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Globe Derby Park 20 May 2017

  (Full form available for this meeting - click here to view)
Race 1
2017 Cmi Toyota Sa Botra 4Yo & Older Mares (FINAL) 
Age:4 Sex:M API:0.64  $8,000
Surface:AW 2230m
3x811  Queen Of Sharkz  W J Hill T R LinkeFr1  $1.90
76876  Pay To Play   S M Grace   
38233  Hilltop Sophia  A J Bain P C BainFr2  $7.00
63614  Nevada Roulette  Joshua Holberton M J DarlingFr3  $31.00
x2631  Lily Thesinger  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecFr4  $5.00
34112  We Love This City   A J Brown   
42626  Clarenden Daydream  M R Jacques C D GobleFr5  $21.00
55559  Genuine Excuse  D W Girardi C W MasseySr1  $16.00
33162  Lah Grin  L M Harvey L M HarveySr2  $71.00
10 16155  Little Foo  J C Brewin T R LinkeSr3  $9.50
11 54163  Rip It Up Sister  K Rogers S L EwenSr4  $21.00
12 x3744  Silky  Lui Trotta S C DysonSr5  $51.00
Race 2
2017 Garrards Horse & Hound Sa Botra 4Yo & Older Entires & Geldings (FINAL) 
Age:4 API:0.53  $8,000
Surface:AW 2230m
1154  Big Behemoth   L M HarveyFr1   
69325  All Hail Caesar  J C Brewin J RussoFr1  $21.00
11x91  Montanas Jet  W J Hill W H HornhardtFr2  $3.60
22342  Mister Magic Man  A J Robinson A J RobinsonFr3  $7.50
29x46  The Nature Boy  D J D Smith D A SmithFr4  $21.00
14121  Ace To Play  K Rogers R J HolbertonFr5  $14.00
67244  Stones Corner  Joshua Holberton J W StewartFr6  $31.00
45164  East To West  S L Forby M J HennekerSr1  $18.00
26313  One Night At Themile  D W Girardi C W MasseySr2  $9.50
10 x4351  Jean Baptiste  D W Billinger D W BillingerSr3  $11.00
11 13272  Will I Am  J Finnis L B HardingSr4  $3.30
12 55663  Novappeal  R M Hryhorec S L EwenSr5  $26.00
Race 3
2017 Homeloans/Gary Crocker Sa Botra 3Yo Fillies (FINAL) 
Age:3 Sex:F API:0.7  $10,000
Surface:AW 2230m
5x875  Shesabeegee  D J D Smith Shane LooneFr1  $91.00
22275  Bella Sofia  Lui Trotta S C DysonFr2  $21.00
11658  I Wanna Rocknroll  W J Hill H M StevensFr3  $8.00
10x11  Arm A Princess  Joshua Holberton L H HolbertonFr4  $2.40
41232  Rainbow Styling  D W Billinger T L NeilsonFr5  $7.50
8x663  Crystal Sparkles  J Finnis L B HardingFr6  $4.00
58954  Ellen Louise  K Rogers R J HolbertonFr7  $15.00
2207x  Art Finest  P P Borrelli P P BorrelliSr1  $21.00
222x3  Canelliesparkle  D T Afford D T AffordSr2  $51.00
10 151  Carlas Heaven  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecSr3  $10.00
Race 4
2017 Town & Country Solar Sa Botra 3Yo Colts & Geldings (FINAL) 
Age:3 Sex:C API:0.81  $10,000
Surface:AW 2230m
35x31  Aquaflight  D W Billinger D W BillingerFr1  $3.80
11  Live For Peace  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecFr2  $4.20
23514  Frankie Da Thumper  Joshua Holberton D T AffordFr3  $26.00
21112  Wroxton Steel  K Rogers G J RogersFr4  $4.20
41313  Tossup  W J Hill D TattoliFr5  $8.00
159x5  Eastbro Paddy  J Finnis R J EastFr6  $31.00
21114  The Linemaster  D T Afford D T AffordFr7  $21.00
14331  Canada Bay  M L Norman K J BroughSr1  $4.60
21162  Jakarras Ace  A J Robinson R M HryhorecSr2  $41.00
Race 5
2017 Alabar Sa Botra 2Yo Fillies Golden Nursery (FINAL) 
Age:2 Sex:F API:0.28  $20,000
Surface:AW 1800m
 Renesmae  J Finnis Alyce FinnisFr1  $3.40
 Date Night  A J Robinson G D GilbertFr2  $26.00
59  Arm A Jackie  D W Billinger D W BillingerFr3  $16.00
0x6  Nevabend The Truth  B W Sims G W SimsFr4  $81.00
 Hilltopsomewhere  A J Bain P C BainFr5  $6.50
 Tell Me Why  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecFr6  $2.10
 Dottie May  Joshua Holberton L H HolbertonFr7  $31.00
 Loveliest Of All  M Gee J NeilsonSr1  $71.00
254x2  Annies Heart   R J LattinSr2   
10   Chevre  D J D Smith D A SmithSr2  $71.00
11  Paris Scene  W J Hill G D ScholefieldSr3  $9.50
Race 6
Helloworld Sa Botra Dash For Cash 
Age:0 API:0.62  $7,000
Surface:AW 1385m
38955  Solanum Dulcamara  L P Ryan T J RyanFr1  $11.00
45164  East To West   M J HennekerFr2   
63872  Sewican  B A Lowe M J HennekerFr2  $51.00
15312  Arrokeefe  Brodie Webster J Webster And A BainFr3  $6.00
51411  Tezz Khora  R M Hryhorec J M SealFr4  $2.60
16x55  Teramby Star  D W Billinger D W BillingerFr5  $7.00
55703  Downtools  G R Bell L G SweetFr6  $91.00
21213  Fistfullofdollars  J Finnis L B HardingSr1  $3.40
67047  Heza Presidente  Lui Trotta S C DysonSr2  $31.00
10 99176  Arnoux  D W Girardi C W MasseySr3  $18.00
Race 7
2017 Hrsa Sa Botra 2Yo Colts & Geldings Golden Nursery (FINAL) 
Age:2 Sex:C API:0.58  $20,000
Surface:AW 1800m
24222  The Fifth Ace  R M Hryhorec R J HolbertonFr1  $5.50
26731  Dont Tell William  L P Ryan T J RyanFr2  $2.50
3114  Bulletproof Boy  K Rogers S L EwenFr3  $4.00
 One Of My People  D J D Smith T J RyanFr4  $41.00
  Dashes Past  Jock Dunlop G R NormanFr5  $9.50
443  Clarenden Valour  M R Jacques C D GobleFr6  $4.00
Race 8
2017 Woodlands Stud Pride Of Petite 
Age:4 API:0.62  $8,000
Surface:AW 2230m
33453  Strathmore Queen  A G Smith A G SmithFT  $21.00
73699  Ima Skybabe  A J Robinson D J JollyFT  $41.00
22x17  Bee A Lassie  R M Hryhorec R M HryhorecFT  $3.90
26236  Star Style  T J Lee J C Lee10m  $5.00
11224  Liava  B W Preston B W Preston10m  $4.20
28197  Variable Miss  L P Ryan I K Hardy20m  $7.50
6x222  Natural  W J Hill R Trevean30m  $4.60
52875  Emilys Vacation  M R Jacques C D Goble30m  $10.00