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Menangle 16 April 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Hrnsw 2Yo Trotters Foundation Series Heat 3 
Age:2 API:0.53  $10,000
Surface:AW 1609m
  Justatrixta  J J Alchin R J AlchinFr1  $51.00
64  Strong Desire  J B Ogden J B OgdenFr2  $51.00
32  Trullo  R P Morris K A TurnerFr3  $6.50
 Playboy In Paris  Jason Grimson Jason GrimsonFr4  $7.00
11  Gimondi  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr5  $1.20
46  Christiania  Joshua Gallagher R D CommensFr6  $26.00
55  Sunny Gee  G W Mcelhinney R D CommensFr7  $51.00
Race 2
Hrnsw Guaranteed Two Year Old Pace 
Age:2 API:0.19  $9,180
Surface:AW 1609m
 Fantasy Miss  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr1  $41.00
223  Jay Ok  G J Fitzpatrick P R J FitzpatrickFr2  $1.50
  Ananais  C A Mcdowell C A McdowellFr3  $7.00
  Our Von  T P Mccarthy M A CallaghanFr4  $12.00
  Trittrittbangbang  Lachie Manzelmann S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr5  $5.50
25  Spy Major  J P Mccarthy J P MccarthyFr6  $10.00
Race 3
Multiquip Trotters Mobile 
API:0.48  $9,720
Surface:AW 2300m
7x598  Vivian Knox  Jason Grimson G J WilliamsFr1  $26.00
53853  Maryel  C R Carson P W CarsonFr2  $12.00
66233  Viksun  G W Mcelhinney R D CommensFr3  $5.00
56562  Flippin Issy  K A Turner K A TurnerFr4  $13.00
29547  Torfino Mist  R P Morris K A TurnerFr5  $15.00
73221  Reign On Me  A M Butt Sonya SmithFr6  $4.40
443x0  Royal Glenferrie  G J Fitzpatrick P R J FitzpatrickFr7  $19.00
34878  Quick Witted  Tiarn Sutton T S SuttonFr8  $41.00
16x23  Im Jake The Mus  T P Mccarthy K J PizzutoFr9  $7.00
10 54436  Good Job  L R Sutton J SultanaFr10  $21.00
11 42947  Lethal Les  B J Abbott B R AbbottSr1  $26.00
12 14613  Crazy Ben  D R Morris J A Rando, M J RandoSr2  $9.50
13 82235  Five Star Trump  D J Mccall D J MccallSr3  $19.00
14 82477  Glad All Over  J A Rando J A Rando, M J RandoSr4  $21.00
Race 4
Australian Pacing Gold Trotters Mobile 
API:0.86  $9,000
Surface:AW 2300m
82555  Grins Made A Blue   A P FrancisFr1   
58349  Say Your Pres   B P FitzpatrickFr2   
x1131  Sassy Pants   T G ButtFr1   
387x1  Moment In The Sun  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr1  $4.00
75835  Maximiser  Lachie Manzelmann C A McdowellFr2  $19.00
32322  Pegasus Elegance  J E Trainor B P FitzpatrickFr3  $8.00
x9114  One Muscle Hill  T P Mccarthy K J PizzutoFr4  $5.50
68979  Agent Maori  G W Mcelhinney J SultanaFr5  $41.00
36172  Sunset Tour  D R Morris J A Rando, M J RandoFr6  $12.00
10 69346  Gold Sovereign  R P Morris K A TurnerFr7  $15.00
Race 5
Congratulations Robbie And Kerryann Morris Claiming Pace 
API:0.62  $9,000
Surface:AW 1609m
70355  Idle Hands  Jason Grimson G J WilliamsFr1  $9.50
33674  Macca Kelly  J E Trainor W P DimechFr2  $7.00
92551  Arrokeefe  T P Mccarthy J P MccarthyFr3  $14.00
66238  A Passion For Aces  D R Morris L C JurdFr4  $6.00
25205  Everything  Stephanie Lippiatt L C JurdFr5  $11.00
