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Newcastle 16 March 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Men Of League Pace 
API:0.48  $6,890
Surface:AW 2030m
12663  Que Sera  Andrew Bourke C J BourkeFr1  $19.00
x0008  Accidently  Jake Hughes M N HowellFr2  $41.00
83405  Mac Toddy  M A Callaghan A P FrancisFr3  $9.50
43810  Aurora Bromac  L A Mccarthy J W CassarFr4  $2.00
52598  Borninastorm  M D Young B J MilesFr5  $26.00
x5887  Cameos Kiwi  B J Mantle J E MantleFr6  $41.00
30099  Mista Taptoe Lombo  G A Dorn G A DornFr7  $41.00
37557  Allfourbeers  M A Formosa R K HarknessFr8  $41.00
88778  Lettucefireharvey  D J Scanlan Gregory FrazerFr9  $201.00
10 6889x  Eliminator  D J Elder G L PowellFr10  $51.00
11 15160  Major Currency  Jack Callaghan C A CrossSr1  $6.00
12 71452  Mo Casino  Nikki Pagan R J AlchinSr2  $4.40
Race 2
Wests New Lambton Pace 
API:0.49  $6,890
Surface:AW 1609m
04346  Hayaku Harry  Bryse Mcelhinney T S SuttonFr1  $18.00
4492x  Ready To Bloom  W A Komorowski S T SandersonFr2  $3.00
73632  Casual River  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr3  $51.00
02838  Golovkin  G K Chapple M P Jones, A R GoadsbyFr4  $15.00
3x319  Rockin Priddy  L A Mccarthy C A CrossFr5  $9.00
55425  At West Point  B D Elder W L GraingerFr6  $15.00
26702  Franco Storm  M D Young N W ThompsonFr7  $7.00
10x09  Just Milhouse  Tom Ison B A MillerFr8  $51.00
55216  My Blue Heeler  M A Callaghan J W CookFr9  $41.00
10 x0303  Jugiong  Cameron Hart Peter RussoFr10  $3.30
11 42089  Lembongan Lyf  B L Pringle B L PringleSr1  $51.00
12 63828  Cant Explain It  Glenn Bull Glenn BullSr2  $41.00
Race 3
Newcastle Leagues Club Pace 
API:0.28  $6,890
Surface:AW 1609m
97705  Siddle  L A Mccarthy C PollicinaFr1  $26.00
0984x  Longshanks  L R Sutton Grant FullerFr2  $5.50
0377x  Special Pony  M G Dawson W J DawsonFr3   
060x6  Pacheco  G K Chapple D T ReayFr4  $10.00
49645  Christian Jaz  B D Elder Melanie ElderFr5  $4.20
54474  Wallaroy Boy  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr6  $41.00
98090  Little Buddy  G A Dorn T K ForrestFr7  $71.00
03670  Kalvin  Andrew Bourke J L ForrestFr8  $18.00
93754  The White Wolf  W H Rixon P A BourkeFr9  $21.00
10 67630  Pay On The Pacer  D J Morgan M L OsbornFr10   
11 46054  Nice One Jon  S J Ison B M JamesSr1  $11.00
12 55388  Vieira  Joshua Gallagher D T ReaySr2  $3.00
Race 4
Kelly Trotter Motor Group Pace 
API:1.13  $6,890
Surface:AW 2550m
05706  La Patata  Andrew Bourke S J ColemanFr1  $101.00
39715  Kenfury Lass  Caitlin Mcelhinney N J ShawFr2  $41.00
74195  Im Major Harry  Jack Callaghan P J HedgesFr3  $41.00
19313  Alabama Shakes  L R Sutton R E Roots JnrFr4  $41.00
30x96  Raffaello  W H Rixon S T SandersonFr5  $19.00
80000  Rocky Floyd   C M WatsonFr6   
123x6  Glengarry Rose  Tom Ison R E Roots JnrFr6  $26.00
96843  Sackheim  D J Morgan G A HardingFr7  $26.00
65647  Castalong Shadow  Cameron Hart S T SandersonFr8   
10 94451  All U Need Is Faith  L A Mccarthy C A CrossFr9  $1.10
11 x87x9  Pumpniron  Emma Nichols P E PayneSr1  $41.00
12 44373  Styx Vixen  Glenn Bull Glenn BullSr2  $41.00
