter Mcrae K L HillierSr4  $21.00
11 29954  Navajo Rocky  C R Judd T R JuddSr5  $26.00
Race 3
Maguire Pty Ltd Pace 
Age:3U API:0.57  $6,120
Surface:AW 2147m
74776  Dont Tell Linda  G A Forrest G N ForrestFr1  $26.00
56306  Love At First Bite  T S Prest P D SymesFr2  $26.00
x0862  Jesszz Reflection  R A Walker R A WalkerFr3  $8.00
73483  A Good Ideal  R N Turner R N TurnerFr-   
52431  Rocknroll Da Gama  Jordan Seary R A WalkerFr4  $3.30
21352  Emm Aye Dee  B T Jones D A KennedyFr5  $3.90
94549  Will And Andy  R N Turner R N TurnerSr1  $26.00
229x6  Western Secret  T L White T L WhiteSr2  $31.00
211x3  Roll Out  M J Harris M J HarrisSr3  $3.50
10 28049  Nunya  L A Clement L A ClementSr4  $41.00
11 82344  Luckie  W P Trembath G A GardnerSr5  $26.00
Race 4
Best Of The Bush Heat 
API:0.68  $6,120
Surface:AW 1758m
24227  Sports Street  T S Prest P D SymesFr1  $21.00
33524  First Prize  S P Hallcroft Luke MulleyFr-   
65247  Hard To Love  T G Sutherland T G SutherlandFr2  $21.00
x8803  Im Ok  Jessica Prior T G PowterFr3  $19.00
23327  Redbank Harry  B A Harpley S J HedlundFr4  $19.00
46461  Angle Dee Jay  L A Primmer L A PrimmerFr5  $11.00
32422  Great Hand  T W Allamby T W AllambySr1  $9.00
18480  No Tangles  Miranda Mclaughlin T L WhiteSr2  $13.00
91  Dream Copy  Peter Mcrae P L DennisSr3  $12.00
10 26724  Rockita  Bayley Duck S H DuckSr4  $10.00
11 43018  Tubbee Tee  R A Walker R L TarbitSr5  $12.00
Race 5
Leeton Veterinary Hospital Ladyship Pace 
API:0.41  $6,120
Surface:AW 2147m
57678  Forestspider  G A Forrest G N ForrestFr1  $26.00
89577  Ruby Bye Bye  Jordan Seary N MaxwellFr2  $41.00
63336  Seattle Trace  Jared Kahlefeldt P S KahlefeldtFr3  $2.70
54866  Fairy Rainbow  M T Diebert N W DiebertFr4  $41.00
49346  Miss Gold Fortune  B A Harpley B A HarpleyFr5  $4.40
x4798  Art Maker  Peter Mcrae P L DennisFr6  $41.00
65933  Illinois Beauty  W P Trembath William YoungSr1  $7.00
668x1  Tanyas Past  T J Day Todd DaySr2  $4.00
75335  On That Day  B T Jones J L GaffneySr3  $16.00
10 65559  Watch Me Rock  R N Turner R N TurnerSr4  $26.00
Race 6
Guilfords Transport Pace 
API:0.42  $6,120
Surface:AW 2147m
97387  Flaneur  Matthew Harrington G N LangFr1  $12.00
46906  Our Buller Boy  C R Judd T R JuddFr2  $11.00
x6897  Badge Of Gameness   P S KahlefeldtFr3   
50884  Paulie Walnuts  G A Forrest G N ForrestFr3  $18.00
209x8  Norms Courage  Jared Kahlefeldt P S KahlefeldtFr4  $18.00
97485  Dust To Diamonds  Miranda Mclaughlin T L WhiteFr5  $11.00
58070  Fat George  G Lang G N LangSr1  $18.00
55064  Lancelot Hall  Amanda Dean R N TurnerSr2  $18.00
9x949  Refused Service  Jessica Prior T G PowterSr3  $3.30
10 85786  Artful Jinks  J C Brown K L HillierSr4  $3.50
Race 7
Felix Joinery 3Yo Maiden Pace 
Age:3 API:0.11  $6,120
Surface:AW 1758m
  News Room  Jordan Seary N MaxwellFr1  $15.00
  Filcarlo  P S Maguire P S MaguireFr2  $8.00
84x73  Mystified  Miranda Mclaughlin T L WhiteFr3  $3.10
37664  Ambitions  T L White T L WhiteFr4  $9.50
8x657  Little Miss Daisy   S H DuckFr5   
  Father Bob  S J Harris S J HarrisFr5  $8.50
92773  Stylish Grin  T J Day Todd DaySr1  $11.00
5x755  Arthurs Big Lou  T S Prest T S PrestSr2  $17.00
6x588  Iam Rochelles Art  R N Turner R N TurnerSr3  $11.00
10 x5650  Khawaja  B T Jones J L GaffneySr4  $16.00
11 5x97x  Rocknroll Fever  D J Druitt D J DruittSr5  $17.00
Race 8
Boots Sand & Gravel Maiden Pace 
Age:4U API:0.1  $6,120
Surface:AW 1758m
07696  Maries Star  S P Hallcroft S P HallcroftFr1  $21.00
00688  Poppy Franco  D J Druitt D J DruittFr2  $4.40
9456x  Feelgood Feeling  B A Harpley B A HarpleyFr3  $7.00
85789  Trevor  S W Richards S W RichardsFr4  $9.00
0x99x  Came Up Aces  T L White T L WhiteFr5  $17.00
48574  Four Starzzz Chef  J C Brown P SchillerFr6  $12.00
7x  Harrys The Man  Jordan Seary N MaxwellSr1  $13.00
588x8  Mastablasta  E R Mcdermott E R McdermottSr-   
405x7  Amazme Grace  B T Jones T G PowterSr2  $8.00
10 59405  Insist On Miss  L A Primmer L A PrimmerSr3  $7.50
11 47  Tyras Magic  F L Schmetzer F L SchmetzerSr4  $10.00