73225  Controversial   L C JurdFr6   
60176  Deekays Dollar  J J Alchin J J AlchinFr6  $21.00
12447  Forever Texas  Ellen Rixon P H RixonFr7  $18.00
3250x  Lively Hero  G J Fitzpatrick I C WilsonFr8  $14.00
10 58119  Blue Pointer  Lachie Manzelmann S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr9  $3.90
Race 6
Alf Phillis Club Menangle Legend Pace 
API:1.27  $9,540
Surface:AW 1609m
94658  Cherry Mahoney  M B Turnbull A S TurnbullFr1  $18.00
99802  Dashofluck  D J Mccall D J MccallFr2  $4.80
7x803  Bull Market  Jason Grimson Grant FullerFr3  $7.50
x1542  Lovin Miss Daisy  T P Mccarthy M A CallaghanFr4  $3.30
880x7  Charlaval  R P Morris K A TurnerFr5  $9.50
6498x  Redbank Blaze  K A Turner K A TurnerFr6  $5.50
65052  Bettors Pocket  C A Mcdowell C A McdowellFr7  $11.00
78x64  Written In Red  D R Morris J A Rando, M J RandoFr8  $18.00
88546  Jonah Jones  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullFr9  $15.00
Race 7
Kerryann Morris 1000 Wins Pace 
API:1.45  $9,540
Surface:AW 1609m
x8957  Just Tootsie  G W Mcelhinney N L WarlandFr1  $41.00
6x384  Madison Louise  J J Alchin A D AlchinFr2  $15.00
x8592  Cherokee Warrior  M D Young C A McdowellFr3  $13.00
7x276  Shadow Eclipse  W A Komorowski W P DimechFr4  $21.00
54616  He Bettor Step Aside  Jason Grimson B P FitzpatrickFr5  $19.00
5530x  Pay Me Sam  G J Fitzpatrick P R J FitzpatrickFr6  $7.00
75125  Gotta Be Downtown  R P Morris K A TurnerFr7  $10.00
6x112  Thatswhatisaid  Lachie Manzelmann B M HewittFr8  $4.80
31212  Times Stride  T P Mccarthy D J BinskinFr9  $4.60
10 31143  Recco Lover  Leonard Cain Noel DaleyFr10  $3.70
Race 8
Joe Ilsley Club Menangle Legend Pace 
API:0.97  $9,540
Surface:AW 1609m
25422  Alpine Stride  Leonard Cain D J BinskinFr1  $3.30
42898  Miss Rodriguez  J D Turnbull W T WhiteFr2  $41.00
60386  I Am Serengeti  R P Morris K A TurnerFr3  $21.00
13390  Real Obsession  B J Hewitt B M HewittFr4  $26.00
08045  Two Ply  Ellen Rixon G MauroFr5  $15.00
22126  Arma The Gun  Jason Grimson B M HewittFr6  $5.00
11538  Im Rocknroll Magic  A M Butt T G ButtFr7  $12.00
51x31  Annie Matilda  W H Rixon Mark FletcherFr8  $19.00
72143  Royal Gamble  T P Mccarthy M A CallaghanFr9  $3.70
10 31516  Always Rockin  M B Turnbull A S TurnbullFr10  $9.50
Race 9
National Trotguide Claiming Pace 
API:0.89  $9,000
Surface:AW 2300m
09888  Our Missionary Man  J E Trainor L C JurdFr1  $26.00
2358x  Colonel Joy  M D Young G R ConeyFr2  $17.00
74347  Deano Robyn  G J Fitzpatrick I C WilsonFr3  $21.00
9x901  Under Worked  J P Mccarthy J P MccarthyFr4  $4.00
22782  Oh I Am The One  T P Mccarthy K J PizzutoFr5  $6.00
06516  El Gran Senor  I L Ross A S TurnbullFr6  $10.00
68184  Uncle Jay  K A Turner M R LefoeFr7  $21.00
51793  Hes Okey Dokey  D R Morris L C JurdFr8  $12.00
13849  Murry  Lachie Manzelmann S P Tritton, L R TrittonFr9  $12.00
10 25331  Intransit  A J Turnbull A S TurnbullFr10  $5.00
11 47116  Murano  W H Rixon S T SandersonSr1  $8.00