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Narrogin 16 March 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Vandenbergh Veterinary Group 2Yo Ms Pace (SKY2) 
Age:2  $7,500
Surface:AW 1823m
 Wyben  R Warwick K F KeysFr1  $4.20
 Ainsworth  S J Suvaljko F L G BonnettFr2  $2.50
  Star Fromthepalace  J K Prentice P L AndersonFr3  $21.00
  Hesacharmer  N A Turvey Chienoa FosterFr4  $17.00
  Star Of Madonna  K J Harper P L AndersonFr5  $16.00
  Star In Art  D J Harper P L AndersonFr6  $9.50
 Stride Like A Star  A C Lewis P L AndersonSr1  $3.50
Race 2
Narrogin Veterinary Services 3Yo Fillies Westbred Ms Pace (SKY2) 
Age:3 Sex:F API:0.2  $7,500
Surface:AW 2242m
78079  Caribbean Mirage  S J Suvaljko A J PennoFr1  $18.00
8x  Lady Lacey  K J Harper P L AndersonFr2  $14.00
75383  Lady Lani  S G Simms D C WegnerFr3  $9.50
73x32  Rollsoffthetongue  A C Lewis R A OlivieriFr4  $2.40
5x1  Parsons Glamour  C D Voak F R VanmarisFr5  $3.40
7628  Ashima  D J Harper D J HarperFr6  $18.00
52652  Elleker Hanover  G M Johnson G M JohnsonSr1  $18.00
22394  She Said Diamonds  J K Prentice J K PrenticeSr2  $7.00
Race 3
Narrogin Veterinary Group Mobile Equine Vet Ms Pace (SKY2) 
Age:3U API:0.26  $7,500
Surface:AW 2242m
13357  Decimas Whitby  Emily Suvaljko J R FaggFr1  $5.50
85985  Soho Nicks  T C Wheeler C M O'driscollFr2  $41.00
04199  Three White Sox   Adrian ShanksFr3   
26635  Jiving Jolt  A C Lewis T C ReayFr3  $3.50
5496x  Hilo Marcia  N A Turvey W T GrovesFr4  $26.00
740x7  Batavia Blackhole  R O Bell J J MooreFr5  $41.00
47122  Elsu You  R Warwick G S BondSr1  $2.50
66937  Lance James  T J Stone Adrian ShanksSr2  $6.00
09901  Gingers Jet  M L Woodley D R RocheSr3  $26.00
10 04586  Lady Chelsea  S G Simms D C WegnerSr4  $26.00
Race 4
Vandenbergh Group Rwwa Feature Series Westbred F&M Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.38  $10,000
Surface:AW 2242m
x4422  Whitbys Gamble  C P King-Davies Hayden ReevesFr1  $7.00
11542  Marilyn Said  D J Harper P L AndersonFr2  $9.50
40890  Spoilt Dilinger  G M Johnson G M JohnsonFr3  $18.00
18061  Adda Rockinheaven  Emily Suvaljko D B MillerFr4  $21.00
62749  Track The Navajo  T J Stone T J StoneFr5  $18.00
67528  All Over Tan  A C Lewis P L AndersonFr6  $18.00
21392  Captured Delight  C D Voak T J FergusonSr1  $3.70
62151  Salacious Gossip  Bailey Mcdonough F L G BonnettSr2  $2.90
14085  Kamendable Lass  R O Bell G R CollinsSr3  $17.00
10 47765  Truleylucky  S Steele J E SteeleSr4  $16.00
Race 5
Vandenbergh Group Rwwa Feature Series Westbred C,E&G Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.41  $10,000
Surface:AW 2242m
0x9x4  Jimmiegee  C L Wallrodt M J GeurdsFr1  $21.00
04421  Rebel With A Cause  Emily Suvaljko D J BielbyFr2  $21.00
600x0  Dust Me Off  N A Turvey M C WilliamsFr3  $21.00
x1332  Murphys Bettor  C D Voak R A OlivieriFr4  $3.70
04085  Kaydee Stratton  Corey Peterson M G ScottFr5  $21.00
47061  Midnight Man  S J Suvaljko J B DunnFr6  $11.00
