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Penrith 1 December 2016

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Race 1
Allianz / Choice Connect Pace  
Age:0 API:0.39  $5,100
Surface:AW 1720m
62242  Bater House  M C Muscat J R BatesFr1  $3.30
x4469  The System Stride  C Geary R O GattFr2  $18.00
57417  Easy Catch  Stephanie Lippiatt R J AlchinFr3  $5.00
9x979  Early Exit  Grant Ellul S F EllulFr4  $31.00
880x4  Reward For Effort  J R Ponsonby M A TeumaFr5  $26.00
42492  James Desire  J N Douglass I C WilsonFr6  $15.00
78x55  Courageous Atom  M B Towers A J CoppsSr1  $9.00
09515  Always Bad  J E Trainor B R AbbottSr2  $15.00
8x606  Bettors Avenue  B P Fitzpatrick P R J FitzpatrickSr3  $31.00
10 68722  Alta Surreal  M J Reese J F TappSr4  $3.30
Race 2
Merv Ship Smash Pace  
Age:0 API:0.56  $5,100
Surface:AW 2125m
22221  Perfect Jesse  J N Douglass J F TappFr1  $1.90
78378  Ellehigh  D J Scanlan J R YeeFr2  $201.00
34278  Millwood Charlie  K A Turner K A TurnerFr3  $3.70
49015  All Agog   D R KellFr4   
36527  Most Admired  Grant Ellul S F EllulFr4  $41.00
75593  Lethergolucky  B P Fitzpatrick Reginald WilkesFr5  $21.00
82135  Paintmeacanvas  J E Trainor J T WheelerSr1  $4.20
64724  Seeking Dreams  Ellen Rixon P J BaiadaSr2  $31.00
65881  Anaffairtoremember  C Geary E A HeathSr3  $31.00
Race 3
Macquarie Leasing Pace  
Age:0 API:0.35  $5,100
Surface:AW 1720m
0x837  Gargzdai Girl  L E Dawson L E DawsonFr1  $18.00
82231  Little Change  J E Trainor R J AlchinFr2  $2.90
31464  Chevalcoldhardcash  Grant Ellul S F EllulFr3  $26.00
779x4  Line Honours  J R Ponsonby M A TeumaFr4  $31.00
55495  Wunder Ranger  N J Muscat J J MuscatFr5  $61.00
0x576  Always A Warrior  P G Tanti J M TantiFr6  $71.00
56x71  Three Mugs In  M B Towers A J CoppsSr1  $2.90
43465  Just Pit Boss  J N Douglass I C WilsonSr2  $5.00
3x9x6  Scott Tom  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickSr3  $9.50
10 54418  The Miami Heat  D R Morris S WadeSr4  $26.00
Race 4
The Automotive Group Claiming Pace  
Age:0 API:0.49  $5,100
Surface:AW 2125m
9x787  Our Midnight Mayhem  J N Douglass I C WilsonFr1  $15.00
78507  Aspiring Artist  G W Mcelhinney R J HoskingFr2  $31.00
76x08  Dusty Delight  Stephanie Lippiatt D J UptonFr3  $41.00
56756  Thinking Of You  J R Ponsonby I C WilsonFr4  $15.00
88664  Nonno Stride  M C Muscat D J ThornFr5  $26.00
34987  Greenmans Valley  B P Fitzpatrick B R AbbottFr6  $26.00
38545  Mickey Mcrooney  M J Reese R L BrownSr1  $6.00
08672  Lilbitachicknfried  J E Trainor D J ThornSr2  $3.50
35031  Regal Eagle  D R Morris L C JurdSr3  $3.10
10 52168  Mckay  C Geary R L BrownSr4  $6.50
Race 5
Sinclair Ford Cup  
Age:0 API:0.67  $5,100
Surface:AW 1720m
84756  Strike Lightfire  Stephanie Lippiatt J A PaceFr1  $31.00
63353  Goodtime Slater  N S Xuereb C D BrittonFr2  $13.00
79458  Major Steppe  C Geary J W GearyFr3  $13.00
16390  Hooded Angel  M C Muscat J R BatesFr4  $26.00
66715  Dawn Magic  L E Dawson L E DawsonFr5  $2.70
85474  Whoseme Father  J E Taaffe J GattFr6  $10.00
23269  Ideal Chance  C T Jones M C RolfeSr1  $4.20
07347  Eric Clapton  J E Trainor B P FitzpatrickSr2  $3.80
Race 6
Caltex Oil Pace  
Age:3 API:0.38  $5,100
Surface:AW 2125m
1830  Change The Talk  B P Fitzpatrick B P FitzpatrickFr1  $2.30
48856  Rose Corsage  Tim Mccracken S WadeFr2  $31.00
58465  In Our Dreams  J W Bryant Cindy BourkeFr3  $26.00
  Sea Kingdom  M B Towers A J CoppsFr4  $41.00
41x42  Lighthorse  M J Reese R L BrownFr5  $6.00
42430  Thi Surf  V J M Langdon M J LangdonFr6  $6.50
97x97  Whats Your Poison   D R KellSr1   
1x0x  Sir Daniel  C T Jones K A TurnerSr1  $3.30
Race 7
Nova Employment Pace  
Age:3 API:0.18  $5,100
Surface:AW 2125m
6x07  The Sun Princess  S J Condon S L PearceFr1  $201.00
57522  Fashion Miss  W A Komorowski D W WilsonFr2  $2.20
62535  Sue Denym  M J Reese R W AdamsFr3  $7.50
0x703  Comic Design  B P Fitzpatrick P R J FitzpatrickFr4  $3.80
83494  The Stevedore  G W Mcelhinney J F JeffcoateFr5  $31.00
 Vienna Views  C T Jones K A TurnerFr6  $3.80
54794  Thatz Four Starzzz  D R Morris S WadeSr1  $31.00
 Dan Tucker  C Geary D A DopperSr2  $81.00