Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
530.56/06/2020NCLENR up to 471609mNL A HoskingFr4$17.0
47.530/05/2020NCLENR up to 472030mNL A HoskingFr5$10.0
794.318/05/2020NCLENR up to 552030mNL A HoskingFr5$15.0
44.34/05/2020NCLENR up to 551609mNL A HoskingFr4$7.0
59.125/04/2020NCLENR up to 552030mNL A HoskingFr1$34.0
45.211/04/2020NCLENR up to 472030mNL A HoskingFr5$41.0
726.26/04/2020NCLENR up to 531609mNL A HoskingFr1$41.0
516.228/03/2020NCLENR up to 551609mNL A HoskingFr7$11.0
913.019/03/2020TAMWNR up to 501609mNB J ElderFr4$4.6
1050.714/03/2020NCLENR up to 551609mND J MorganFr7$2.6