Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
37.723/08/2019BNKTNR up to 802140mNL T CainFr5$23.0
47.217/08/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNJ N DouglassFr5$13.0
76.810/08/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNCameron HartFr8$15.0
717.82/08/2019BNKTNR up to 801740mNL T CainFr6$34.0
412.327/07/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNJ N DouglassFr7$16.0
616.319/07/2019BNKTNR up to 801740mNL T CainFr5$34.0
414.411/07/2019PENRNR up to 802125mNL T CainSr3$26.0
615.627/06/2019PENRC62125mNJ N DouglassSr2$12.0
739.521/06/2019BNKTC61740mNJ N DouglassFr1$9.0
35.26/06/2019PENRC4 To C71720mNJ N DouglassFr2$31.0