Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
10664.831/08/2019MENGNR up to 651609mNN A TurnbullFr1$19.0
11.621/08/2019BATHNR up to 651730mNN A TurnbullFr1$9.5
14.92/08/2019PRKSNR up to 551660mNN A TurnbullSr3$3.4
14.925/07/2019TAMWNR up to 491609mNN A TurnbullFr6$2.2
1135.16/07/2019NCLENR up to 492030mNJ A CallaghanFr7$19.0
428.328/06/2019NCLEC0 To C11609mNS A GraylingFr10$26.0
215.117/06/2019MAITC12044mNJ A CallaghanFr5$3.5
712.431/05/2019NCLEC11609mNJ A CallaghanFr8$5.5
920.025/05/2019NCLEC0 To C11609mNJ A CallaghanSr3$51.0
925.017/05/2019NCLEC11609mNM A CallaghanSr1$51.0