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Hobart 16 March 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Eric Reece Memorial Consolation 
Age:4U API:0.39  $8,100
Surface:AW 2090m
3x667  Mcadem  K R Austin K R AustinFr1  $4.40
x6008  Guys Delight  J T Campbell S R KennedyFr2  $26.00
211x9  Caciocavallo  R L Duggan D W BatesFr3  $2.30
x90x9  Dee Bee Bobby  P D Mascall P D MascallFr4  $5.00
00098  Triple Aitch Fella  Wade Rattray C J SimmondsFr5  $3.40
46407  Beachboy Butch   R L HillierFr6   
Race 2
Tasmanian Labor Eric Reece Memorial Final 
Age:4U API:0.39  $12,000
Surface:AW 2090m
x23x2  Karpenkova Leis  B J Rattray B J RattrayFr1  $4.40
21431  Shadow Ross  R J Hadley K E MacleodFr2  $5.50
00876  Artful Jay  M Yole B J YoleFr3  $31.00
62003  Delightful Junie  J T Campbell S R KennedyFr4  $9.00
611  Arthur Elliott  T E Rattray B J RattrayFr5  $2.40
488x4  Gipsy Treasure   R C PullenFr6   
21875  Mister Resister  A C Collins K E MacleodFr6  $31.00
31963  Safari Sunshine  G W Rattray B J WaltersSr1  $31.00
56592  Only A Myth  R L Duggan G W FreemanSr2  $26.00
10 02094  Our Boy Johnny  Andrew Freeman G W FreemanSr3  $26.00
11 x8196  Really Frank   J T CampbellSr4   
12 6x485  Iden Forest  P D Williams P R WilliamsSr4  $41.00
13 46407  Beachboy Butch  R L Hillier R L HillierSr5  $26.00
Race 3
Tab Tasmanian Oaks 
Age:3 API:2.09  $30,000
Surface:AW 2090m
76293  Karalta Felesha  G W Rattray M A LaugherFr1  $61.00
212x2  Spoilt Sport  A M Ashwood R L AshwoodFr2  $3.50
43x26  Enterprising Milly  R L Hillier P A HillFr3  $21.00
x1420  Enchanted Stride  D M Miles D M MilesFr4  $6.00
05081  Siedra Caleb  M Yole B J YoleFr5  $51.00
5x134  Joogle  B J Rattray B J RattrayFr6  $41.00
52426  Karalta Moondance   K E RattrayFr7   
11718  Delightful Jazz  G Lang A TaibaSr1  $4.60
22133  Juniper  T E Rattray B J RattraySr2  $31.00
10 x11x1  Still Hungover  R L Duggan R L AshwoodSr3  $2.60
11 42223  Arabella Star   A F KellySr4   
12 x2353  My Girl Pearl  Troy Mcdonald B J YoleSr4  $51.00
Race 4
Yak Ales George Johnson Mares 
Sex:M API:1.05  $20,000
Surface:AW 2579m
51111  Western Debt  R L Hillier A F KellyFr1  $3.40
81473  Volkova Leis  R J Hadley S M BarnesFr2  $26.00
81722  Nickys Logic  M Yole B J YoleFr3  $21.00
55310  Ima A Lister  G Lang M B ButlerFr4  $26.00
46737  Never Sighted  T E Rattray D A WilliamsFr5  $21.00
2x312  Resurgent Dream  A M Ashwood R C WhitmoreFr6  $5.50
18310  Ima Ginger Rogers  Kima Frenning S L DavisFr7  $21.00
22x11  Ideal Bliss  R L Duggan P A HillSr1  $3.00
55107  Mavis Merle  S G Rawnsley B J WaltersSr2  $41.00
10 23143  El Jays Mystery  G W Rattray R D EavesSr3  $21.00
11 06569  Call Her Julie  Matthew Cooper Matthew CooperSr4  $26.00
12 02116  Adele Said  T P Mccarthy M B ButlerSr5  $21.00
13 87021  Miss Atomic Betty   Bianca HeenanSr-   
Race 5
Triple M Hobart Tasmania Cup Final 
API:2  $75,000
Surface:AW 2579m
44344  Chief Destroyer  N J Emery S M BarnesFT  $26.00
22216  Inner Light  R L Duggan J J MckenzieFT  $26.00
12221  Scooterwillrev  R J Hadley C T HayesFT  $3.50
11114  Shelby Bromac  Kima Frenning D AikenFT  $9.50
x1213  War Dan  R L Ashwood D F BraunFT  $11.00
10386  Remember Joe  R C Pullen J J Mckenzie10m  $26.00
23337  Reign Of Pain  C D Salter H F Szczypka10m  $41.00
84788  Stagger Lee   M M Maine10m   
21515  Illegal Immigrant  R L Hillier R L Hillier10m  $26.00
10 06112  Sicario  G Lang B A Lilley10m  $5.00
