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Menangle 12 February 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Ainsworth Game Technology Trotters Standing Start Handicap 
API:0.6  $9,360
Surface:AW 2300m
66920  Smokey Nova  Tom Ison R E Roots JnrFT  $12.00
  Princess Kenny  R P Morris K A TurnerFT  $10.00
33x48  Queen Of Clevedon   R D CommensFT   
52274  Reign On Me  A M Butt Sonya SmithFT  $6.50
2025x  One Muscle Hill  T P Mccarthy K J PizzutoFT  $2.90
1128x  Majestic Courtney  C Geary T G ButtFT  $3.00
42459  Quick Witted  Tiarn Sutton T S SuttonFT  $61.00
x5342  Flippin Issy  K A Turner K A Turner10m  $21.00
73633  Maori Queen  J E Trainor D Aiken10m  $12.00
10 37350  Good Job  J N Douglass J Sultana10m  $61.00
11 44456  Sonetto  G W Mcelhinney J Sultana10m  $61.00
Race 2
Garrards Horse And Hound Trotters Standing Start Handicap 
API:0.76  $9,000
Surface:AW 2300m
87988  Kip Keino  Ellen Rixon R D CommensFT  $51.00
66737  Lethal Les  B J Abbott B R AbbottFT  $31.00
22121  Im Just Awesome  R P Morris K A TurnerFT  $2.40
90249  Torfino Mist  K A Turner K A TurnerFT  $21.00
51x31  Castlereagh  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFT  $2.20
15554  Scenic Sky  D J Binskin D J BinskinFT  $9.00
35668  Agent Maori   J Sultana20m   
16357  Gold Sovereign  Joshua Gallagher K A Turner20m  $12.00
Race 3
Hylands Race Colours Ladyship Pace 
Age:3U API:2.95  $9,540
Surface:AW 2300m
14  September Dawn  D E Hancock D R HancockFr1  $13.00
2x33x  Glenledi Babe  C Geary T G ButtFr2  $4.00
x3424  Courage Lips  L R Sutton J J NiassFr3  $13.00
62251  Cheesy Fingers  A M Butt T G ButtFr4  $1.90
0x379  Semi Sensation  D R Morris E A HeathFr5  $51.00
93x11  Kept In Play  B J Hewitt B J HewittFr6  $4.00
Race 4
Multiquip Pace 
API:1.13  $9,540
Surface:AW 1609m
7252x  Im Rocknroll Magic  C Geary T G ButtFr1  $4.20
x0310  Cowboys N Indians   C A McdowellFr2   
0x97x  Denstown  A M Butt T G ButtFr2  $3.70
x5321  The Announcer  D A Cernovskis D A CernovskisFr3  $3.70
806x6  Muscle Mach  Cameron Hart Sam HewittFr4  $21.00
43470  Rain Man  R P Morris K A TurnerFr5  $4.20
177x2  Blue Blazer  T P Mccarthy J P MccarthyFr6  $8.00
Race 5
Cordina Chickens Claiming Pace 
API:0.74  $9,000
Surface:AW 2300m
98x96  Exciteusinthecity  C Geary D J MccallFr1  $7.00
75287  The Maldives  T P Mccarthy I C WilsonFr2  $10.00
84627  Blucolla Moon  D J Mccall D J MccallFr3  $21.00
24686  Packnplenty  J J Alchin J J AlchinFr4  $21.00
08471  Controversial  D E Hancock D J UptonFr5  $4.60
49713  A Passion For Aces  L R Tritton Malcolm LockeFr6  $2.60
35214  Beau Dandy  J N Douglass I C WilsonFr7  $7.00
112x8  Weona Luke  R P Morris K A TurnerFr8  $7.00
Race 6
2019 Miracle Mile Packages Now Available Pace 
Age:3U API:1.39  $9,540
Surface:AW 1609m
79x  Play Up A Storm  J E Trainor D J ThornFr1  $41.00
7234x  Colby  C Geary T G ButtFr2  $4.00
 Dontrattlehiscage  B J Abbott B R AbbottFr3  $61.00
40x65  Shark Of Whitby  A M Walshaw G T TraceyFr4  $101.00
33585  Sedso  G W Mcelhinney B D FoxFr5  $101.00
x1336  Reigning Pepper  D E Hancock D R HancockFr6  $20.00
14122  Fear Cruisin  R P Morris K A TurnerFr7  $4.60
36217  Star Major  J R Rattray J R RattrayFr8   
54242  Make Way  A M Butt Sonya SmithFr9  $13.00
10 12612  Make Mine Memphis  B J Hewitt B J HewittFr10  $4.60
11 4x322  Shoobee Doo  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullSr1  $3.80
Race 7
National Trotguide Claiming Pace 
API:0.73  $9,000
Surface:AW 1609m
44739  Don Boston  B J Abbott B R AbbottFr1  $8.50
09925  Deano Robyn  J N Douglass I C WilsonFr2  $6.00
63952  Forever Texas  Ellen Rixon P H RixonFr3  $11.00
14884  Blue Pointer  J E Trainor L C JurdFr4  $9.00
45173  El Gran Senor  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullFr5  $5.00
36242  Change Of Mind  Cameron Hart S T SandersonFr6  $3.90
19538  Arrokeefe  T P Mccarthy J P MccarthyFr7  $17.00
24421  Magic Oats  B P Fitzpatrick P R RussoFr8  $5.50
Race 8
Australian Pacing Gold Pace 
API:1.49  $9,540
Surface:AW 1609m
1x415  Summit Special  L R Tritton S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr1   
77552  Astride  R P Morris K A TurnerFr2  $6.50
11026  Mister H  G J Fitzpatrick P R J FitzpatrickFr3   
0318x  Ohoka Jimmy  W A Komorowski J GattFr4  $13.00
41x54  He Bettor Step Aside  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr5  $4.40
552x1  Pass The Speights  T P Mccarthy K J PizzutoFr6  $7.50
11120  Coolie Kid  M B Turnbull A S TurnbullFr7  $31.00
60590  Rocking  J J Alchin J J AlchinFr8  $41.00
11227  Prestonpans  A M Butt T G ButtFr9  $4.40