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Cranbourne 1 December 2016

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Melton Saddlery Pace 
Age:4 API:0.28  $5,000
Surface:AW 1609m
42765  Pats Legacy  T H Mcguigan T H McguiganFr1  $11.00
56x67  Chandys Girl  Ronald Zahra R ZahraFr2  $7.50
21923  Major Break  D N Moran L E CrosslandFr3   
x3265  Awesome Cullect  A F B Mallia A F B MalliaFr4  $5.00
49x90  Caesars Astrum  N A Mccallum T P FranklinFr5  $71.00
289x4  Allys Comet  A Xiriha A XirihaFr6  $14.00
48552  Queen Of Jenna  P Grech P GrechFr7  $18.00
84059  Sudden Explosion  S M Walker R L CoramSr1  $26.00
674x5  Wasmeantobe  Luke Tabone J TaboneSr2  $6.50
10 x1967  Vino Joe  N R Jack J H MchughSr3  $26.00
Race 2
Blue Hills Rise Pace 
Age:4 API:0.3  $3,500
Surface:AW 1609m
49539  Eljulio  James Herbertson B J TindaleFr1  $2.00
868x7  Its The Emblem  A F B Mallia W T KucksFr2  $11.00
53960  Greenough  M D Ablett M StellaFr3  $3.50
67686  Mystic Castle  S M Walker J L LewisFr4  $21.00
64685  Popeye Village  Luke Tabone J TaboneFr5  $18.00
1x069  Officially Perfect  M T Elliott Wally BickertonFr6  $26.00
6x697  Break A Wrist  L Miles J L LewisFr7  $6.00
Race 3
Aldebaran Park Trot (2ND HEAT) 
Age:0 API:0.64  $7,000
Surface:AW 2080m
430x4  Marvellous Max  E J Tormey S W DyerFr6  $1.60
28540  Rhyme Nor Rhythm  N A Mccallum R J CombenFr1  $11.00
36537  Riegle Deception  A Xiriha A XirihaFr2  $18.00
47478  Greg The Great  E Portelli E PortelliFr3  $6.00
8404q  Well Deserved  I N Mcmahon B J TindaleFr4  $31.00
27345  Ghent  S M Walker S M WalkerFr5  $4.60
Race 4
Mypunter.Com Pace 
Age:0 API:0.7  $7,000
Surface:AW 1609m
5x211  Expectagrin  G R Sugars L W EvisonFr1  $5.50
1687x  Illawong Libby  R Cashman Terence HowardFr2  $26.00
53416  Bubbling Gypsy  J L Duggan C A AlfordFr3  $3.40
86550  Royal Canvas  Troy Mcdonald R L BurnettFr4  $61.00
23771  Monterey Jack  K W Weidenbach S P AustenFr5  $31.00
52915  Destiny Warrior  P J Walters P J WaltersFr6  $18.00
7x180  Dirty Diesel  N R Jack Kymberley BarrFr7  $26.00
11x97  Little Bit Sassy  S M Walker S M WalkerSr1  $31.00
69117  Drayton  Sam Barker Kate HargreavesSr2  $8.00
10 5x543  No Bettertime  N J Cahir N J CahirSr3  $2.60
Race 5
Seelite Windows & Doors Pace (1ST HEAT) 
Age:0 API:0.72  $7,000
Surface:AW 2080m
24x44  Run Myles Run  G R Sugars A S RatnasinghamFr1  $17.00
32467  Indulgent  A Xiriha A XirihaFr2  $81.00
53562  Macdawn  T H Mcguigan T H McguiganFr3  $26.00
44322  Wemen Sporty  M M Burnett L MilesFr4  $7.50
5322x  Sir Gest  J L Duggan C A AlfordFr5  $2.30
5149x  Run Rabbit Run  N A Mccallum G H McintoshFr6  $81.00
24112  Somedan  N R Jack A S TurnbullFr7  $2.60
18221  Bongiorno Boys  James Herbertson B J TindaleSr1   
2198x  La Patata  R Cashman M R CaveySr2  $41.00
10 97x92  Hidden Promise  Z M Phillips J L LewisSr3  $41.00
Race 6
Mark Gurry & Associates Pace 
Age:4 API:0.53  $5,000
Surface:AW 2080m
93764  Grins Rendition  M M Burnett R J CombenFr1  $6.00
13027  Artoc  Z M Phillips D J MullanFr2  $3.50
43214  Hollys Miss Molly  R J Walters R J WaltersFr3  $3.30
66565  Goodtime Rusty  G R Sugars D E BradleyFr4  $9.00
77784  The Family Guy  K W Weidenbach A XirihaFr5  $18.00
56443  Anvil Gav  A M Butt David KaaFr6  $4.20
58590  Ella Michelle  A Mifsud A A ChisholmFr7  $26.00
Race 7
Decron Pace 
Age:4 API:0.5  $3,500
Surface:AW 1609m
498x5  Extremely Efficient  R L Burnett R L BurnettFr1  $51.00
29482  Stuart  K W Weidenbach R C WeidenbachFr2  $3.20
26975  Gonski  M M Burnett J E DaviesFr3   
99711  Ringtripleowe  M J Barker R W FrancisFr4  $3.30
77015  Ocean Bay  Taylah Schembri R L BurnettFr5  $12.00
3320x  Proficient  Luke Tabone J TaboneFr6  $2.40