Race 5
Hrnsw Rewards Series Final 
Age:4U API:0.21  $10,000
Surface:AW 1609m
67604  Cmon Charlie  D J Morgan A T NeilsonFr1  $41.00
x0094  Undercover Missile  B L Pringle B L PringleFr2  $31.00
77325  Aqua Moneypenny  Joshua Gallagher D T ReayFr3  $17.00
457x2  Barkeeta  Tom Ison R E Roots JnrFr4  $15.00
45461  Courage Lips  L R Sutton J J NiassFr5  $1.50
40786  Cloudy Miss  Jake Hughes S A E ElliottFr6  $101.00
7x983  Kenny Jay  Bryse Mcelhinney T S SuttonFr7  $18.00
44411  Eagle Falls  M A Formosa K J ConsidineFr8  $5.50
30695  Cozzas Grin  Jack Callaghan Jake MitchellFr9  $26.00
10 578x2  Captain Hooper  W H Rixon P A BourkeFr10  $11.00
11 49213  Nicstar   G R ConeyFr10   
Race 6
Wests Group Ross Gigg Memorial 
Age:3U API:1.03  $6,890
Surface:AW 2030m
418x9  Blowup  G A Campbell G C CampbellFr1  $71.00
62367  Fantasy Money  B P James R P JamesFr2  $41.00
6x65x  Master Catch  J W Mcdonald L G McdonaldFr3  $19.00
22692  Masons Delight  M C Muscat B W MuscatFr4  $3.20
1364x  Roll With Lachlan  M T Harding G A HardingFr5  $3.70
13460  Rococo  J J Bond J J BondFr6  $71.00
39561  Regulus  R J Alchin R J AlchinFr7  $3.20
68x38  Heza Flash Boy  D J Morgan Denis MaricicFr8  $41.00
8323q  Tru Blu Classic  L R Sutton Grant FullerFr9  $41.00
10 x1234  Velocity Stride  M A Formosa M A FormosaFr10  $26.00
11 12847  Eclipse Stride  M A Callaghan M A FormosaSr1  $21.00
12 89454  Dothedealdylan   R K HarknessSr-   
13 15x64  Eagle Uno  Damien Smith B A MillerSr2  $41.00
Race 7
Multicam Pace 
API:1.33  $6,890
Surface:AW 2030m
17229  Tulhurst Ace  P J Hedges P J HedgesFr1  $41.00
4x260  Linyanti  Andrew Bourke B J MilesFr2  $101.00
30672  Im Intense   J ConollyFr3   
47544  Miss Riviera Belle  L A Mccarthy A P FrancisFr3  $12.00
467x8  Bull Market  L R Sutton Grant FullerFr4  $41.00
8x265  Loorrim Creek  Cameron Hart S T SandersonFr5  $1.80
3x431  Sapphire Swayze  W H Rixon S T SandersonFr6  $3.10
22322  Expressionist  Jack Callaghan S T SandersonFr7  $7.00
Race 8
Wests City Ladyship Pace 
API:0.3  $6,890
Surface:AW 1609m
01700  Henwood  D J Morgan P A MorganFr1  $4.00
7178x  Mammals Destiny  Jack Callaghan Jake MitchellFr2  $101.00
27250  Sunday Sesh  Andrew Bourke C J BourkeFr3  $17.00
48997  Two Tatz Patz  M A Formosa C J SikyrFr4  $41.00
57836  Elsie Gem  P J Hedges P DowningFr5  $11.00
46488  Inangelscare  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr6  $71.00
09376  Final River  Glenn Bull R J HoskingFr7  $4.40
8x475  Guptas Cullen  M A Callaghan M A CallaghanFr8  $3.30
457x9  Bailees Girl  Tom Ison R E Roots JnrFr9  $4.80
Race 9
Men Of League Newcastle Hunter Two Year Old Pace 
Age:2 API:0.14  $6,630
Surface:AW 1609m
  Lord Bazalup  R J Alchin R J AlchinFr1  $5.50
  Grinning Mistress  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr2  $201.00
 Just Feelngood  M A Callaghan P E PayneFr3  $101.00
  Dancing On Money  L R Sutton J J NiassFr4  $7.00
38  Miss Serendipity  L A Mccarthy S R DimarcoFr5  $13.00
230  Mister Finnigan  G K Chapple M P Jones, A R GoadsbyFr6  $1.30
 Major Statement  Joshua Gallagher D T ReayFr7  $26.00