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Melton 16 March 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Dnr Logistics Trot 
API:0.8  $10,000
Surface:AW 2240m
8375x  Scorching Along  D N Moran M K EastmanFr1  $26.00
24511  On Fast Forward  C A Alford B A LilleyFr2  $4.40
18182  Ima Bourbon Girl  G A Craven A M GolinoFr3  $4.80
21164  Continentallady  J P Lee A M GolinoFr4  $5.50
79777  Valley Ess Jay  R J Vernon J S VernonFr5   
x9131  Claudys Prince  J J Caldow M F BlackmoreFr6  $4.40
48335  Bold Law  M J Craven M J CravenFr7  $101.00
74437  November Guy  K M Gath A P GathSr1  $8.50
84428  Gentleman Sir  C W Lang P V WalshSr2  $9.50
10 8x89x  Sun Of Sonoko  R A Graham G A DaltonSr3  $15.00
Race 2
Tab Multiplier Pace 
API:0.69  $20,000
Surface:AW 2240m
3x112  Lets Go Better  Darby Mcguigan Ted CaruanaFr1  $2.60
700x5  Our Sportscaster  J J Caldow M A CaldowFr2  $9.50
91292  Spinners Boy  C A Alford C A AlfordFr3  $3.00
33813  Ciskei  Brad Chisholm J P SantFr4  $21.00
89348  Royal Hustler  I J Dornauf I J DornaufFr5  $8.50
35117  The High Roller  G F Douglas G F DouglasFr6  $11.00
8x464  Albarock  C N Shinn R A ShinnFr7  $8.00
Race 3
Bayswater Jayco Vicbred Platinum Mares Sprint Championship (12TH HEAT) 
Age:4U Sex:M API:0.83  $10,000
Surface:AW 1720m
7x313  Sassyola  L J Justice D M GilesFr1  $15.00
x3451  Kinetic Kate  L E Crossland David MoranFr2  $5.50
32216  Topsies Delight  Connor Ronan W F RonanFr3  $19.00
11354  Gilty Hanover  Z M Phillips K M MalesFr4  $2.50
4x158  Bye Bye Barbie  J J Caldow M A CaldowFr5  $41.00
32525  Aurore  C N Shinn R A ShinnFr6  $41.00
21x21  Shining Oro  C A Alford E J StewartFr7  $2.30
Race 4
Breckon Farms Sapling Stakes (2YO FILLIES) 
Age:2 Sex:F API:1.08  $24,000
Surface:AW 1720m
32  Lightning Lana   E J StewartFr1   
34201  Belladonna Girl  G F Webster G R NormanFr1  $71.00
  Nine Diamonds  A J Dunn B S DunnFr2  $201.00
  Treasure  D N Moran E J StewartFr3  $4.40
 Soho Gloria Jane   M I StanleyFr5   
12  Jemstone  C A Alford E J StewartFr4  $4.00
 Alice Kay  Z M Phillips A F KellyFr5  $7.00
121  Summertime  Darby Mcguigan Ted CaruanaSr1  $4.40
Race 5
North West Ag Services 2019 Charlton Trotters Cup (GROUP 3) 
API:1.92  $25,000
Surface:AW 2760m
71110  Mclovin  K M Gath A P GathFr1  $2.30
33815  Monty Python  R W Petroff B A LilleyFr2  $9.00
27127  Savannah Jay Jay  N A Mccallum S B CameronFr3  $12.00
33238  Kheiron  C A Alford P R LaneFr4  $12.00
18136  Destinee Jenilou  J P Lee A M GolinoFr5  $9.00
87134  Deltasun  K E Manning T F YoungFr6  $5.00
65726  Rock Tonight  Brad Chisholm B A LilleyFr7  $41.00
58360  Fabrication  J J Caldow D C AbrahamsSr1  $8.00
Race 6
Schweppes Pace 
API:1.39  $20,000
Surface:AW 2240m
62521  Village Safari  M J Bellman A H StephensFr1  $15.00
33211  Macey Jayde  M I Stanley M I StanleyFr2  $6.00
71436  Share The Road  L E Crossland L E CrosslandFr3  $2.40
7x321  Looks Like Heaven  G A Craven M A LeeFr4  $6.00
75192  Repeat After Me  N A Mccallum R W RothackerFr5  $26.00
62395  Vinny Chase  C A Alford A TaibaFr6  $71.00
26334  Firenglow  L Miles L MilesFr7  $71.00
66722  Wingatui Dew  C T Demmler P ChircopSr1  $26.00
13313  Mister Ohanzee  J P Lee D F BraunSr2  $3.40
Race 7
Charlton & District Community Bank 2019 Charlton Pacing Cup (GROUP 3) 
API:2  $35,000
Surface:AW 2760m
09046  Animated  C A Alford G A DaltonFr1  $41.00
x8621  Gollahman  P W Sanderson L A FanningFr2  $201.00
44773  Wardan Express  J H Barker M J CravenFr3  $11.00
36522  Rishi  R W Petroff L J JusticeFr4  $9.00
63154  River Patrol  Darby Mcguigan A CefaiFr5  $201.00
51232  Blissfull Stride  M J Bellman A SpiteriFr6  $201.00
43261  Brallos Pass  E J Tormey K M WatsonFr7  $13.00
76266  Cant Refuse  M J Craven M J CravenSr1  $2.90
13521  Vee Rock  Z M Phillips A F KellySr2  $13.00
10 06610  Love Ina Chevy  L J Justice L J JusticeSr3  $26.00
11 2x22x  Berisari  K M Gath E J StewartSr4  $4.60
12 53433  Flaming Flutter  G F Webster G F WebsterSr5  $4.60
Race 8
Ames Australasia Pace 
API:1.42  $20,000
Surface:AW 2240m
48147  Alpe De Huez  S C Stewart S C StewartFr1  $41.00
124x3  Rock N Roll Chapel  J A Pace J PaceFr2  $5.00
31535  Regardless  A J Dunn B S DunnFr3  $19.00
34331  Sixty  C A Alford B R QuigleyFr4  $4.60
69235  Danman  S O'sullivan R CashmanFr5  $15.00
14826  No Apachemee  Z M Phillips A T McdonoughFr6  $6.50
8x705  Konan  M I Stanley M I StanleyFr7  $2.40
22627  Vandanta  G F Douglas G F DouglasSr1  $15.00
Race 9
Allied Express Pace 
API:1.68  $20,000
Surface:AW 1720m
12965  Delightful System  C T Demmler P ChircopFr1  $26.00
x3383  Ghadastar  M J Bellman A TaibaFr2  $26.00
13234  Courageous Affair  E Brosnan G F WebsterFr3  $6.00
33115  Pistol Abbey  C A Alford E J StewartFr4  $2.20
51313  Carla Clare  C J Maggs I A LivermoreFr5  $3.10
51111  Jilliby Madonna  G A Craven M A LeeFr6  $5.00