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Kilcoy 22 April 2017

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
Boy A. A. Gibbs (RAN) Carlton-Mid Pace 
Age:3 API:0.12  $2,950
Surface:AW 1850m
878x  Sure Tobe Sure  G L Walsh G L WalshFr1  $51.00
x5568  Amazing Benny  D M Reinke D M ReinkeFr2  $7.00
0x  Snogard  G W Litzow M P BenhamFr3  $11.00
35566  Smithnwestern  S P Burke S P BurkeFr4  $3.40
42564  Overcommitted  S J Rains R W CrossFr5  $18.00
62582  Storm On Bye  B T Graham T M KnackFr6  $3.50
55785  Nicky Mattgregor  R M Gorman T I LambournSr1  $41.00
0758x  Friendsinlowplaces  F M Reinke Felicity ReinkeSr2  $12.00
36774  Jaycee Style  K A Annetts K A AnnettsSr3  $11.00
10 x2429  Taffy Boy  R J Gordon M P BenhamSr4  $19.00
Race 2
Lance Corporal S. Mcaliney (ARMY) Kilcoy Exchange Hotel Pace 
Age:0 API:0.21  $2,950
Surface:AW 1850m
 Byebyering  G W Litzow M P BenhamFr1  $3.40
64847  Liz Au Betty  S J Rains R W CrossFr2  $9.50
88x50  Ezy El  Bob O'connor Bob O'connorFr3  $2.60
6798x  Justcallme Kayjay  S P Burke K A AnnettsFr4  $7.50
70586  Hez To Blame  K A Annetts K A AnnettsFr5  $6.00
98654  Man With Attitude  R M Gorman K A AnnettsFr6  $19.00
55646  Amber Strike  Melissa Kendall M B KendallSr1  $19.00
75413  Drunk Artist  C A Turpin J W CarkeetSr2   
7166x  Mister Hart  D W Graham D W GrahamSr3   
10 96259  Call Me Yours  S J Doherty T M NeavesSr4   
Race 3
Sergeant W.E. Jones (RAAF) Dag Hotel D'aguilar Pace 
Age:0 API:0.43  $2,950
Surface:AW 1850m
73777  Just Say Go  R J Gordon John EdmundsFr1  $10.00
45360  Red Castle Warrior  K A Annetts K A AnnettsFr2  $17.00
23476  Machbino  S J Rains T M NeavesFr3  $31.00
83493  Mini Cam  R M Gorman R L ScottFr4  $12.00
23862  Cheers Kathy  B T Graham D W GrahamFr5  $2.20
8975x  Bee Jays Abundance  S P Burke S P BurkeFr6  $17.00
77808  Onedin Onyx  C A Turpin J W CarkeetSr1  $17.00
00888  Im Jack Black  G W Litzow T M NeavesSr2  $31.00
28857  Rory Mach  D W Graham D W GrahamSr3  $6.00
10 x7904  Buy Chevron Direct  S J Doherty T M NeavesSr4  $20.00