Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
09900Wallaroy Boy Driver: Lily Hosking Trainer: R J Hosking
1245.910/08/2019NCLENR up to 551609mNL A HoskingFr9$81.0
1063.13/08/2019NCLENR up to 551609mNL A HoskingSr2$61.0
922.929/07/2019NCLENR up to 551609mNA C BourkeFr4$101.0
914.020/07/2019NCLENR up to 551609mNA C BourkeFr10$151.0
1156.413/07/2019NCLENR up to 552030mNB J HughesFr1$61.0
9999.017/05/2019NCLEC2 To C32030mNM A FormosaFr6$71.0
928.711/05/2019NCLEC11609mNL A HoskingFr5$41.0
812.93/05/2019NCLEC12030mNL A HoskingFr6$126.0
1135.127/04/2019NCLEC11609mNL A HoskingFr5$26.0
740.820/04/2019MAITC12044mNP G BullFr5$23.0