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Redcliffe 1 December 2016

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Enjoy Your Xmas Function At Redcliffe Paceway Trotters Handicap 
Age:3 API:0.25  $2,500
Surface:AW 1780m
66355  Someones Singing  G W Litzow R W CrossFT  $5.00
64662  Day Tourer  Leonard Cain Alex Cain20m  $2.30
27549  Have A Bacardi  L N Bahr Lisa Bahr20m  $3.50
68966  Marchesa  G P Whitaker T D Hancock20m  $31.00
50x80  Five Star Trump  T R Moffat G J Crone20m  $71.00
798x7  Ole Sun  Jack Butler M J Butler40m  $7.50
47648  Mosquito Spur  D L Russell Lisa Bahr40m  $9.00
Race 2
Vale Connie Whitecross Maiden Pace 
Age:3 API:0.09  $2,500
Surface:AW 1780m
56x  Hey Gazz Man  N J Mcmullen N J McmullenFr1  $2.80
34x83  Mavreta  C A Petroff R J SallisFr2  $3.30
26544  Private Jujon  Ross Jackson Ross JacksonFr3  $18.00
23486  Justcallme Kayjay  J M Pascoe K A AnnettsFr4   
88766  Blazing Tact  G P Whitaker R J FosterFr5  $71.00
x443x  Every Things Rosey  M R Belford R M JosephFr6  $5.00
56972  Overcommitted  G W Litzow R W CrossSr1  $7.50
  Bring Me Diamonds  A L Rees M A ReesSr2  $9.00
Race 3
All Your Electrical Needs Are At Knudsens Pace 
Age:0 API:0.18  $2,500
Surface:AW 1780m
13646  Red Castle Warrior  J M Pascoe K A AnnettsFr1   
26545  Don Alvaro  S J Rains J R DurstonFr2  $17.00
48696  Hez To Blame  S P Burke K A AnnettsFr3   
97658  Ezy El  Bob O'connor Bob O'connorFr4  $41.00
41513  Mo Jarney  M A Dux A T NeilsonFr5  $2.90
10460  Crackerofarainbow  A D Gorman Ron WellsFr6  $6.00
777x2  Matt Belford  R M Gorman Murray ThomasSr1  $4.20
57x15  Calvert Hot Shot  G W Litzow R W CrossSr2  $16.00
84433  Newhope  R P Morris A L SmithSr3  $9.00
10 35751  Torque Factor  A L Rees R W HartSr4  $11.00
Race 4
Five Star Horse Transport Pace 
Age:3 API:0.19  $2,500
Surface:AW 1780m
75566  Missbeecake  G P Whitaker M P BenhamFr1  $51.00
44560  Man With Attitude  J M Pascoe K A AnnettsFr2   
2899x  Its All Torque  A L Rees R W HartFr3  $14.00
53765  Doolittle Doofy  D J Ebert D J EbertFr4  $31.00
63x72  Paquin  Brad Millard D T MillardFr5  $4.60
42322  Lombarto  N J Mcmullen J N McmullenFr6  $2.80
x5974  Sarah Jay  R M Gorman M G DawsonSr1  $51.00
24456  Tascott Lady  D L Russell R J VeiversSr2  $2.70
37  Niki Diva  C A Petroff R J SallisSr3  $9.00
Race 5
Garrards Horse & Hound Pace 
Age:3 API:0.87  $2,500
Surface:AW 1780m
48484  Its You Not Me  S P Burke K A AnnettsFr1   
396x4  Our Major Day  D R March D R MarchFr2  $3.20
32693  Spare The Price  T R Moffat M J ButlerFr3  $4.60
37262  Flashing Good Time  N J Mcmullen J N McmullenFr4  $6.50
04141  Doolittle Dandy  D J Ebert R W HartFr5  $26.00
140x8  Stayintown Tonight  G P Whitaker W H CrosbyFr6  $14.00
32719  Rib And Roll  D L Russell D E RussellSr1  $71.00
740x2  Georgia Grace  A F J Sanderson S A GrimseySr2  $3.30
x5213  Living Lucky  R P Morris A T NeilsonSr3  $16.00
Race 6
Grand Prix Mazda Aspley & Caboolture Pace 
Age:3 API:0.33  $2,500
Surface:AW 1780m
47541  Tulhurst Jailbreak  D L Russell D L RussellFr1  $3.30
47551  R Eleven Heaven  T R Moffat R J VeiversFr2  $6.50
45515  Mad Gambler  G P Whitaker D M RodneyFr3  $4.20
50374  Royal Taz  G W Litzow J N McmullenFr4  $7.50
619x2  Newyork Teddy  A F J Sanderson C A SmithFr5  $18.00
12534  Any Wonder  R P Morris A T NeilsonFr6  $8.50
60438  Cagney  K J Belford K J BelfordSr1  $61.00
12089  Lady Royal Sue  N J Mcmullen J N McmullenSr2  $11.00
0x612  Jacks Gambit  M A Dux J R MorrisSr3  $13.00
Race 7
Ubet For The Thrill Of It Pace 
Age:0 API:0.47  $2,500
Surface:AW 2040m
77455  Kytherian Flyer  A L Rees M J ButlerFr1  $14.00
88650  Raesawinner  C A Petroff R J SallisFr2  $26.00
56817  Karloo Mac  T R Moffat T R MoffatFr3  $5.00
00x82  Macworthy  A F J Sanderson M J ButlerFr4  $3.40
85741  Isobela Maree  R P Morris N M DawsonFr5  $6.50
871x8  Whosgunagetit  D L Russell D E RussellFr6  $51.00
01446  Arma Legend  G P Whitaker R J SallisSr1  $51.00
46651  Only One Slim  N J Mcmullen J N McmullenSr2  $10.00
64513  Goodtime Stride  A D Gorman R M GormanSr3  $7.00
10 78x12  Cee Uin L A  R M Gorman R M GormanSr4  $6.00