Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
36.01/02/2020NCLENR up to 1201609mNJ A CallaghanFr6$18.0
211.410/01/2020NCLENR up to 1201609mNB N GreenwoodFr10$21.0
614.928/12/2019MAITNR up to 1201646mNB N GreenwoodSr4$13.0
25.730/11/2019NCLENR up to 1202030mNB N GreenwoodFr10$9.5
10.220/11/2019NCLENR up to 901609mNJ A CallaghanFr6$26.0
728.616/11/2019NCLENR up to 1202030mNB N GreenwoodFr6$19.0
317.91/11/2019NCLENR up to 1201609mNB N GreenwoodFr9$81.0
711.327/10/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNB N GreenwoodFr7$41.0
617.619/09/2019NCLENR up to 1202550mNB N GreenwoodFr6$26.0
765.96/09/2019NCLENR up to 1202030mNB N GreenwoodFr10$41.0