Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
31529Mista Taptoe Lombo Driver: G A Dorn Trainer: G A Dorn
915.410/08/2019NCLENR up to 692030mNG A DornFr7$26.0
22.63/08/2019NCLENR up to 901609mNG A DornFr2$81.0
57.629/07/2019NCLENR up to 692030mNG A DornFr5$81.0
10.220/07/2019NCLENR up to 652030mNG A DornSr3$26.0
35.513/07/2019NCLENR up to 652030mNG A DornFr8$15.0
54.06/07/2019NCLENR up to 692030mNG A DornFr2$23.0
529.428/06/2019NCLEC22030mNJ P GallagherFr3$41.0
926.717/06/2019MAITC2 To C31646mNG A DornSr3$41.0
822.38/06/2019NCLEC2 To C31609mNG A DornFr3$41.0
1029.531/05/2019NCLEC22030mNCameron HartFr2$61.0