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Gloucester Park 12 February 2019

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Race 1
Retravision 3Yo Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:3 API:0.92  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
52731  Camluck King  K J Harper L D HamiltonFr1  $26.00
21  The Rock Inn  B T Stampalia B T StampaliaFr2  $21.00
34178  Major Survivor  N A Turvey N A TurveyFr3  $26.00
12937  Morant  C D Voak R A OlivieriFr4  $41.00
14145  Walsh  A F De Campo A L De CampoFr5  $26.00
21123  Eloquent Mach  S A Mcdonald G HallFr6  $4.80
12341  Amadeo  L R Edwards D M PadbergFr7  $26.00
32353  Bettor Be Oscar  Mark Johnson A L De CampoFr8  $26.00
11  Know When To Run  G E Hall Jnr J K PrenticeFr9  $5.50
10 33122  Robbie Easton  K N Prentice G HallSr1  $2.60
11 15554  Jesse Allwood  M P Grantham P L AndersonSr2  $26.00
12 95366  Babyface Adda  A C Lewis R A OlivieriSr3  $8.50
Race 2
Life Is On With Clipsal Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:0.39  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
45413  Excuse Me Sir  N A Turvey C S WoodworthFr1  $26.00
59693  Stunin Eyes Only  D M Schofield D M SchofieldFr2   
90x52  Glowing Report  D M Roberts J C MilentisFr3  $5.00
0x834  Jilliby Courage  A C Lewis Clinton HallFr4  $4.40
23199  Baron Jujon  Bailey Mcdonough M P HenwoodFr5  $26.00
8564x  Our Big Slow  R G Williams C D VigarFr6   
48572  Soho Mercury  D Egerton-Green M WhiteFr7  $21.00
12850  Bolta  C D Voak J F OldroydFr8  $26.00
30040  Thatelbe  M B Reed S TorreFr9  $21.00
10 87211  Flynscotsman  Emily Suvaljko P J MillerSr1  $3.80
11 89684  Rockmenow  H R Charles K J F CharlesSr2  $4.20
Race 3
Westside Auto Wholesale Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:0.69  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
24x63  Shadow Maker  A G Cortopassi R J L WilliamsFr1  $3.90
1035x  Universal Major  A C Lewis Dean KellyFr2  $5.50
32121  Extradite  Corey Peterson K N PrenticeFr3  $4.20
34617  Raging Romeo  Robert Abercromby C R AbercrombyFr4   
07577  American Rock  E R Harris E R HarrisFr5  $41.00
172x5  Itsnotova  D Egerton-Green D A ThompsonFr6  $41.00
16574  Folsom Prison  J C Young Madeleine YoungFr7  $41.00
23300  Heavy Load  R G Williams R G WilliamsFr8  $17.00
97058  Tepelo Star  S J Suvaljko R J JohnsonFr9  $51.00
10 15122  Our Virtuoso  C D Voak Shane QuadrioSr1  $3.70
Race 4
Gannons Pacing Colours Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:0.64  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
90000  Maras Ace Man  John Filardo John FilardoFr1  $41.00
74913  El Sunami  L R Edwards R J SaligariFr2  $4.40
00860  Cracka Tinny  R G Williams John FilardoFr3  $31.00
66614  Disco Durante  T C Wheeler R S AshbyFr4   
34431  Warriors Code  C D Voak Shane QuadrioFr5  $3.40
15846  No Wow Factor  N A Turvey C R AbercrombyFr6  $21.00
7x247  Harry Haich  S J Suvaljko V A LeaFr7  $14.00
96125  My Master Of Disguise  D B Miller D R YoungFr8  $18.00
11607  The Lightning Strike  Bailey Mcdonough G S BondFr9  $3.70
