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Maryborough 1 December 2016

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Tab Ebt's On Track Today Pace 
Age:0 API:1.95  $7,000
Surface:AW 1690m
9x8x9  Christian Torado  S A Lindberg Mick McmahonFr1  $71.00
21384  Kotare York  E Brosnan G F WebsterFr2  $6.00
11216  Keep On Rocking  G F Webster G F WebsterFr3  $2.70
76x86  Balance Point  G Lang J MadrugaFr4  $31.00
25172  Art I Special  G A Craven B J HuntFr5  $26.00
1611x  Three Ways  K M Gath A P GathFr6  $1.80
Race 2
Mcardle Transport Maryborough Pace 
Age:4 API:0.22  $5,000
Surface:AW 2190m
62574  Feelinkindasporty  G A Craven M L WightFr1  $7.50
53677  Night Performer  A A Ainsworth A A AinsworthFr2  $26.00
78  Inscription Point  P G O'brien P G O'brienFr3  $51.00
33386  Tiza Nightmare  H E Gray Shane OrganFr4  $4.60
55944  Kathys Son  J D Attard A E ChinnFr5  $6.00
53352  Zap Bam Boom  M L Wight M L WightFr6  $2.90
25574  Cavallo Volante  C T Demmler J P GaleaFr7  $8.50
57076  Jasperinart  M J Bellman R D WardlawSr1  $18.00
86722  Razen Trouble   T J Mannix   
10 87749  Go Go Red  A J Matthews T J MortlockSr2  $26.00
11 876x0  Palanquin  G Lang S F SteenhuisSr3  $18.00
Race 3
Maryborough Trials On Youtube 3Yo Pace 
Age:3 API:0.42  $5,000
Surface:AW 2190m
326x5  Breach The Beach  G R Sugars N C MolanderFr1  $3.20
556x7  Soho Savannah  M I Stanley M I StanleyFr2  $8.50
55622  Weerrook Harry  J H Barker B J BeasleyFr3  $21.00
576x2  Officially Shady  G A Craven B J HuntFr4  $5.50
x2443  Blissfull Stride  M J Bellman A SpiteriFr5  $21.00
0x6  Joy Mac  D A Murphy J H MchughFr6  $31.00
43576  Heathbern Whisky  G F Douglas G F DouglasFr7  $18.00
540x7  Govinni   G F WebsterSr1   
45  Mister Alias  G Lang E J StewartSr1  $2.70
Race 4
Seelite Windows & Doors Trot (1ST HEAT) 
Age:0 API:0.33  $7,000
Surface:AW 2190m
 Sheriff Brown  T Ridis T RidisFr1  $16.00
7459x  A Nip Will Do  A J Matthews B ShipwayFr2  $31.00
4686x  Victory Rock  A A Ainsworth A A AinsworthFr3  $71.00
78x22  Shiftywall  C T Demmler S P MartinFr4  $3.50
092x4  Watch My Sox  P J Rothacker P J RothackerFr5  $7.50
1114x  Maori Law  G Lang W G MorganFr6   
35432  Royal Dream  M J Bellman J L FranklinFr7  $6.50
27x91  Aleppo Murphy   M K EastmanSr1   
42884  Dark Chrissie Girl  S L Martin S P MartinSr1  $18.00
10 63524  Kiwi Cannon  J H Barker B J BeasleySr2  $31.00
Race 5
Central Goldfields Shire Pace (2ND HEAT) 
Age:0 API:1.06  $7,000
Surface:AW 2190m
x0x69  Sweet Wise  A J Matthews B J DooleyFr1  $31.00
05833  Im Lonely  M M Burnett G F DouglasFr2  $7.50
57711  Bettes Rose  Z M Phillips M A ThompsonFr3  $14.00
55319  Nimble Jack  G F Douglas G F DouglasFr4  $8.50
08332  Justbritell  E L Hamblin T F YoungFr5  $4.00
12332  Itmademyday  M J Bellman D P HiltonFr6  $7.00
24425  Nuggetpan  Brad Chisholm A F GroganFr7  $21.00
13x16  Bull Market  G Lang E J StewartSr1  $2.40
Race 6
Maryborough Highland Society Pace 
Age:4 API:0.52  $5,000
Surface:AW 1690m
6x980  Touch Of Armbro  A J Matthews J E MatthewsFr1  $41.00
74778  Noble Vision   Shane OrganFr2   
6845x  Crackaofacourage  G A Craven M A LeeFr2  $4.40
18552  Shooter Alto  N W Weightman D W WeightmanFr3  $6.50
39442  Warpie  C T Demmler W J EarleFr4  $7.00
62425  Metro Princess  G Lang A F DillonFr5  $4.00
x5155  Tarleton Joe  E L Hamblin H J HoganFr6  $11.00
x76x5  Motu Real Style  L C Bryant L C BryantSr1  $6.50
24518  Dallas Nikolay  S A Lindberg Mick McmahonSr2  $31.00
10 4x8x8  Rollon Jack  K D Sugars K D SugarsSr3  $7.50