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Bunbury 22 April 2017

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Race 1
Schweppes 2Yo Ms Pace (SKY 2) 
Age:2 API:0.94  $7,000
Surface:AW 1609m
13  Warriors Code  N A Turvey D QuadrioFr1  $3.60
58x  Major Beachboy  T J Ferguson T J FergusonFr2  $41.00
 Bolta  G E Hall Jnr J F OldroydFr3  $14.00
64x3  Cimorene  M L Woodley T J FergusonFr4  $71.00
  Antero  R Warwick S D BurtonFr5  $31.00
3336  Join The Que  T B Buchanan J K PrenticeFr6  $7.50
6146  Beach Landing  C D Voak R A OlivieriFr7  $7.00
2465  Universal Major  A C Lewis R A OlivieriSr1  $9.50
75  Somewhereamazing  A F De Campo S J De CampoSr2  $41.00
10 11  Pocket More For Less  J K Prentice J K PrenticeSr3  $2.70
Race 2
Pfd Garrards Concession Drivers Challenge Westbred Ms Pace (SKY 2) 
Age:0 API:1.41  $12,999
Surface:AW 2100m
63485  Robbies Classic  D M Roberts A C MarkhamFr1  $18.00
01321  Handsandwheels  Corey Peterson A L De CampoFr2  $2.00
98969  American Ingot  M D Young K J F CharlesFr3  $71.00
22386  Terraforce  L C Jones G R G CoxFr4  $26.00
11555  Kathleen Betty  Isaac Edwards S C ReedFr5  $26.00
02899  Looks Promising  C M Hamilton-Smith K J F CharlesFr6  $41.00
1338x  Jailbreak  A M Wood P J KimberleyFr7  $31.00
15748  Free To Air  M C Miller R J EddySr1  $81.00
61918  Alfs Odyssey  M P Grantham J R GrahamSr2  $3.80
10 18267  Nitro Lad  M B Ferguson A C MarkhamSr3  $51.00
11 45261  El Hombre  M K Brown R A OlivieriSr4  $5.00
Race 3
Sos Office Supplies Trotters Discretionary Handicap Ss Trot (SKY 2) 
Age:0 API:0.84  $7,000
Surface:AW 2500m
52942  Earl Harbour  L C Jones N M Johns10m  $9.50
13  Lifes Delight  R J Mellsop R J Mellsop10m  $2.40
3382x  Im Havinaball  A C Lewis R A Olivieri10m  $14.00
889x5  Sandakan Lombo  C D Voak B A Stanley20m  $31.00
16362  Mister Flair  M L Woodley N M Johns30m  $12.00
32303  Rock Forest  D J Harper N M Johns30m  $31.00
67657  Earl Or Nothing  W G Price W G Price40m  $91.00
44948  Diamond Geezer  N M Johns N M Johns40m  $18.00
28271  Lightning Calder  B Stanley B A Stanley40m  $2.60
Race 4
Tabtouch Ms Pace (SKY 2) 
Age:0 API:0.18  $10,000
Surface:AW 2100m
078x8  Nina Jane  A F De Campo Mike HowieFr1  $5.00
50449  Hold That Smile  K A Davies K S NealFr2  $21.00
78575  Comeuppance  K J Harper T C ReayFr3  $6.00
40004  Dontch Remember  C D Voak C R AbercrombyFr4  $9.50
19907  As Tough As Steel  M L Woodley D J SteadFr5  $41.00
80773  Hideout  P T O'neill P J TrefortFr6  $51.00
0x601  Rocknstar  A C Lewis B J HowlettFr7  $2.10
95009  Clever Cover  D Egerton-Green R J EddySr1  $26.00
86005  Mission Glory  D G Jackson P J CostelloSr2  $18.00
10 88277  Gotta Xcellerate  M P Grantham Ray JonesSr3  $14.00
Race 5
Wasba Country Oaks (SKY 1) 
Age:0 API:0.77  $19,999
Surface:AW 2569m
33696  Myanniegoat  A F De Campo A L De CampoFr1  $18.00
50988  Self Reliant  D Egerton-Green G R G CoxFr2  $81.00
x4122  Allamerican Queen  J K Prentice J K PrenticeFr3  $2.90
