Racing And Sports - Last 10 Runs
22.415/02/2020NCLE2030mNL T CainFr6$2.3
224.06/02/2020PENR2125mNL T CainFr5$3.8
414.024/01/2020BNKT2140mNL T CainSr1$4.0
726.027/12/2019BNKT2140mNL T CainSr2$3.5
56.212/12/2019PENRNR up to 701720mNJ A CallaghanSr2$12.0
1019.430/11/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNL T CainFr5$21.0
410.423/11/2019MENGNR up to 701609mNL A MccarthyFr1$6.0
610.616/11/2019MENGNo NR1609mNL A MccarthyFr5$5.0
11.34/11/2019GOULNR up to 752240mNL T CainFr1$4.8
1021.13/10/2019PENR1720mNB J ElderFr3$4.4