Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
218.719/08/2019NCLENR up to 692030mNJ A CallaghanFr7$3.6
812.416/08/2019NCLENR up to 902030mNJ A CallaghanFr3$6.5
20.110/08/2019NCLENR up to 692030mNJ A CallaghanFr3$10.0
20.23/08/2019NCLENR up to 901609mNJ A CallaghanFr7$15.0
727.329/07/2019NCLENR up to 692030mNP J HedgesFr5$61.0
720.020/07/2019NCLENR up to 692030mNM R YoungFr2$23.0
64.513/07/2019NCLENR up to 691609mNP J HedgesFr3$41.0
20.16/07/2019NCLENR up to 692030mNJ A CallaghanFr9$17.0
221.028/06/2019NCLEC22030mNJ A CallaghanFr5$6.0
412.617/06/2019MAITC2 To C31646mND J MorganFr6$21.0