Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
522.627/12/2019BNKTNR up to 702140mNL T CainFr5$26.0
740.420/12/2019BNKTNR up to 752140mNM B TowersFr4$6.0
612.531/08/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNM B TowersFr5$26.0
712.724/08/2019MENGNR up to 702300mNM B TowersFr3$19.0
612.617/08/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNM B TowersFr5$26.0
34.810/08/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNM B TowersFr2$6.5
814.43/08/2019MENGNR up to 702300mNM B TowersFr8$14.0
10.120/07/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNM B TowersFr1$19.0
825.116/07/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNM B TowersFr6$126.0