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Ballarat 16 April 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Graffrey Homes Trot 
API:0.76  $7,000
Surface:AW 2200m
32511  Meziah  J J Caldow M A CaldowFr1  $7.50
14  Dealers Knock  James Herbertson G J ScobleFr2  $9.50
83362  Uncle Al  A M Conroy A M ConroyFr3  $17.00
77472  Meet Michaelangelo  D A Murphy D A MurphyFr4  $16.00
x4194  Aleppo Jewel  G A Campbell K E ManningFr5  $2.90
43239  Chrisken Kiosk  M J Bellman K R BrowneFr6  $16.00
11141  Majestuoso  K M Gath A P GathFr7  $2.50
87967  Peel My Grapes  R N Kuchenmeister R N KuchenmeisterSr1  $26.00
Race 2
The Haymarket 2Yo Pace 
Age:2  $7,000
Surface:AW 1710m
  Shadowman  C T Demmler J N QuinlanFr1  $4.80
  Mirragon  G R Sugars E J StewartFr2  $2.30
  Trade Whispers  C D Svanosio C D SvanosioFr3  $3.80
  Yejele Hammer  Ryan Duffy M I StanleyFr4  $8.50
38  Carramar Kasiano  C A Alford R W MccartneyFr5  $41.00
  Soho Notorious  M I Stanley M I StanleyFr6  $8.00
95  Lorimerlagg  Darby Mcguigan Ashley TaylorFr7  $41.00
Race 3
Eureka Lending Group 3Yo Trot 
Age:3 API:0.54  $7,000
Surface:AW 2200m
67854  Deneuve Star  S Van Den Brande A M GolinoFr1  $7.50
3759  Majestic Achiever  T L Ainsworth B W Ainsworth, A A AinsworthFr2  $9.50
59976  Orlando Storm  J A Mackinnon A M GolinoFr3  $12.00
35345  Fox Force Five  D A Murphy D A MurphyFr4  $2.40
57623  Majestic Speed  C A Alford G L McdermottFr5  $8.50
341x3  Royal Charlotte  Z M Phillips P J MalesFr6  $3.00
Race 4
National Tiles Country Clubs Championship (1ST HEAT) 
API:1.56  $7,000
Surface:AW 2200m
48825  The Loustar  C Romanidis C RomanidisFr1  $51.00
18287  Majestic Cruiser  E Brosnan G F WebsterFr2  $4.20
11411  Just Say Go  Brad Chisholm K M MalesFr3  $9.00
26311  Angel Of Arts  M I Stanley M I StanleyFr4  $5.00
x1125  Somebeachshadow  C T Demmler C T DemmlerFr5  $4.40
81121  Tam Major  C A Alford E J StewartFr6  $4.00
x2112  Micrometeor  K E Manning K E ManningFr7  $7.00
695x7  Fire Up Franco  R W Petroff C RomanidisSr1  $41.00
Race 5
Golfers Lounge Trotters Handicap 
API:0.59  $7,000
Surface:AW 2200m
71441  The Penny Drops  G A Campbell R C HarveyFT  $2.90
52514  Fear Not   G R ConroyFT   
37222  Celtic Rose   A M ConroyFT   
78x07  Hanging On A Dream  G F Douglas J L DouglasFT  $21.00
23287  Chevals Racer  C A Alford B Bonavia10m  $17.00
73773  Armchair Drive  C T Demmler P Chircop10m  $16.00
21385  Arrested  S G Leight G W Leight10m  $15.00
22231  Il Pirata  K M Gath A P Gath20m  $3.20
62834  Zoomas Legend  M D Whittle G R Whittle20m  $15.00
10 73976  Glorious Finale  J H Barker J H Barker30m  $21.00
Race 6
Harness Racing Training Centre Bendigo Concession Drivers Pace 
API:0.68  $7,000
Surface:AW 1710m
7x130  Sounds Of Terror  J A Mackinnon A M GolinoFr1  $4.40
23x15  Mollywood  Connor Ronan M AzzopardiFr2  $7.50
3125x  Goodtime Junior  Paddy Lee C J SlaterFr3  $3.90
33601  The Big Show  Marika Eriksson J W McleanFr4  $11.00
81171  Caesars Rockstar  M J Barker K J BarkerFr5  $9.50
7x162  Ballygar  Ashley Hart V P MaharFr6  $11.00
39392  Crafty Old Fox  Jason Ainsworth Jeremy QuinlanFr7  $13.00
5x313  Carmy Dan  A J Turnbull J J AbelaSr1  $4.40
Race 7
Sportsmen's Association Of Australia Pace 
API:0.64  $7,000
Surface:AW 2200m
76563  Chief Safari  M D Munro Noel HillFr1  $15.00
31697  Be Not Afraid  C T Demmler P ChircopFr2  $18.00
46467  Manassa Sky  Connor Ronan W S GretgrixFr3  $21.00
24523  Artful Christian  Tayla French C D SvanosioFr4  $3.90
8x17x  Major In Arms  G Schembri G SchembriFr5  $16.00
x1151  Concealment  C A Alford E J StewartFr6  $1.40