7x311  Quick Stride  J K Prentice J K PrenticeSr1  $4.00
22123  Bitcoin  R Warwick G S BondSr2  $4.20
04464  Hy Fyfe  K M Hawkins B R HawkinsSr3  $8.50
10 84332  Im Thor  G M Johnson G M JohnsonSr4  $21.00
Race 6
2019 Vandenbergh Veterinary Group Narrogin Cup Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:1.25  $30,000
Surface:AW 2662m
52552  Miss Stonebridge  T J Stone Adrian ShanksFr1  $26.00
25651  Secret Delight  Emily Suvaljko D J BielbyFr2  $21.00
14115  James Butt  C D Voak R A OlivieriFr3  $3.50
84312  Attack On Command  R O Bell J C WoodworthFr4  $16.00
95539  Simba Bromac  N A Turvey N A TurveyFr5   
22801  El Jacko  R Warwick G S BondFr6  $7.00
11143  Sweet N Fast  J K Prentice J K PrenticeSr1  $9.50
01443  Danieljohn  K M Hawkins B R HawkinsSr2  $16.00
92961  Always Arjay  S J Suvaljko M G ScottSr3  $8.50
10 73004  Im Full Of Excuses  A C Lewis R A OlivieriSr4  $12.00
Race 7
Vandenbergh Veterinary Group Ss Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.5  $7,500
Surface:AW 2636m
75328  Kamendable Joe  R O Bell G R CollinsFT  $14.00
52106  Jackygee  C L Wallrodt M J GeurdsFT  $19.00
32546  Over Loaded  T C Wheeler S M Elliott10m  $13.00
59260  Our Jaccka Mara  Emily Suvaljko P K Tilbrook10m  $21.00
15755  Adda Courage  A C Lewis R A Olivieri10m  $13.00
07087  Hilo Angus  N A Turvey W T Groves10m  $21.00
39808  Another Ayjay  K J Harper M G Scott20m   
94864  Smackwater Jack  C D Voak M G Scott20m  $12.00
986x0  Better Scoot  R Warwick G S Bond20m  $4.00
10 41443  Oneonthewood  S J Suvaljko J B Dunn30m  $6.00
11 24602  Yackandandah  Corey Peterson B R Hawkins30m  $11.00
12 08991  Pay Me Cullen  K M Hawkins B R Hawkins30m  $6.50
Race 8
Narrogin Veterinary Services Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.17  $4,500
Surface:AW 2242m
34823  Oh What A Country  D J Harper D J HarperFr1  $3.30
60932  Salome Miss  Emily Suvaljko P K TilbrookFr2  $4.40
75876  Im Riddler  G M Johnson G M JohnsonFr3  $26.00
78092  American Rock  E R Harris E R HarrisFr4  $16.00
56023  Flying Phoebe  A C Lewis D B MillerFr5  $3.70
x0222  Handover Penny  C D Voak D W MortonFr6  $7.50
38065  Savanna  T J Stone Adrian ShanksSr1  $18.00
9079x  Chucking Stone  Corey Peterson T B N ReedSr2  $26.00
56272  Cordoring Road  S G Simms S G SimmsSr3  $26.00
10 87746  Sanford Loretta   J R FaggSr4   
Race 9
Vandenbergh Veterinary Group Ms Pace (SKY2) 
Age:3U API:0.28  $7,500
Surface:AW 2242m
x4430  Sanford Tilly  Emily Suvaljko J R FaggFr1  $17.00
96450  Win And Grin  S J Suvaljko M C WilliamsFr2  $8.50
04152  Thatz Bobbie  T C Wheeler S M ElliottFr3  $15.00
54574  Toto Picasso  R O Bell J J MooreFr4  $6.50
88602  Im Loki  G M Johnson G M JohnsonFr5  $9.50
180x  El General  R Warwick K F KeysFr6  $2.30
17x66  Hilo Tyson  N A Turvey W T GrovesSr1  $16.00
136x9  Pee Wee Elliott  C D Voak G B ElliottSr2  $11.00
65741  Secure The Gold  C P King-Davies Hayden ReevesSr3  $21.00
10 86838  Troublesome Lass  A C Lewis T C ReaySr4  $15.00