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Port Hedland 20 May 2017

  (Full Form, Ratings and Speed Map - Click here)
Race 1
Pilbara Motor Group Mdn 
Age:2U WT:SW API:0.62  $9,000
Race Record: 1:08.03 Incoherent 09 Jul 2016 2yo+ BM68+ SOT:G G
2204x  And So Am I  C Haddon Tom Pike 58.0  
0x052  Super Cute  Christopher Nicoll Jacqueline Henderson 58.0  
468x8  Champagne Charger  Ms S Altieri Tom Pike 56.0  
050x0  Little Miss Charm  Pat Farrell Tom Pike 56.0  
Race 2
Tec Services Hcp (C1) 
Age:2U WT:55.0 API:0.57  $10,000
Race Record: 1:08.03 Incoherent 09 Jul 2016 2yo+ BM68+ SOT:G G
170x0  Mubaloo  Ms S Altieri Tom Pike 59.0  
5355x  Priceless Rock  Pat Farrell Dean Cocivera 58.0  
90x07  Marble King  C Haddon Tom Pike 56.0  
6175x  Schulz  Alan Kennedy Michael Ball 55.5  
0890x  Mick's Tippin'  Christopher Nicoll Tom Pike 55.0  
Race 3
The Landing Resort Hcp (C3) 
Age:2U WT:55.5 API:1.15  $10,000
Race Record: 1:16.58 Totes Amaze 31 Jul 2016 2yo+ CL3 SOT:G G
332x0  Deday  Ms S Altieri Tom Pike 59.0  
1577x  Victoria Peak  Christopher Nicoll Matthew Stephens 58.5  
367x7  Top Deal  Shelby Colgate L W Healey 58.0  
7x560  Swiss Craft  C Haddon Tom Pike 57.0  
0008x  Bloodbuzz Ohio  Pat Farrell Tom Pike 55.5  
x534x  Bonfire Heart  Alan Kennedy Michael Ball 55.5  
4344x  Colombard  Chelsi Forder Dean Cocivera 55.5  
Race 4
Where Are You Boots (BM56+) 
Age:2U WT:55.0 API:1.59  $10,000
Race Record: 1:23.62 Danefin 09 Jul 2016 2yo+ BM56+ SOT:G G
6473x  Me Hungi  Shelby Colgate Jacqueline Henderson 63.0  
478x0  Our Shakira  Christopher Nicoll Jacqueline Henderson 59.0  
9096x  Gee Pee Ess  Pat Farrell Tom Pike 56.0  
63234  Zipline  C Haddon Tom Pike 55.5  
8108x  Justaclanga  Alan Kennedy Michael Ball 55.0  
82800  My Names Bruce  Ms S Altieri Tom Pike 55.0  
Race 5
Veolia Industrial Servs.-Bm56+ 
Age:2U WT:55.0 API:1.64  $10,000
Race Record: 1:08.03 Incoherent 09 Jul 2016 2yo+ BM68+ SOT:G G
2642x  Boys Getaround Him  Shelby Colgate Jacqueline Henderson 61.5  
245x9  Jago  Ms S Altieri Tom Pike 58.5  
4338x  King Cool  Bonnie Palise Matthew Stephens 58.0  
216x8  Streets Of London  Chelsi Forder Tom Pike 57.0  
673x5  Dad Said  C Haddon Tom Pike 56.5  
251x6  Bolshoi Bandit  Christopher Nicoll Jacqueline Henderson 56.0  
7896x  Hashtag Lad  Pat Farrell Dean Cocivera 56.0  
5843x  Cardinal Hero  Alan Kennedy Michael Ball 55.0  
2682x  Popacorka   Michael Ball 55.0  
10 5444x  Xaar Park   Dean Cocivera 55.0  
Race 6
Hedland Harbour Cafe (BM64+) 
Age:2U WT:55.0 API:2.59  $11,000
Race Record: 1:08.03 Incoherent 09 Jul 2016 2yo+ BM68+ SOT:G G
531x0  Lookatim Go  Ms S Altieri Tom Pike 62.0  
277x1  Spirit Cent  Christopher Nicoll Jacqueline Henderson 58.5  
5112x  Just Hoping  Chelsi Forder Dean Cocivera 58.0  
1378x  Crusoe  Bonnie Palise Matthew Stephens 57.5  
375x2  The Express  C Haddon Jacqueline Henderson 57.5  
0l18x  Totes Amaze  Pat Farrell Dean Cocivera 57.5  
217x9  Runnerdal  Shelby Colgate L W Healey 57.0  
4364x  Nickjaklu  Alan Kennedy Michael Ball 55.0