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Gloucester Park 16 April 2019

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Christmas In July At The Beau Rivage 2Yo Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:2  $7,500
Surface:AW 1730m
 Tic Tac Tommy  M B Ferguson P J DugganFr1  $41.00
 Disco Bolt  T C Wheeler R S AshbyFr2  $10.00
 Follow The Dragon  A F De Campo A L De CampoFr3  $12.00
7x9  Camicancan  P J Duggan P J DugganFr4  $41.00
 Fifty Five Reborn   C D BrownFr5   
 Jaspervellabeach  N A Turvey Kristy ElsonFr5  $2.70
251  Secret Operation  M P Grantham Kristy ElsonFr6  $6.00
321  Valentines Brook  M B Reed M G ReedFr7  $3.00
Race 2
Don't Miss Gps Eofy Special Offer 3Yo+ Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.45  $7,500
Surface:AW 1730m
46047  El Sunami  L R Edwards R J SaligariFr1  $21.00
80693  Ark  G Inwood Sheldon CookFr2   
32222  Murphys Bettor  M C Miller R A OlivieriFr3  $3.50
61002  Clares Fool  Joe Balducci J BalducciFr4  $14.00
39867  Just A Legend  Emily Suvaljko N C DymockFr5  $31.00
14552  Disco Durante  T C Wheeler R S AshbyFr6  $13.00
45278  Franco Joaquin  D Egerton-Green C E PhatourosFr7  $18.00
05x62  Kohli  K N Prentice B E CousinsFr8  $6.00
09293  Arma Orourke  D J Harper D J HarperFr9  $14.00
10 74970  Zara Whitby  J C Young E A DewarSr1  $18.00
11 33342  Shadow Maker  A G Cortopassi R J L WilliamsSr2  $5.00
12 62238  Combat Crusade  L C Jones P M JonesSr3  $9.50
Race 3
Kids Eat Free Friday 26Th April 3Yo+ Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.6  $9,000
Surface:AW 2536m
786x0  Change Of Address  D J Harper C R AbercrombyFr1  $18.00
87668  Celestial Ruler  K J Harper N C DymockFr2  $18.00
44989  Its Nevertheless   N C DymockFr3   
06505  Ultimate Major   C P KimesFr3   
73563  Tims Portrait  A G Cortopassi A G CortopassiFr3  $9.50
59499  Torrevean Amunindi  M B Reed S TorreFr4  $26.00
52182  The Lightning Strike  R Warwick G S BondFr5  $4.80
x4300  Allwood Peacemaker  L R Edwards D M PadbergFr6  $18.00
61517  Midnight Man  Corey Peterson J B DunnFr7  $9.50
10 07129  The Royal Lady  Bailey Mcdonough K P Egerton-GreenSr1  $15.00
Race 4
School Holiday Fun At Gp 3Yo+ Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.29  $9,000
Surface:AW 1730m
70078  Lord Lexus  C D Brown N Van Der SnoekFr1  $19.00
37675  One For Sassy   D B Miller   
18221  Vincenzo Peruggia  Bailey Mcdonough T SvilicichFr2  $2.00
88207  Lagoon Stride  R Warwick C W JossFr3  $14.00
52210  Lightning Jolt  C D Voak J F OldroydFr4  $6.00
70x78  No More Change  D J Harper D J HarperFr5  $21.00
50697  Im Batman  M B Ferguson P J DugganFr6  $15.00
83164  The Midas Touch  S J Suvaljko R W FlanneryFr7  $15.00
94156  Be On Guard  M D Young G L CumminsFr8  $15.00
10 68003  Tarsao  K N Prentice B E CousinsSr1  $9.50
11 79969  Tanaka Eagle  M B Reed R G PhillipsSr2  $19.00
Race 5
E-Bridal Expo At Gp Sat 27 & Sun 28 April 3Yo+ Fillies & Mares Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U Sex:FM API:0.48  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
13777  Mystic Falls  D M Roberts S M ZucchiattiFr1  $5.50
9x444  Miss Vung Tau  M L Woodley R E KingFr2  $15.00
12564  Countess Grace  M B Reed M G ReedFr3  $2.20
95090  Our Euphoria  Bailey Mcdonough K R DaviesFr4  $31.00
20831  Jodies Pal  S J Suvaljko P K TilbrookFr5  $6.00
86000  Allamericanallstar  D Egerton-Green N C DymockFr6  $31.00
3x055  Magdnalina Haylz  C D Brown W J H HornFr7  $9.50
22188  Salome Miss  Emily Suvaljko P K TilbrookFr8  $6.00
Race 6
Www.Gloucesterpark.Com.Au 3Yo+ Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.77  $7,500
Surface:AW 2130m
54922  Ignite The Passion  D M Roberts K P Egerton-GreenFr1  $5.50
1721x  Aly Shar  C D Voak J F OldroydFr2  $7.00
55617  Thatelbe  Emily Suvaljko S TorreFr3  $14.00
32211  Oh What A Country   D J HarperFr4   
22147  Joe With The Flow  Corey Peterson D J HarperFr4  $10.00
37203  Chucking Stone   T B N ReedFr6   
22224  Raging Romeo  A C Lewis C R AbercrombyFr5  $8.00
7x652  Phar From Kalahari  A C Markham S D BurtonFr6  $13.00
670x7  Change Doon Now  K J Harper M WhiteFr7  $21.00
10 111x5  Purest Silk  A F De Campo B J HowlettSr1  $2.20
Race 7
Follow Gloucester Park On Facebook 3Yo+ Ms Pace (SKY1) 
Age:3U API:0.39  $10,500
Surface:AW 2130m
61687  Quincey Brogden  C D Voak B J StokesFr1  $8.00
13223  Presidentmach  A G Cortopassi A G CortopassiFr2  $2.50
18970  Wabi Sabi  J C Young Jocelyn YoungFr3  $14.00
47583  Courage Tells  R Warwick G S BondFr4  $2.60
79379  Must Be Nice  S J Suvaljko P K TilbrookFr5  $18.00
42755  Bossanova Bay  G E Hall Jnr G HallFr6  $9.50
7x546  Lady In Command  M P Grantham M G JuppFr7  $18.00