Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
10179.86/04/2019NCLEC12030mNG S BrownFr2$34.0
937.527/11/2018NCLEC1 To C22030mNG S BrownFr10$61.0
631.416/11/2018NCLEC0 To C12030mNB J ElderFr8$34.0
43.312/11/2018MAITC11646mNB J ElderFr2$3.3
619.87/11/2018NCLEC0 To C12030mNB J ElderFr5$101.0
1019.226/10/2018NCLEC1 To C22030mNA M HartFr5$41.0
920.319/10/2018NCLEC1 To C21609mNA M HartSr2$101.0
728.216/10/2018NCLEC1 To C22030mNA M HartFr8$51.0
810.129/09/2018NCLEC1 To C21609mNA M HartFr4$22.9
1130.221/09/2018NCLEC1 To C22030mNG S BrownFr10$157.4