42413  Betshes Precious  G E Hall Jnr J K PrenticeFr4  $2.50
76203  Somewhereonlyiknow  T B Buchanan J K PrenticeFr5  $3.20
47750  The Royal Lady  S R Young K P Egerton-GreenFr6  $18.00
600  Paris Bound  D B Miller K P Egerton-GreenFr7  $81.00
Race 6
Diggers Cup (SKY 1) 
Age:0 API:1.85  $14,999
Surface:AW 2100m
3x242  Frostyflyer  C D Voak R A OlivieriFr1  $9.50
22131  Wimbaliri  A F De Campo A L De CampoFr2  $17.00
42216  All The Torque  K M Hawkins B R HawkinsFr3  $71.00
32x26  Livura  N A Turvey N A TurveyFr4  $4.40
x7122  Danieljohn  D Egerton-Green B R HawkinsFr5  $9.50
x2353  Risk  R Warwick G S BondFr6  $14.00
14101  Bettor Reward  G E Hall Jnr J K PrenticeFr7  $3.50
19344  Khun Ratha  M P Grantham A L De CampoSr1  $19.00
33166  Mister Ardee  M D Young M J SawSr2  $71.00
10 82016  Persistent Threat  M L Woodley J R GrahamSr3  $41.00
11 19621  Sheer Rocknroll  A C Lewis R A OlivieriSr4  $4.20
12 10869  Dredlock Rockstar  A C Markham A C MarkhamSr5  $61.00
Race 7
Sky Racing Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:0 API:0.88  $10,500
Surface:AW 2100m
42416  Rocknroll Beachboy  N A Turvey T J FergusonFr1  $3.70
1x410  Well Enough Said  A G Cortopassi A G CortopassiFr2  $9.50
17173  American Glamour  C D Voak F R VanmarisFr3  $14.00
13222  My Platinum Belle  J K Prentice J K PrenticeFr4  $5.00
32342  Aint Misbehavin  A C Markham M A CallegariFr5  $26.00
22386  Terraforce   G R G CoxFr6   
11333  Doc Ryan  R J Retzlaff R J RetzlaffFr6  $14.00
42210  She Could Be Good  R Warwick G S BondSr1  $4.40
x3510  Disco Under Fire  M L Woodley R S AshbySr2  $5.00
10 32827  Times Of Glory  John-Paul Chabros E ChabrosSr3  $31.00
Race 8
Smith Constructions Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:0 API:0.33  $10,000
Surface:AW 2100m
02448  Deadly Delight  M P Grantham Ray JonesFr1  $14.00
38x38  Hugmeifuluvme  C D Voak R A OlivieriFr2  $3.10
x5x68  Ohoka Damo  D J Harper P J CostelloFr3  $18.00
84664  Armbro Lincoln  K A Davies K S NealFr4  $14.00
x8154  Coeur De Whitby  M L Woodley Leeann LeeFr5  $51.00
83220  Ignite The Passion  D B Miller K P Egerton-GreenFr6  $3.80
54598  Clares Fool  Joe Balducci J BalducciFr7  $71.00
60526  White Eagle  Sheldon Cook J W HowlettSr1  $5.00
54607  Jasper Rox  K J Harper J P MacriSr2  $81.00
10 42575  Cavalry Call  D Egerton-Green B L ClemensSr3  $71.00
11 3059x  Jodies Pal  N A Turvey D QuadrioSr4  $7.00
Race 9
Bva Metal Fabrications Graduation Ms Pace (SKY 1) 
Age:0 API:0.22  $3,000
Surface:AW 1609m
56x0x  Jet Holme  Michael Blakemore G S BondFr1  $3.80
44357  Shellwood Chief  B D Giudice B D GiudiceFr2  $51.00
53834  Mileys Desire  A F De Campo A L De CampoFr3  $4.20
08  Mcardles Gem  R Warwick G S BondFr4  $7.50
11  Chal Storm   N A TurveyFr5   
75033  John Edgar  M L Woodley P J KimberleyFr5  $18.00
50747  Our Black Pearl  D Egerton-Green S A SmithFr6  $26.00
 Looks Swift  A C Lewis C DaltonSr1  $13.00
05646  Star Boss  D B Miller R A FigliomeniSr2  $31.00