Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
628.714/06/2019NCLEC3 To C42550mNT M IsonFr7$51.0
25.33/06/2019MAITC4 To C61646mNT M IsonSr2$7.0
15.426/05/2019TAMWC2 To C31980mNT M IsonFr2$2.3
925.518/05/2019MENGM01609mNT P MccarthyFr5$9.5
87.711/05/2019MENGM01609mNT P MccarthyFr4$41.0
57.127/04/2019NCLEC2 To C31609mNT M IsonFr8$9.5
211.513/04/2019NCLEC2 To C31609mNT M IsonFr7$11.0
25.730/03/2019NCLEC3 To C51609mNT M IsonFr3$13.0
33.123/03/2019NCLEC2 To C31609mNT M IsonFr6$7.5
635.99/03/2019NCLEC2 To C32030mNT M IsonFr9$10.0