Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
40110Greg The Great Driver: P J Mcmullen Trainer: G F Dwyer
12152.822/06/2019REDCT52613mNJ D CreminFT Sr4$13.0
155.314/06/2019ALPT02138mNP J Mcmullen20m Fr4$2.4
116.111/06/2019ALPT02138mNP J Mcmullen20m Fr3$5.0
10155.631/05/2019ALPT0 To T42138mNG F DwyerFr4$8.0
438.126/05/2019REDCR01780mNJ D CreminFr5$4.6
410.221/05/2019ALPT0 To T22138mNG F Dwyer20m Fr4$14.0
17.515/05/2019REDCTR0 To TR31780mNJ D CreminFr6$1.7
1229.08/05/2019ALPTR02138mNJ D Cremin20m Fr2$3.6
5104.215/04/2019MARGTR02200mNL J Weidemann40m Fr2$5.0
727.410/04/2019REDCTR02280mNJ D Cremin30m Fr1$1.9