Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
832.31/03/2019NCLEC0 To C12030mNG P AndrewsFr9$31.0
79.823/02/2019NCLEC0 To C11609mNG P AndrewsFr6$4.0
910.38/02/2019NCLEC1 To C21609mNG P AndrewsFr6$31.0
1059.91/02/2019NCLEC0 To C11609mNG P AndrewsFr9$10.0
35.222/01/2019NCLEC0 To C11609mNG P AndrewsFr2$41.0
924.011/01/2019NCLEC1 To C21609mNG P AndrewsFr2$61.0
733.54/01/2019NCLEC1 To C22030mNG P AndrewsFr5$81.0
538.914/12/2018NCLEC12030mNG P AndrewsFr7$151.0
310.511/12/2018NCLEC1 To C21609mNG P AndrewsFr1$81.0