10 75066  Rich Cranleigh  D Egerton-Green N T GibbSr1  $26.00
11 18402  Combat Crusade  L C Jones P M JonesSr2  $21.00
12 69522  A Force In Action  M D Paris M P HenwoodSr3  $21.00
Race 5
Better Your Bet With Tabtouch Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:0.52  $9,000
Surface:AW 2130m
05281  Seger  D J Harper G B ButlerFr1  $31.00
76223  Mistersandman  M P Grantham K WarwickFr2  $3.90
13054  Rockaball  M B Ferguson Caris Hamilton-SmithFr3  $3.20
88740  Torrevean Amunindi  M B Reed S TorreFr4  $26.00
6x800  Hy Fyfe  K M Hawkins B R HawkinsFr5  $26.00
01866  Prince Of Smiles  Emily Suvaljko G L CumminsFr6  $26.00
76528  Im Lisart  C D Voak T J FergusonFr7  $26.00
9x511  Ideal Extra  B T Stampalia B T StampaliaFr8  $4.40
51508  Burning Shadows  S J Suvaljko V A LeaFr9  $26.00
10 56614  Kamendable Lass  R O Bell G R CollinsSr1  $12.00
11 4386x  Major Mosby  Robert Abercromby C R AbercrombySr2  $31.00
12 53643  Our Perkins  D Egerton-Green D A ThompsonSr3  $14.00
Race 6
Choices Flooring - The Floor You've Been Searching For Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:3U API:1.04  $9,000
Surface:AW 2536m
03041  Hy Leexciting  K M Hawkins I N BarkerFr1  $11.00
337x4  Liam Neil  D Egerton-Green D A ThompsonFr2  $3.20
11201  Dreamy Nights  A G Cortopassi R J L WilliamsFr3  $3.40
66947  Deflector  Emily Suvaljko C D VigarFr4  $51.00
12313  Hasani  R Warwick G S BondFr5  $2.60
89828  Attack On Command  A F De Campo J C WoodworthFr6  $41.00
07624  Yackandandah  A C Lewis Clinton HallFr7  $41.00
65090  Rock Me Over   K WarwickFr8   
8x444  Waimac Attack  Bailey Mcdonough G S BondFr8  $21.00
Race 7
Cowdens - The Insurance Brokers Fillies & Mares Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:3U Sex:FM API:1.04  $10,500
Surface:AW 2130m
49538  The Royal Lady  Bailey Mcdonough K P Egerton-GreenFr1  $21.00
79086  Mon Lamour  K N Prentice P J JohnsonFr2  $31.00
x5847  Mystic Falls  D M Roberts S M ZucchiattiFr3  $26.00
1819x  Zara Whitby  A G Cortopassi A G CortopassiFr4  $2.70
36476  Sea Me Smile  J C Young Debra LewisFr5  $26.00
x5352  Captured Delight  C D Voak T J FergusonFr6  $18.00
88682  You Bettor Watch Me   J W HowlettFr7   
64262  Cimorene  D Egerton-Green T J FergusonFr7  $9.50
86825  Red Hot Roxy   K WarwickFr9   
Race 8
Glenroy Chaff Fillies & Mares Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:3U Sex:FM API:0.37  $7,500
Surface:AW 1730m
75371  Nowuseemesmile  D Egerton-Green S L SuvaljkoFr1  $3.40
6x096  Ella Gant Player  B Stanley B A StanleyFr2  $31.00
x7874  Ay Jays Dream  A Treasure A C TreasureFr3  $8.50
75069  Bonsu  A C Lewis P J MarshFr4  $41.00
6760x  Davincis Fiscal  A G Cortopassi K A DaviesFr5  $31.00
21662  Salacious Gossip  Bailey Mcdonough F L G BonnettFr6  $3.00
3x00x  Najadnil  N A Turvey J K ThompsonFr7  $31.00
10900  Jodies Pal  S J Suvaljko D M PadbergFr8  $31.00
32540  Lady Chelsea  S G Simms D C WegnerFr9  $71.00
10 04856  Rock N Roll Delight   S L SuvaljkoSr1   
11 00783  Ctheballerina  C D Voak R G PearceSr1  $9.50