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Cambridge 1 December 2016

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Masterlink Handicap Trot $6,000
Cls:UP TO R49 & R50 & OTHERS WITH COND. SPECIAL API:0.26  $5,659
Surface:AW 2200m
9x907  Amandas Spur  B M Mangos A N GrantFr1  $18.00
00005  The Last Gamble  J H Abernethy J H AbernethyFr0  $21.00
0900x  Sexy Rexy  S D T Phelan Miss A M DonnellyFr0  $7.00
82194  Awa Cathrine  D S Moore S R Moore301  $41.00
34x67  Burt Munro  S H Branch Mrs S H Branch302  $301.00
52336  Meyer Lansky  J I Dickie Mrs J I Coppins303  $8.50
34672  Itsnowornever  N A Chilcott Mrs S H Branch304  $4.20
809x0  Desert Storm  P C Ferguson D B Iremonger300  $6.50
78409  Brookside Colt  J A Mackinnon J A Mackinnon300  $9.00
10 05253  Thanks Shane  T W Mitchell R D Richardson300  $3.30
Race 2
Cambridge Rock Gas Mobile Pace $6,000
Cls:NON-WINNERS API:0.12  $5,659
Surface:AW 2200m
x558x  Kellanda Babe  M W Mckendry S B PhillipsFr1  $26.00
  Bettor Diamond  P A Butcher G A WohlersFr2  $18.00
  Viewfield Gnat  A M Donnelly Miss A M DonnellyFr3  $3.70
  Taihape Sunset  S J Lawson G R DixonFr4  $3.10
 Attitude Plus  T W Mitchell G A RogersonFr5  $18.00
  The Hawke  S L Mccaffrey P FraserFr6  $81.00
7x92  Anakena  S D T Phelan S G Telfer & C D GarlickFr7  $3.80
8533x  Eldolar  S W Cruickshank Miss A M DonnellyFr8  $6.00
Race 3
Mico Hamilton Mobile Pace $7,000
Age:5U Cls:R58 TO R70 API:0.53  $6,603
Surface:AW 2200m
x10x5  Tembi  J I Dickie J W Dickie & J I DickieFr1  $4.00
21262  Chal Shocked  J A Mackinnon T R VinceFr2   
044x1  Imajollywally  A M Donnelly Miss A M DonnellyFr3  $3.80
28757  Easy For Cullen  R G Argue D B IremongerFr4   
x7077  Sir Richie  S D T Phelan S G Telfer & C D GarlickFr5  $3.30
01365  Shards Phoenix  A P T Poutama T R VinceFr6  $14.00
l4931  Shardon's Pearl  T W Mitchell Todd MitchellFr7  $6.50
Race 4
Plumbing World/Dux Mobile Pace $6,000
Cls:NON-WINNERS & UP TO R49 WITH COND. API:0.3  $5,659
Surface:AW 2700m
92496  Amaro  Z E Butcher R W GreenFr1  $3.30
73  Knights Desire  B M Mangos R J HughesFr2  $13.00
036  Artanne  M W Mckendry R O PaynterFr3  $6.50
789x  Arya Famous  A P T Poutama P S GreenFr4   
00897  Genociate  T W Mitchell D B IremongerFr5  $71.00
4975x  Prime Silver  A M Donnelly Rachel HolmesFr6  $201.00
6x  Queen Lostris  J I Dickie A G HerlihyFr7  $2.80
54733  Stars Delight  B D Butcher J & D J ButcherFr8  $6.50
x745x  Kilkenny Turk  P A Butcher R F VilligerFr9  $8.00
Race 5
$6000 $6,000
Age:4U API:0.37  $5,659
Surface:AW 2200m
15444  Drover's Eyre  S D T Phelan T R VinceFr1  $4.00
09669  Sikora   Fr2   
32423  Wynberg Sally  P A Butcher M G BergerFr3  $3.00
7x773  Beacon Hill  J P Stormont J P StormontFr4  $7.50
5975x  Millview Sienna  B D Butcher T A MacfarlaneFr5  $3.70
45859  Gotta Go Jet Away  T W Mitchell R J HughesFr6  $41.00
7836x  Twentynine Twelve  M W Mckendry J K ShawFr7  $81.00
6x077  Idealistic  A P T Poutama D M AlexanderFr8  $21.00
68048  Yankee Brandy  C F Webber C F WebberFr9  $81.00
10 47864  Chrissie Jet  D J Butcher J & D J ButcherFr10  $9.00
11 30x81  Rocknroll Princess   Fr11   
12 00666  Soldier  G A Martin G A MartinFr12   
Race 6
Greens Tapware Handicap Trot $7,000
Age:4U Cls:R50 TO R80 DISCRETIONARY API:0.95  $6,603
Surface:AW 2700m
54126  Jomo  J M Robinson J M RobinsonFr1  $8.50
15x  Jasper Seven  N A Chilcott Miss N A ChilcottFr2  $6.50
47276  Danke  G A Martin G A MartinFr3  $26.00
36540  Cool Son  P A Butcher G A WohlersFr0  $31.00
45137  Mighty Sunny  S W Abernethy A N GrantFr0  $13.00
35109  Speedy Lavros   Fr0   
x6437  Larch  D J Butcher J & D J ButcherFr0  $26.00
4q301  Precious Moment  R G Argue S G ArgueFr0  $7.00
21558  Rarangi Jewel  A P T Poutama Craig Sharpe201  $18.00
10 007x1  Little Bro  H J Cullen G A Rogerson200  $6.50
11 14864  I Got Rhythm  J P Stormont Mrs V Lauren301  $6.50
12 52538  Kd Hall  J A Mackinnon T R Vince300  $4.20
Race 7
O'connor Warren Insurance Brokers Handicap Pace $7,500
Age:4U Cls:R56 & FASTER +CLAIMERS DISCRHCP API:1.06  $7,074
Surface:AW 2700m
93104  Lola Jones  S D T Phelan S G Telfer & C D GarlickFr1  $26.00
01365  Shards Phoenix   Fr2   
15444  Drover's Eyre   Fr3   
76x47  Ralph Elliott  P A Butcher S G Dickson101   
216x1  Fizzi Lizzi  J P Stormont R J Mackenzie102  $3.40
2447x  Kenrick  D J Butcher D M Balle103  $2.90
48246  On The Razzle  D P Ferguson M J Stevens201  $8.50
32432  Stunin Banner  T W Mitchell Todd Mitchell202  $3.90
257x7  Hudy Haxwell  M W Mckendry Miss A M Donnelly300  $12.00
Race 8
Mm Kembla Nz Ltd Mobile Pace $6,500
Age:3U Cls:R50 TO R58 API:0.71  $6,131
Surface:AW 2200m
30x81  Rocknroll Princess   Fr1   
7x576  Norvic Ruby  J P Stormont J P StormontFr2  $18.00
32981  Spyda  M W Mckendry R O PaynterFr3  $6.50
61266  Armabluechipboy  S L Mccaffrey R O PaynterFr4  $21.00
53235  Master Of Escape  T W Mitchell Todd MitchellFr5  $2.90
416x8  R Gee Three  P A Butcher M G BergerFr6  $31.00
052x0  Are You Ready Girl   Fr7   
59x53  Spare Change  D J Butcher R F VilligerFr8  $4.20
34216  Kate Jackson  J H Abernethy J H AbernethyFr9  $5.00
10 46994  Regency Franco  P C Ferguson P C FergusonFr10  $41.00
11 28617  Lucas  B M Mangos A G HerlihyFr11  $21.00
12 63179  Olivia's Secret  S D T Phelan S G Telfer & C D GarlickFr12  $14.00