11 99123  Jeans Mattjesty  P A Hill Bianca Heenan10m  $41.00
12 95121  Resurgent Spirit  A M Ashwood Kate Hargreaves10m  $19.00
13 73883  Max Richter  Troy Mcdonald B J Yole10m  $51.00
14 11112  Harjeet  T E Rattray B J Rattray30m  $6.00
15 14475  Star Chamber  M Yole Bianca Heenan30m  $21.00
Race 6
Roberts Bridgewater Light Harness Tasmania Cup Final 
API:0.6  $12,000
Surface:AW 2579m
22113  Swap Me  C D Salter Bianca HeenanFT  $12.00
45201  Give Me The Night  M Yole B J YoleFT  $5.50
09757  Demonstrative  Samantha Gangell B J YoleFT  $26.00
211x1  Twenty Two Karat  Hannah Van Dongen Bianca HeenanFT  $4.80
23083  Tizyalator  T E Rattray A C DugganFT  $16.00
03147  The Lemondrop Kid  R J Hadley B J YoleFT  $21.00
86625  Tarleton Riley  Troy Mcdonald B J Yole10m  $26.00
37728  Heza Rummage   B J Yole10m   
x0542  Falcon Harry  R L Ashwood T Petersen10m  $14.00
10 57606  Pushkin  Kimberley Grant B J Yole10m  $31.00
11 76872  Finn Mac Kee  P A Hill T H Jackson20m  $11.00
12 45916  Got The Goods  Kima Frenning B J Yole20m  $17.00
13 14514  Chilla Breeze  Charlie Castles Conor Crook20m  $14.00
14 46524  Our Jimmie  G Lang B A Lilley30m  $9.50
15 002x5  Laredo Torpedo  R L Duggan J J Mckenzie40m  $10.00
Race 7
Aldebaran Park Tasmanian Trotters Cup 
API:0.49  $14,000
Surface:AW 2579m
94577  Bootleg Bert  A M Ashwood R L AshwoodFT  $41.00
79795  A Loan Again  S G Rawnsley B J Walters10m  $41.00
34336  Stuey D  M Yole B J Yole10m  $4.20
53664  My Jackofdiamonds  Troy Mcdonald B J Yole10m  $8.50
11143  Trumps Golden Boy  C D Salter Bianca Heenan20m  $3.50
42222  All The Way Mae  R L Duggan A C Duggan20m  $6.50
66811  Majestic Ess Jay  R C Pullen E W Jacobson20m  $2.80
Race 8
Tab Tasmanian Derby 
Age:3 API:1.86  $30,000
Surface:AW 2579m
14x25  Sutter Star  A M Ashwood R C WhitmoreFr1  $15.00
15321  Max Delight  T P Mccarthy D AikenFr2  $1.20
22x13  Resurgent Storm  G W Rattray R C WhitmoreFr3  $8.50
2x1  Cool Water Paddy  R L Duggan J J MckenzieFr4  $9.00
38566  Major Davvin  G Lang S L DavisFr5  $41.00
64452  Awayandrideyourself  R L Hillier R L HillierFr6  $26.00
Race 9
Tasmanian Equine Veterinary Services Ffa Pace 
API:0.85  $12,000
Surface:AW 2090m
12120  Secluded Beach  G Lang R J HadleyFr1  $3.80
01120  Dasher Houli   Mark ReggettFr2   
00605  Perfect Mach  Kima Frenning B J YoleFr2  $26.00
66246  Full Speed Ahead  T E Rattray B J RattrayFr3  $19.00
x2037  No Spring Secrets  R L Hillier S E LukacFr4  $6.00
11953  All Style Sammy  G W Rattray M S T SmithFr5  $19.00
54118  Black Centurian   S L DavisFr7   
83704  Mister Lennox  R L Duggan M B ButlerSr1  $19.00
79009  Blackbird Power  Gavin Kelly Gavin KellySr2  $26.00
10 08322  Karalta Dazzler  Troy Mcdonald B J YoleSr3  $19.00
11 86x70  Modern Ruler   S L DavisSr-   
12 23600  Riverboat Jasper  K E Macleod W T CampbellSr4  $13.00
13 76694  Destreos  M Yole Sally StingelSr5  $19.00
Race 10
Pool Signs Hobart Sign Writers Pace 
API:0.51  $8,100
Surface:AW 2090m
06060  Border Cross  Samantha Gangell B J YoleFr1  $21.00
11039  Believe In Forever  G Lang R J HadleyFr2  $3.50
04536  Courageous Katee  C D Salter R D EavesFr3  $3.90
70748  Hear The Call  Kima Frenning B J YoleFr4  $13.00
69210  Our Quinn  M Yole B J YoleFr5  $4.20
07077  War Chest  R C Pullen E W JacobsonFr6  $17.00
74395  Ready To Fire  Troy Mcdonald B J YoleFr7  $9.50
01783  Hez The One  R L Hillier B J YoleSr1  $7.00