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Newcastle 16 April 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Sharp Electronics Group Pace 
API:0.42  $6,360
Surface:AW 2030m
x3635  Western Heir  L R Sutton C J HarmeyFr1  $2.00
23684  Goodlookin Rooster  D J Elder D S WaiteFr2  $8.50
43762  Regal Rock   Glenn BullFr3   
52378  Christian Jaz  B D Elder Melanie ElderFr3  $14.00
68800  My Blue Heeler   J W CookFr5   
27554  Casual River  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr4  $41.00
313x9  Frame Drive  C J Davies C J DaviesFr5  $19.00
42986  Wallaroy Boy  D J Morgan R J HoskingFr6  $41.00
18325  Panacias Seal  Joshua Gallagher D S WaiteFr7  $19.00
10 05223  Our Bushwacker  Jake Hughes S A E ElliottFr8  $6.50
Race 2
Dfk Crosbie Pace 
API:0.2  $6,360
Surface:AW 2030m
05x35  Playboy President  Blake Hughes M N HowellFr1  $4.00
57882  Breakntherules  Joshua Gallagher C J DaviesFr2  $3.60
36x98  Thai Champ  D J Morgan J R RadleyFr3  $7.00
76908  Little Buddy  T K Forrest T K ForrestFr4  $71.00
73088  Martinson  Jake Hughes S A E ElliottFr5  $17.00
04864  Kalvin  Andrew Bourke J L ForrestFr6  $5.50
87894  Cameos Kiwi  B J Mantle J E MantleFr7  $17.00
90944  Lembongan Lyf  B L Pringle B L PringleFr8  $26.00
486x5  Royal Lefty  Jack Callaghan J R RadleyFr9  $8.50
10 00404  Tenfour  S A Harmey S A E ElliottFr10  $19.00
Race 3
Husqvarna Pace 
API:0.47  $6,360
Surface:AW 1609m
61216  Final River  Lily Hosking R J HoskingFr1  $21.00
40545  Mac Toddy  A P Francis A P FrancisFr2  $26.00
24304  Licinia  C J Davies C J DaviesFr3  $4.40
7087x  Feliz Navidad  K J Warby K J WarbyFr4  $201.00
02610  Chevrons Reward  L R Sutton C J HarmeyFr5  $3.10
40701  Coralie Joy  R G Williams R J WilliamsFr6  $7.50
88719  Inangelscare  D J Morgan R J HoskingFr7  $101.00
97692  Sandoval   Melanie ElderFr8   
21739  Franco Storm  Jake Hughes N W ThompsonFr8  $26.00
10 61957  Blue Blazer  Jack Callaghan C J HarmeyFr9  $5.00
11 48142  Cant Explain It  Glenn Bull Glenn BullSr1  $11.00
12 42107  Aqua Cruiser  Joshua Gallagher D T ReaySr2  $12.00
Race 4
Hunter Outdoor Equipment Pace 
API:0.57  $6,360
Surface:AW 2030m
05706  La Patata  Andrew Bourke S J ColemanFr1  $41.00
0x708  Django Mach  D J Morgan Denis MaricicFr2   
91446  Air Time  Joshua Gallagher D T ReayFr3  $1.80
74226  Apollo Thirteen  L R Sutton C J HarmeyFr4  $8.50
04315  Dynamic Archie  Jake Hughes M N HowellFr5  $14.00
89940  Justarumour  D J Elder D J ElderFr9  $26.00
x9038  Pumpniron  Emma Nichols P E PayneFr6  $21.00
33512  Simply Clever  B D Elder D S WaiteFr7  $5.00
29x88  Burning Rubber  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr8  $8.50
Race 5
Tab Ladyship Pace 
API:0.27  $6,360
Surface:AW 2030m
70076  Henwood  D J Morgan P A MorganFr1  $21.00
64921  Elsie Gem  J A Osborn P DowningFr2  $2.80
99977  Playing Arkabella  B D Elder D J ElderFr3  $9.00
82431  Stormborn  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr4  $5.50
90008  Catch A Ruby  G S Brown G S BrownFr5  $71.00
97793  Two Tatz Patz  M A Formosa C J SikyrFr6  $21.00
0x401  Kotiro  Jack Callaghan M A CallaghanFr7  $3.40
00537  Milly Bromac  L R Sutton C J HarmeyFr8  $6.50
Race 6
Oas Technology Group Pace 
Age:3U API:0.3  $6,360
Surface:AW 2030m
23423  Velocity Stride  M A Formosa M A FormosaFr1  $12.00
83221  Jewels Stride  D J Elder E A HeathFr2  $1.60
x6870  Wedding Night  Jake Hughes S A E ElliottFr3  $201.00
418x7  Big Time Hustler  C J Davies C J DaviesFr4  $41.00
31568  Maywyn Tough  B R Andrews J AndrewsFr5  $41.00
7x  Sassy Ruby  S A Harmey S A HarmeyFr6  $201.00
01245  Slingin A Gun  J A Osborn R I SpencerFr7  $26.00
x3825  Heza Flash Boy  D J Morgan Denis MaricicFr8  $7.50
25203  Aqua Moneypenny  Joshua Gallagher D T ReayFr9  $41.00
10 x1423  Deeorse  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr10  $12.00
11 x5866  Leaping Leo  B D Elder Melanie ElderSr1  $19.00
12 66578  Mitch Braxton  D J Spencer R J SmithSr2  $71.00
13 5x762  Master Catch   L G McdonaldSr-   
Race 7
Ave Technologies Pace 
Age:3 API:0.23  $6,360
Surface:AW 1609m
26168  Aspiring Stride  M A Formosa E A HeathFr1  $2.10
00x87  Its Nicholas  D J Elder D S WaiteFr2  $41.00
 Dushanatel  W J Buckley W J BuckleyFr3  $101.00
5x030  Stephens Spirit  L R Sutton C J HarmeyFr4  $5.50
22  Shezlimitless  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr5  $2.10
45756  Choisir Damour  Joshua Gallagher C J HarmeyFr6  $41.00
3895  Ultra Bliss  Glenn Bull N W ThompsonFr7  $101.00
x0078  Mersadies  D J Spencer G J SpencerFr8  $101.00
5369x  A Paradigm Shift  K J Warby K J WarbyFr9  $101.00
10  Terroroan   B PortelliFr10